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Crazy Old Men

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The Templar have come out of the shadows. The battle between light and dark now takes on a new look. Conspiracy, betrayal, and a decent helping of buttkicking all around. HarryFleur in later chapters

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(Chapter 3 Start)

A burst of golden light was seen just outside of Hogsmeade, signally Jericho's arrival. It had been just after eleven when he had left Myren, and if his timing was right that would make it slightly after eight in Britain. Glancing around he saw a castle on a cliff top.

'That's got to be the school, Raimond told me about. There's nothing else near this little town that fits the description.' He thought as he made his way towards the castle.

It took twenty minutes before he reached the castle gates. Standing before the gates was the old wizard that he encountered in Hogsmeade. The old man was smiling a kind, triumphant smile, like he had guessed the answer to an extremely difficult question and got it right.

"Good to see you again, Templar." Albus greeted kindly.

"How'd you know I was on my way here?" Jericho questioned.

"Well...the golden light near Hogsmeade was a good guess."

"And you just stood there waiting for me the whole time?"

"Yes." Albus cheerfully answered.

"You really have nothing better to do with your time do you?" he deadpanned.

"Nope, not really. It's the summer holidays after all." Albus replied, grinning wider.

'God he's he reminds me so much of Amadues.' Jericho thought.

"Well shall we head to my office?"

"Yes please."

Opening the gates and going through the main entrance Albus led him through the castle. As they made their way through the castle they passed many ghosts that looked at Jericho curiously. Walking down a long hallway filled with portraits, a voice called out.

"Now what are you doing here, young Templar."

Albus and Jericho stopped to look at the origin of the voice. In the portrait was an elderly man sitting in what looked like a study. His robes were a grey deeper than Jericho's and the hood of his cloak was lowered. The man's grey hair was spiked up and his eyes were gold in color. Jericho looked at the man's face before recognition set in.

"Master Alaman, it's an honor to speak with you." Jericho said before bowing slightly.

"Oh crap you're one of those stick in the ass duty-bound Templar aren't you?" Alaman asked in exasperation.

Jericho quickly rose up in shock. "I'm sorry if I offended yo-"

"Oh for Merlin's sake boy! I'm a portrait! What the hell are you being so damned polite for?"

Jericho shifted under Alaman's stern gaze. Albus meanwhile watch with an amused smile. It wasn't everyday you get to see a Templar fidget before a painting.

"It's just that you're one of the most famous Grand Templar ever. A powerful warrior! The only known Grand Templar to defeat and Equatis in a fair fight! You're practically a legend!"

"Yes and your point? I was still human, young Templar," Pausing for a second, a question quickly came to Alaman's mind. "Don't you even know what I was fighting for?"

Jericho paused and thought it over, before replying. "Actually your reason for fighting the Equatis was kept secret."

Alaman looked shocked, then angry, and finally furious. "Hold on a second boy while I roll in my bloody grave," He said as he got up and started to destroy the room he was painted in. After he was finished everything repaired itself and he took his seat again. "Young Templar, I fought the Equatis because I wanted to prove that a Grand Templar was just as good as an Equatis. That the ridiculous means of ranking someone by what they are was stupid. That is should be a person's skill that matters!"

"...But Alaman, isn't that how its set up? A Grand Templar doesn't have the skills of the higher ranking Templar."

"My boy there are skills and then there are skills, when you can figure out the difference between the two come back and speak with me. Now I've held you up long enough, shoo, shoo." Alaman said waving them off.

The rest of the trek to the Headmaster's office was silent. Jericho had a lot to think about and Albus didn't wish to disturb him."

Upon reaching a gargoyle statue at the end of a hallway Albus spoke, "Password."

The gargoyle jumped aside to reveal a staircase. Jericho glanced warily at Albus.

"Your password is password?"

Leading the way up the stairs Albus explained. "Well during the time that the school is in session I use the name of a candy for the password, but during the summer holidays I use something obvious like password, gargoyle, and my personal favorite, gogo Dumbledore."

Jericho looked at the smiling man like he was insane, "Why?"

"Its fun to see how long a professor will stand in front of the gargoyle calling out various candy names before they give up and send an owl telling me what they want."

"But what if it's an emergency?"

"If its an emergency they know to floo call me." Albus said as he entered his office.

Taking his seat behind his desk, he motioned for Jericho to sit as well and offered him a lemon drop. Jericho refused the yellow candy, but did take a seat.

"Now, what brings you hear, Tem-"

"Jericho. My name is Jericho"

"Very well, and call me Albus. Now what can I do for you, Jericho?"

