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First Impression

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The Templar have come out of the shadows. The battle between light and dark now takes on a new look. Conspiracy, betrayal, and a decent helping of buttkicking all around. HarryFluer in later chapte...

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A/N: Fleur is finally introduced this chapter. I'm not going to try and do her French accent cause I would probably screw it up so use your imagination.

(Disclaimer: Don't own Harry Potter, Raimond is mine to love that old guy)

(Chapter 4 Start)

The light of the early morning sun came in through the windows of the room Jericho was sleeping in and served as his wake up call. Jericho stirred before sitting up and dragging himself to the bathroom. Turning on the faucets and making sure they're the right temperature, Jericho removed what little clothes he was wearing and took a bath.

Having washed himself clean and being thoroughly woken up, Jericho dried off and walked into his room. Walking up to his Templar robes, he muttered a quick cleaning charm and with a whirl of golden magic the sweat, dirt, and grime on his robes vanished. Templar weren't materialistic, one set of robes could be constantly cleaned and reused. It cut back on what they had to carry around for a mission.

He had finished putting on his cloak and raising the hood as the entrance to his room opened. Albus Dumbledore entered the room and caught a glimpse of black hair before Jericho's hood hid his head.

"Be glad my back was facing you, Albus. Templar keep their heads hidden for a reason when out in public." Jericho sternly stated.

Albus shuddered slightly at Jericho's tone, "I'll be sure to inform everyone to knock before entering a room you are in."

"Good, now what can I do for you?"

"Ah yes, I'm here to escort you to the Great Hall. Surely you are hungry."

Jericho was going to say no, wanting to get the formalities with Albus's soldiers out of the way, but his stomach growled in protest. Embarrassed at the commotion his stomach was creating he replied. "Um...yeah that would be wonderful."

Albus once again acted the role of a guide for Jericho. As the made their way past Alaman's portrait, Jericho nodded his greeting. Alaman waved back and watched the two leave.

"Exactly why do you have a portrait of a Templar in this school?" Jericho asked, glancing at Albus.

"Honestly I was unaware of Alaman being a Templar. From what I know he came to Hogwarts after being exiled from where he came least that is what he said. Soon after coming to Hogwarts, he got a job as the groundskeeper and was considered one of the friendliest Hogwarts staff ever. It is said that a student painted the portrait for him in his room and that portrait has hung in this hall ever since."

"Alaman became a groundskeeper?"

"Yes, apparently he liked the hard physical work the job offered. Said it helped keep his mind off the topic of his past."

Jericho nodded in understanding and remained quiet. The life story of Alaman the Great was an interesting one. One he would have to ask Alaman about. Reaching the Great Hall, Albus led Jericho to the staff table and introduced him to some of the summer Hogwarts staff namely Minerva McGonagall and Severus Snape. He was also told that a half-giant named Rubeus Hagrid, the caretaker Argus Filch, and a few other professors were also living on the Hogwarts grounds, but tended to have their meals alone, only stopping in occasionally to say hello. The two professors present looked at him with mixture of shock, fear, and curiosity.

Albus explained why he was there and that he would be aiding them in their fights against Voldemort. McGonagall seemed relieved, Snape however sneered. Jericho, on the other hand ignored everyone at the table and filled his plate. Eating in silence, he continued to mind his own business until Albus spoke up.

"Jericho, I would like to take this time to introduce you to a spy of ours."

This caused him to look up at Albus with slight interest. Albus motioned to the man dressed in black with the greasiest hair Jericho had ever seen. Memorizing everything he could about the man's appearance, he turned back to Albus.

"I take it you're introducing me to him so that I don't kill him if I see him on the battlefield?"

McGonagall gasped at how casually Jericho spoke of killing while Snape glared coldly at him. Albus nodded sagely.

"Yes, I'm sure you can find that he could be quite useful for you. He certainly is for us."

Looking intently at Snape he asked, "Has Voldemort dealt with anyone..." He paused to think of the right explanation. "that doesn't resemble a wizard?'

Snape sneered before answering, "I haven't been summoned by the Dark Lord in about a month. He has asked me to only focus on some potions he needed and to not bother with any attacks or meetings. He said if he needed me, then I would know."

Jericho snorted before saying, "Some help you are. I think I'll stick to my own method of investigating."

Snape glared at him and turned back to his food. The rest of the meal was finished in silence. Snape and McGonagall pushed their plates away and watched them disappear as they rose to leave. As they were exiting the Great Hall, Albus called out. "Before I forget, Minerva could you inform the Order that we are having a meeting today. Later on in the afternoon would be a good time."

