Review for Broken Down On Memory Lane

Broken Down On Memory Lane

(#) whatkatydid 2007-04-15

saaaaahhhhhhhhwwweeeeeeeeeet! I hope you don't mind but I laughed hard as hell part way through this...for this reason:

He replied while pulling a shit over his head. The vision was what made me laugh...and then:

/She huffed as she picked up the shit he had tossed onto the floor and wiped her nose on it.

Oh yeahhhh - that's it right there.

Lemme tell you a story about when I was working at this bank, I'd drafted an email in response to a complaint and in the subject was "Can you please check this so it's not s*"

She checked it, it was fine and then I sent it on.....without changing the subject header....yeah. Not cool.

I was always asking people for their shit sheets, instead of shift sheets....rolls eyes

Brilliant chapter BTW.

One of my favourite stories on here. :)

Author's response

lmao, i can't believe i as well as my self proclaimed editor missed the fact that i totally did that. lmao well i totally pulled a Jesus moved and turned shit into shirt - just because. lol. but i'm glad that you like my story it means lot to me to hear you say that.