"I've been given a mission and I will be assisting you with your fight against Voldemort and his forces while I complete it."

"Well this is good news." Albus replied jovially.

"Not really, the reason I'm here is because I am to investigate a rumor that has been going around. The rumor states that Voldemort is receiving aid from a Templar. I don't know if it's one, more, or none. That's what I'm here to find out."

The smile on Albus's face dropped at hearing the news. If Voldemort was receiving aid from a Templar then it would be a catastrophe for the light. Now knowing the graveness of the situation Albus got into his "leader mode".

"How long will you be here?"

"I've been ordered to stay here for two months. I am to accompany you and your forces to every fight."

"What makes you think you'll find anything out from the battlefield?"

"A Templar is an offensive fighter...most the time," Jericho answered, adding the afterthought when he thought of Amadues. "To make use of a Templar, Voldemort would have to send them to the battlefield."

"I see," Albus replied with a nod. "Well if you are going to aid us then there are a few things we must settle. First I will have to introduce you to the Order of the Phoenix, you'll have to be able to tell the difference between the good guys and bad which includes ministry aurors, and you'll have to refrain from killing."

"I agree to the first two, but I'm going to blatantly ignore that third request," Jericho said, raising a hand to halt Albus's reply. "If someone is going to attempt to kill me then you better believe that I will return the favor. I will kill people Albus, but they won't be yours."

Albus nodded sadly in understanding. Jericho was sent to assist not serve and to put it bluntly the light side needed all the help they could get, especially if Jericho was right about Templar aiding Voldemort.

"Very well, keep in mind you won't be very liked amongst the light side if you kill."

"I'm not here to make friends, Albus." Jericho stated coldly.

Nodding in acceptance, he asked, "Do you have a place to stay for the night?"

"Not at the moment but I'm sure I can find someplace suitable."

"Oh don't trouble yourself. You can stay in the castle for tonight. After I introduce you to the Order tomorrow you can settle yourself at our headquarters. Now let me lead you to Gryffindor tower, I'm sure you'll find it quite comfortable."


Elsewhere in the Riddle House, headquarters to Voldemort and his Death Eaters a different meeting was taking place. Well, meeting wasn't the word really. Torture session would be more accurate. Voldemort had just received the report on the failed attack on Hogsmeade and was currently torturing the man that gave it to him.

As he was torturing the man he hissed out, "What do you mean you were defeated by only two people!? Were you all so incompetent that you couldn't even kill two people!?"

He released the spell on the man and waited for an answer. The man was panting and wheezing as he tried to get up. "My lord, it wasn't just an ordinary wizard! He blocked the killing curse! He dodged almost all the spells cast at him! What spells he didn't dodge he cut in half!"

A few of the Death Eaters grew disgruntled with the news the man gave. Voldemort seeing there fidgeting prepared another round of torture.


"Now, now don't blame the man for failing." A voice in back called out.

Voldemort's head snapped up and glared at the person that dared to interrupt him. Seeing a figure dressed in black and red with the hood of his cloak hiding his face, carrying a double-bladed sword he calmed down.

"Oh, it's you."

"Yes," The man nodded. "It's me."

"You said you would aid in the attack, you failed to do makes me wonder if you're really worth allying with."

"Now, now had I participated in the attack I would have given myself away. After all your men were killed by a Templar. Had I gone through the trouble of killing him it would be a guarantee that more would have come to investigate."

"You said he wouldn't be a problem!" Voldemort hissed out.

"I admit I didn't expect him to still be there when the attack took place. He should have returned to his matter he has returned now and is no longer an issue."

The dark clad Templar reached the shivering form of the tortured man and glanced at him.

"Now that being said," He started, thrusting his blade through the man's chest and pulling it out to let the man fall dead on the floor. "These fools failed in their task, he was but one Templar and they couldn't even kill him. Such weak forces do not deserve to live."

Voldemort gave a sinister smile and said, "At least we agree on that."

A shiver ran through the Death Eaters that were still alive.

"Anyway," the Templar said as he cleaned his blade of the blood. "I've come here to tell you that I will need your assistance soon."

"And why should I help you when you failed to help me?" Voldemort questioned with a sneer.

"Because after you help me complete my task, there will be nothing stopping me from aiding you in yours." The Templar calmly answered.

Voldemort grunted, "Fine," Glancing at his forces he said. "All of you leave...and take that filth with you." He ordered, while pointing at the corpse.

The Templar waited for the Death Eaters to file out before he spoke again.

"Now pay attention, because this is how you will help me take over The Order of the Templar."

(End of Chapter 3)

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