McGonagall said she would inform everybody and left the room, Snape following behind. Jericho glanced at Albus in annoyance. Something the old man picked up on.

"A lot of the Order members are working at the moment. If I called for an Order meeting now then only a few would be able to show up...I could call a meeting now and repeat your introduction later if you would prefer?" Albus asked politely knowing Jericho would decline.

"No, I'll wait...but I would like to get settled in at your headquarters if that is alright?"

"Yes, yes that sounds like a fine idea. Meet me at my office in an hour and I'll have everything ready by then." Albus said as he got up and left. Jericho left a few minutes later.


Entering his room, Jericho reached into his robe and pulled out a small mirror.

"Raimond." He spoke and waited.

The mirror got misty before the face of Raimond appeared.

"Yes, Jericho? What can I do for you?" he asked.

"Status report, sir."

"What already? It hasn't even been a full day!" Raimond exclaimed, a look of comprehension dawned on his face and he added. "Oh I get it! You just got lonely and wanted somebody to talk to, right?"

"Yes...that's right. I was drowning in a sea of loneliness and the first person I sought out was a senile old man." Jericho said in annoyance.

Raimond nodded a few things with a wide smile before replying. "Love you too, a platonic way of course."

Jericho's eyebrow twitched before he said. "No more hanging around Amadues. Its rotting away what sanity you have left."

Raimond chuckled, "Fine, fine I've had my fun. Now what do you need?"

"I've called to inform you that I have met up with Albus Dumbledore, he has agreed to allow me fight with him while I conduct my investigation."

"He hasn't seen your face, correct?" Raimond asked in complete seriousness.

"Of course not! A Templar never reveals his or her face to anyone but another Templar. Why would you even ask such a question?" He answered in confusion.

"No reason, consider it the rambling of a senile old man." Was his answer, but it was obvious that relief flooded the old man.

The two spoke on lighter topics after that and before long Jericho had to go and meet Albus.

"Well I have to go, I only had an hour to kill and thought I would spend it annoying you." Jericho stated.

"I think I did a better job annoying you." Raimond beamed.

Jericho's eyebrow twitched again. Determined to get the last laugh he said, "Whatever you say...Councilman Raimond."

As he put the mirror away he heard Raimond yell. "CHEATER! IT'S RAIMOND OR DAD, AND YOU KNOW IT! DON'T YOU PUT THAT MIRROR AWAY, DAMMIT!"

Jericho laughed as he left the room. After beating Raimond at his own game nothing could bring him down.


Jericho glared as he entered the headmaster's office. Albus smiled with amusement as he looked at the annoyed Templar.

"What took you so long to get here?" He asked innocently, with a wide smiled.

Glaring harder at the old man, Jericho replied, "Because I refused to believe you actually changed the password to "Gogo Dumbledore"."

Jericho didn't know how, but Albus smiled wider. "I was merely testing your skills in observation as well as your memory."

'If I kill him would it really affect my mission?' he contemplated.

Sensing Jericho's hostile thoughts, Albus quickly changed the subject. Writing down on a spare piece of parchment he handed it to Jericho. "Read that, memorize it, and then destroy it if you would."

Looking at the parchment in his hands he read.

The Order of the Phoenix is located a #12 Grimmauld Place.

Reading the line a few more times to make sure he memorized it, Jericho destroyed the parchment in a burst of golden light. As he glanced back at Albus, he saw the old man walk past him and heading to the door, beckoning him to follow. Jericho followed silently as Albus led him out of the castle. They walked a little ways away until Albus stopped and turned around to face him.

"Now if you'll take my hand, I shall take you to our headquarters." He said as he extended his hand. Jericho took his hand and soon felt himself being pulled through a tiny space and coming out the other side with a light cracking sound. Reorienting himself he looked around to see a shabby looking neighborhood.

"Your headquarters is in a neighborhood?"

"Yes, well remember that paper I had you read?" Seeing Jericho's nod he continued. "That paper is what allows you to see our headquarters. Usually it's hidden by magic."

Jericho remained silent as he contemplated this. Seeing the discussion was over Albus started walking to the entrance with Jericho in tow. He was about to open the door when he stopped and looked back at Jericho.

"Just a warning, there is a portrait of the late Mrs. Black and she is quite loud when disturbed. So try to remain quiet, because it takes a lot of effort to placate her."

"When was the last time you heard me be loud?"

Albus paused to think before answering with a smile, "I believe it was after you figured out what I changed the password to."


