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Explanations and Conspiracies

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The Templar have come out of the shadows. The battle between light and dark now takes on a new look. Conspiracy, betrayal, and a decent helping of buttkicking all around. HarryFleur in later chapte...

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After engaging in a struggle against a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, Jericho held his blade at her face to stop her from attacking him, unaware of the danger behind him....


Feeling something poking his back, Jericho glanced backwards to see a grizzled looking man with a revolving eye, a red head with long hair with a fang earring, and a tall bald black man, each man was pointing their wand at him.

"I'd say you're right about that," The grizzled man said.

Jericho only had one thing on his mind, 'What a great first impression...'

(Chapter 5 Start)

Jericho glance back at the wizards and then to the girl in front of him, knowing he wasn't in a position to negotiate he slowly moved his blade away, the wands however, never left his back.

"What were you doing attacking, Fleur?" The red head furiously asked.

"She started it." Jericho deadpanned. He knew it was probably not the best choice of words, but they were the truth. The red head however wasn't amused. He clearly wanted to curse him and was about to until a voice spoke up.

"What's going on here?" Albus had arrived with Sirius in tow, who summoned Albus the second he realized what was going on.

"We found this man pointing a sword at the Delacour girl, Albus." The grizzled old man answered.

Albus looked at Jericho questioningly to which Jericho repeated that she started it. Albus's gaze turned to the girl in question.

"Ms. Delacour?"

Fleur flushed in embarrassment as she realized that this Jericho character wasn't an intruder at all, but an acquaintance of Albus's. Feeling a bit foolish, she came clean with the truth, explaining how she had opened the door to see a figure she presumed was an enemy. Albus sighed in relief upon hearing what happened, it would have been near impossible to get people to trust Jericho had he instigated the fight.

"See everyone? This was all just a misunderstanding. No harm done right?" He said looking between the two.

Fleur flushed again and quietly said no as she looked at the floor. Jericho mumbled something about his robes, but nothing that couldn't be fixed. Albus gently smiled at the two before turning to face the Order.

"Now let us head to the kitchen where we shall start the meeting."

Following Albus, most of the audience headed back down the stair. Jericho, Fleur, and the red head stayed behind for a moment.

Fleur turned to Jericho and apologized, "Sorry for attacking you and ruining your robes."

Jericho, who was busy trying to remove some of the black markings, replied. "Don't worry about it, they've seen worse damage...much worse."

The red headed young man came up to Fleur and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, "I guess I should apologize too. When I saw you pointing a sword at Fleur I kind of lost it. By the way, I'm-"

"Bill Weasley, yes I figured that much out when you came to your girlfriend's aid, again no harm done. I have more important things to do than wasting time on a grudges. Now I believe we are expected downstairs." Jericho said as he brushed passed them and headed down the stairs. The couple looked at each other.

"I think you hurt his pride," Bill said.

"Maybe...but he obviously has enough to not admit it." Fleur replied with a smile. Bill grinned back as he led her down stairs.


When everyone had gathered in the kitchen Albus called for silence.

"I would now like to start this meeting with introducing our new friend," He said motioning to the wall behind him where Jericho had propped himself. "His name is Jericho and he is a member of the Order of the Templar. He is also the same person that led the counter-attack at Hogsmeade."

Many members shifted at this news. They were now looking at the man responsible for killing sixteen Death Eaters. However, a few members weren't fully convinced.

"Albus, that can't be right. I find it hard to believe that this...Templar could defeat sixteen Death Eaters and yet not notice three wizards approach him from behind." Moody said.

Albus was about to reply, but Jericho took over, "Even the mightiest can fall when caught unprepared. Had I anticipated that my new...allies would attack me then I would have been more alert," he paused for a moment before drawing his sword. "However, if you would like a demonstration, I would be happy to oblige."

To add to his intimidation tactic, Jericho charged his magic to cause the glow to emit from his eyes and sword. Many members backed off, but Moody who was a seasoned auror held his ground. Albus chose to intervene before the situation could further escalate.

