Review for Broken Down On Memory Lane

Broken Down On Memory Lane

(#) GwenMerlon 2007-04-15

Oooo!!! Updated! Yay!!!!

Ok, so I'm a little excited.

Anyway, I thought this chapter was fantastic!!! Finally, we see the end (possibly?) of Meg. She was such a bitch, and Patrick at last grew some balls and told her how he really feels about her. Yayyy!!!

And OMG, Kate is like the COOLEST! One of my favorite lines:
/ "What the fuck is so funny, I just kicked your ass!" Meg yelled annoyed, which continued to fuel Kate's laughter.
"What's so fucking funny?" Meg questioned again as her annoyance grew.
"Well just the fact that it's my turn now." Kate smiled/
She is a total badass. I wish I could be just like her when I grow up.

And yay for Gwen attempting to shake some sense into Patrick! He really needed that. You know, I've actually been wanting to do that all along.

Oh, and also, Completely adored Rose. Her character, I feel, is going to easily be one of my favorites. Her litte 'make love, not war' until she realized that Kate had been hit. Classic. (As well as Andy's frustration at not getting laid. lol)

Ok, so I guess this review is not one of my best, but please know that I think it is simply WONDERFUL and I can't wait for more updates because you know how excited I get about Kate and Patrick. So have a point for your devine writing skills. You totally rock, Alex!

Author's response

i don't care what you say your review was amazing as usual,
and i think everyone should aspire to be like Kate when they grow up.
and Patrick shaking Gwen, probably the best thing to happen since the creation of the written word. lol.
and ahh Andy and Rose - best couple ever. lol.
as always you made my day with your review, and i hope the chapters to come don't dissappoint.