"Are you okay? Usually you have some kind of retort or witty comeback?" Albus said looking at him with mock concern.

"I'm fine. I'm just giving you my annoyed face right now."

"Oh good, I was worried there for a second." Albus said joyously.

'Amadues, I think I found your grandfather.' Jericho thought.

Opening the door and stepping in quietly the two entered the house. Jericho looked around and saw that the house was just as shabby and rundown as the outside, albeit bigger. Hearing footsteps approaching, Jericho turned to look at whoever was coming. He saw a man with long shaggy black hair. His face was aged with trauma from pains not spoken, but it did nothing to dampen his inviting smile. Glancing carefully at the man, Jericho felt a sense of unease he couldn't explain. Not the unease brought by falling into a trap, but the unease brought about by déjà vu. He felt like he knew this man from somewhere, but he couldn't place it.

Albus smiled at the new arrival and introduced him, "Sirius it is good to see you. Allow me to introduce our guest," he said motioning to Jericho. "This is Jericho, he is a Templar and will be aiding us in our fights against Voldemort."

Sirius looked at Jericho with suspicion, this had to be the man that scared Tonks to tears, but if he was here to help then he'd best make a good impression...he could always talk about the battle of Hogsmeade with him later. Smiling and extending a hand, "Well anyone that's good in your book Albus is good in mine...except Snape. Besides we can use all the help we can get against the Dark Tosser. And if he is as good as you and Tonks say he is I'm sure he'll be just what we need."

Jericho hesitated. He was still feeling uneasy. However, not wanting to be rude he shook Sirius's hand. "I guess my reputation precedes me. I won't be here long though. But I'll leave all the explaining for tonight's meeting. "

"Understandable...Albus said that he would be bringing somebody over that would need a place to stay, I'm assuming he meant you. So shall I show you to a room?"

Albus excused himself saying he had things to do and that he would see them again in a few hours. Shrugging at his sudden disappearance Sirius led Jericho up the stairs. Looking at the many doors, Jericho asked, "Is there anyone else living here? Seems like a big place for just one person."

"Actually there are a few other residents sharing this house. To name a few Bill Weasley and his girlfriend Fleur Delacour, occasionally Bill's family sticks around during the last few weeks before school starts, Remus Lupin a close friend of mine, and anyone else who feels like sticking around for a while."

"Any of the aforementioned people here at the moment?"

"Fleur is, she's sleeping however. Said she wasn't feeling to well. Remus is as well, he's recovering from...well lets just say he's recovering. You'll see him later tonight though."

Understanding that the topic of Remus Lupin, whose name sounded familiar, was a touchy one and dropped it. Coming to a door, Sirius opened it and led him in.

"This will be your room, can't say its mu-"

Walking past Sirius, he mumbled that it was fine. Jericho headed towards the window and pulled the curtains back to glance at outside. Sirius had yet to move, wondering what was wrong, Jericho asked. "What?"

"Huh?" Sirius replied, he hadn't been expecting the question.

"What do you want to ask?"

"'s just..." Sirius stumbled over his words, not knowing how to phrase the question. Figuring he should just come out and say it, he said. "During the battle at Hogsmeade, would you have killed Tonks?"

"Tonks?" Jericho asked in confusion, this was the second time they mentioned this "Tonks" person. Realization quickly dawned on him, however. "Oh! You mean that girl."

Sirius nodded.

Glancing back at Sirius, he answered, "Had she got in the way she may have been attacked. Her robes were as dark as the Death Eaters after all."

"But would you have actively sought her out?" Sirius pressed.

Jericho turned his gaze back to the window. "No, she wasn't my target. She was pretty smart to keep away from me though. With her casting spells, I had a hard time telling her from them."

Sirius let out a breath he was holding. "Well that's all I was wondering. I'll see you later I guess. The meeting is at six so be sure to be down there a few minutes early."

Jericho merely hummed his understanding.


Fleur had just woken up after a long nap. She had been feeling sick all day and couldn't figure out why. Sirius said something about her molting, which promptly earned him a smack with a glare. Getting up she headed towards the mirror in the room and smoothed out her hair. She hadn't bothered changing out of her day clothes when she passed out on her bed and was fully dressed, though the clothes were quite wrinkled. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out a small watch and looked at the time.

'Five thirty...Bill said an Order meeting was scheduled for six. I wonder if anyone is already here.' She thought as she finished smoothing out her hair and headed towards the door.

As she opened the door she came face to face with a figure in grey.