"That's quite enough Jericho. Don't forget you need our help while you complete your mission so it would be in your best interest to not alienate yourself from the group."

"Hn." Jericho replied as he sheathed his sword and released his hold on his magic, causing the aura to disappear.

"Now as I was saying, Jericho is here to aid us in our fights. However, I should tell you now that he has his own mission to fulfill and won't be aiding us in anything except our battles. The details of this mission are confidential, but rest assure he has made me aware of what it implies. For the next two months he will working with us against the Dark Lord. Now are there any questions?"

The room burst with noise. Everyone seemed to have questions and they all wanted answered. The chatter continued for a few more minutes, causing Albus bring his hands to his temples and massaged the impending headache. He was unaware that Jericho was mimicking his actions. Casting the Sonorus charm on his throat, Albus yelled for quiet. When everyone shut up and looked at him, he removed the charm and told them to ask one at a time. Kingsley Shacklebolt was the first to ask.

"I believe I speak for all of us when I ask, is it true that you can block the killing curse?"

Seeing many heads nod, Jericho answered, "Yes and no, we Templar have the ability to stop a killing curse, but there are limitations. As many of you may know, the killing curse is intent based and because of that when you cast the curse you have to want the victim to die. Since the curse cannot be blocked in most cases that want doesn't have to be a whole lot. To counter this, we have to block the curse when our weapons are enchanted with our magic. That glow you saw earlier is what I mean when I am talking about enchanting our weapons. When the curse meets our weapons the two magical energies compete against each other. And since the killing curse is the want to kill, our weapons have to be filled with the want to live. Follow me so far?"

Seeing everyone nod he continued

"From there it is a matter of who wants most, the person casting the curse or the person blocking it. Now it's not often that we try to block the curse, the only reason I did it in the first place was to throw the Death Eaters off balance. The reason why we rarely block the curse is that it leaves us too open. While combating the curse we cannot move, since all our focus is in the want to live one second of hesitation or a lapse in concentration and we will fail to block the curse. During this time if someone else cast the curse it would be like shooting a fish in a bucket, we would not be able to block it and no matter how much we want to live, it won't save us from a second killing curse while we're fighting off the first."

Everyone took the time to contemplate this. Sure it was great that you could block the curse, but was the cost of leaving yourself so vulnerable worth it? Tonks asked the next question.

"How about cutting a spell in half?"

"That is another ability that comes with enchanting our weapons with magic. Any spell that is in a glowing orb shape like a stunner for instance, can be cut in half. This is achieved by the magic in our weapon acting like a razor to sever the "threads of magic" holding the spell together. However, if you were to cast a spell that shoots out fire or something to that effect we would be unable to cut it in half since there is nothing tying the spell together, you're just conjuring something and launching it at your opponent."

"How does your magic work?" A girl with bushy brown hair asked. Looking at her Jericho saw her standing next to a boy around the same age with red hair and a younger girl with red hair.

Looking at Albus, he asked, "You let children in this little Order of yours?"

"Actually since this is more an introduction than an actual Order meeting I felt there would be no harm involved in letting them attend." Albus replied.

Jericho nodded in understanding before he turned back to look at the girl who asked the question, "The easiest way to answer that question is to say that it is merely our own style of magic. Much like how the druids of old had their own style, like how the goblins, house elves, and other various creatures have their own style of magic."

Jericho took note on how Fleur shifted in her seat.

"So anyone with magic could be a Templar?" she asked.

"Yes and no, every witch or wizard could learn the skills of a Templar, but we are very picky when it comes to choosing new members. Various qualifications must be met."

"Like?" the girl pressed again. Jericho had to admit her interest was amusing albeit annoying.

"Well you must be born from a Templar family. The other option is an orphan with a high level of magical ability."

"Why must the child be an orphan?"

