Review for Learning to Love Again

Learning to Love Again

(#) pixied_secrets 2007-04-10

oh i'm killing that fucker. end of. i can't believe patrick would answer his phone. and i can't believe that pete is so...well, there for shay.

list? (i know it took me forever to get to this...)

1.)/This was passion. This had been what she'd craved for so long. That dampness on your legs as you lay entwined, where you both worked so hard to bring each other to that important place.

She finally had it back and it made her the happiest she'd been for years.

As she tried to close her eyes and rest, the plagued steps that brought her here resurfaced.../
that is such a wide range of emotions, and i think that captured it perfectly. even though (at the time when i was reading it) it didn't quite make sense. it was wonderful because it had me thinking that she was that lost in her relationship with Patrick. i just didn't know she was that lost. you are amazing, woman.

2.)/"WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME SHAY??!" He yelled, she froze. His eyes were furious...She walked up to him slowly and he saw the tears seep shyly from her eyes.

Wriggling her wedding band off she pushed it into his hands.

"Nothing." She said coldly./ i almost cried. that is huge for me. i never almost cry.

3.)/It was also within the boundaries of that betraying, perfidious act, that a child was conceived. A child that would be placed as a reminder of their infidelity towards not only Patrick but themselves. Every time that child would speak, act or move, it would represent them and their lack of self control and demand for things from each other they couldn't find anywhere else. / WHAT?!?!?!?! when CeCe said "you are going to love/hate this" she was not kidding. just when i think it can't get any better, you throw something like that in.

i'm printing off the next chapter as i type this. wish me luck.

by the way, you rock at this FicWad business. thanks for reppin' the DoJ