Jericho was sitting down in a chair waving a golden glowing finger around and drawing designs into the air. Having nothing better to do he toyed around with his abilities for amusement. Raimond was in the Council Chamber and couldn't be bothered, and from what Sirius said the other two members of the house were ill...or recovering from an illness. He could have talked with Sirius, but still felt wary around him. He wasn't a bad man, on the contrary he seemed to be a very kind man. But the unease he brought about made Jericho shy away from him. Looking out the window he judged the position of the sun and found it to be a little after five-thirty.

'Did I seriously spend most of my day doodling with my magic?' Jericho asked himself in disbelief.

Getting up he headed to the bed where his swords laid and sheathed them. Nothing was more uncomfortable than sitting down with two sharp pointy objects positioned at an awkward angle at your sides. Checking to make sure everything was in place and his hood was raised, Jericho exited the room and walked to the stairs. As he past a door he heard it open, stopping to look who was exiting he saw a girl slightly shorter than him with long blond hair, blue eyes, and creamy skin.


The two stared at each other for a moment sizing the other up. In the blink of an eye Fleur drew her wand. She didn't know who this man was, but he looked dangerous and she didn't want to take the chance that he was some kind of intruder. As her wand was rising, the man shot his hand out and grasped her wrist moving her arm so that the wand was pointing upwards.

"You're good, but not that good." He said impressed.

Not even thinking twice, Fleur raised her free hand and conjured a fireball and launched it at the man throwing him in the opposite wall, where he slid to the floor. His chest was black from the fire with a few burn holes, but for the most part the fabric was undamaged. Fleur looked in shock as the man slowly stood to his feet. Quickly she conjured another fireball.


Jericho continued to look at the girl. In a flurry of movement she drew her wand and started to raise it. He had to admit he was impressed with how fast she reacted. Not wanting to be the victim of whatever this girl was planning, he grabbed her wrist and moved it so the wand was pointing up.

"You're good, but not that good." He said impressed.

Before he had time to blink the girl raised her free arm and conjured a fireball. Jericho's eyes widened in shock, he hadn't expected this. Before he could defend himself the girl launched the ball of fire into his chest, launching him into the opposite wall. Now he was extremely impressed, this girl had managed to catch him off guard. Slowly standing up, he looked back at the girl to see her conjuring another fireball. Not wanting to experience another blast Jericho rushed forwards. Positioning his ankle behind her, he pushed her shoulder and pulled his ankle forward, effectively tripping the girl. Knowing it to be dangerous if she stayed down, she moved to get up. Wanting to end this confrontation, Jericho drew one of his swords and pointed it at the girl. Noticing the blade that was pointing directly at her she stopped moving and looked up in fear.

"I believe that is quite enough." Jericho calmly stated.

Feeling something poking his back, Jericho glanced backwards to see a grizzled looking man with a revolving eye, a red head with long hair with a fang earring, and a tall bald black man pointing their wands at him.

"I'd say you're right about that," The grizzled man said.

Jericho only had one thing on his mind, 'What a great first impression...'

(End of Chapter 4)

And there is the, introduction of Fleur. I knew right from the get go that they would have a confrontation. The confrontation was to show something very important, and that is that Jericho makes mistakes too, he made the exact same mistake as the Death Eaters in chapter one. He underestimated his opponent and was caught unaware.

Anyway, next chapter is the one that many of you are probably waiting for. The detailed explanation of the Templar powers, how he can block the AK and all that good stuff. And for those of you seeking violence and blood shed, you will see it all in chapter 6. Guarantee, there is nothing that should cause me to postpone the action. Also for the Harry/Fleur fans they will get together don't fret. I just plan for it to be BELEIVABLE. Not some "He's hot." "She's hot." "Lets go out and be lovers and stuff" deal. No offense to those stories, but that won't happen in this one.

Also, Kyntor asked why Marcell was higher rank than Jericho, when Jericho trained Marcell. Here is a quote from chapter 2 to answer that question.

"Grand Templar was the rank of someone who had mastered the Templar teachings and was ready to learn the ways of either the High Templar or the Dark Templar. Jericho however was indecisive as to what he should learn."

Jericho could get promoted before Marcell, but he doesn't know what teachings he should learn. He could become a High Templar like his idol Raimond or the more battle oriented Dark Templar to match his aggressive nature. I had a question I wanted to ask my readers. I was thinking of doing what I call "fun facts". These "fun facts" will be like a director's commentary stating interesting tidbits of information about the chapter. Tell me what you think about that idea.

Special thanks to Disturb and Killswitch Engage for providing me with music to listen to. And thank you all my readers and reviewers that make this story worth writing.
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