Jericho's amusement was quickly turning to annoyance, "Not that it has anything to do with why I am here...but to answer your new question, it is because a Templar is trained from the moment they can comprehend...that is usually around two and a half to three years of age, however we use the time before they can comprehend so they can bond with their teachers and, or master. Occasionally a child will be apprenticed by a higher ranking Templar, so the time before comprehension is spent letting the child bond with their master. These occasional few are usually more powerful than normal and would require special training for them to reach their full potential. Now, the reason we take only orphans is because the likelihood of finding parents willing to give away their child, who they will never see again, is practically zero."

"Have you ever met a boy named Harry James Potter? He disappeared fifteen years ago when he was barely a year old. Black hair, green eyes, he would be sixteen now." Sirius quickly asked with hope written on his face. Many people also glanced at him with hopeful faces.

Jericho searched his memory for anyone with that name before looking directly at him and answering, "I'm sorry, I know no one by that name."


Amaury slowly entered the dark room of her master. She was a young woman around the age of twenty with long brown locks and sharp features. She was dressed in the black and red robes of the Dark Templar, but they were tailored to be more form-fitting to allow her quicker movements with less wind-resistance, combine her curvy figure and sharp features with her ruby colored eyes, she came off as very alluring. Strapped to her lower back was a kodachi, a weapon specialized for speed.

Many of her peers considered her a seductress for her blatant use of sex-appeal on the battlefield to get her opponents to lower their guard. Combining her choice of tactics with her skills in sapping and she came off as being one of the most dangerous Dark Templar, ever.

As she approached the desk of her master she spoke in a light tone that sent shivers down most men's spine, "You summoned me?"

The figure behind the desk was polishing his double-bladed sword, not bothering to look at her, "Yes, I need you to deliver a message to Voldemort and our various allies."

He remained silent for a moment and Amaury had to resist the urge to ask what the message was. Finally he stopped polishing his blade. Turning it around to inspect both sides he nodded to himself and set the weapon on his desk.

"Tell them that the attack on Myren will happen in two days time."

Amaury nodded, but remained where she was, debating on whether or not she should inform her master of a possible complication. Coming to a decision she said, "Master, I believe I should inform you that there is a Templar working in Britain."

The news interested her master and he turned his full attention to her. "Go on."

"I couldn't get much information on it since the Templar in question is doing an undercover mission, but it is possible that he will inform whoever he is working for that the Dark Lord is being suspiciously quiet."

"Do you have any idea who the Templar is?"

"I couldn't get a confirmation, but it is most likely Jericho, he has been missing since he returned from his last mission and no one is aware of his location."

Amaury's master gave no noticeable reaction to the news. "Hmmm, I figured he would suspect something after the events at the village he was stationed at, but I never thought he would act on those suspicions."

"It is likely he went to Raimond about his suspicions." She explained.

"I agree with you on that," he said as he paced the room. "Just what is that old man up to?"

"Shall I dispose of Jericho?"

Taking a moment to think things over, he replied. "No, all we need to do is keep his attention on the Dark Lord and not Myren. Tell Voldemort to launch a massive attack using those dementors of his. That should draw Jericho's attention. It must be a large attack to keep him busy while we launch our attack on Myren. I will inform our other allies about when we will commence the attack."

Amaury nodded and left the room. The cloaked figure got up and head to the fireplace, looking into the flames. Reaching into his robes he pulled out a dark green emblem. "With Myren destroyed there will be no one to stop my research on the Legatis Templar. Once I've unlocked the truth behind that legendary power I will be unstoppable."

(End of Chapter 5)

Ok I lied I said Friday, but I was getting impatient I want to post this damn chapter since it gets me that much closer to posting two of my (so far) favorite chapters. Anyway as many of you are probably aware the next to chapters are back to back butt-kicking goodness...I've said that quite a bit, but it's because I'm excited. The story was slowing down with all this set up and introduction, finally I got the chance to kill some people again and I just wanted to share that fun with everyone (=P). Chapter 6 is Jericho and the Diversion and Chapter 7 is the Battle for Myren. Review please, I love em and they encourage me to write more often than I already do.
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