Review for Harry Potter and the Order of the Templar

Harry Potter and the Order of the Templar

(#) Skoell 2007-04-19

nice scene with fleur! very good idea!
not a very exciting chapter, but still well written...though it amazes me that ron and hermione became friends without harry...if you look at them in the first book that wouldn't have happened without him...and how is ginny alive and kicking? shouldn't she been basilisk-food? maybe you could give a short account of what happened at hogwarts without harry being there? voldemort's attempts to come back and such....

i hope harry/jericho will be able to save his fellow templars...

Author's response

That is probably a good idea to explain some of that. First Hermione could easily become friends with Ginny in second year which could lead to friends with the Weaslys. As to stopping Voldimort all those times during school, many people like to say Dumbledore let some of that crap happened, which Im inclined to believe since its hard to think that a man as powerful and wise as Dumbledore is made out to be, could be so stupid as to let that crap happen. So its safe to assume Albus saved the day most of the time. I'll see if I can go into detail about those early years, but honestly they don't have a major signifigance to the story, so if I cant find the oppurtunity to explain them then I won't try to force one.