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The New Mission

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The Templar have come out of the shadows. The battle between light and dark now takes on a new look. Conspiracy, betrayal, and a decent helping of buttkicking all around. HarryFluer in later chapters

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(Disclaimer: Don't own Harry Potter but I do own the OC's)

(Chapter 2 Start)

It had been thirty minutes since the events at Hogsmeade and Albus Dumbledore had summoned all the members of The Order of the Phoenix to their headquarters and number 12 Grimmauld Place. Numerous members were tired and disgruntled, it was well after one in the morning and many of them had to get up for work in a few hours. However, no one said anything. They all knew that Albus wouldn't wake them up just to ask how they were all doing.

"So how is everyone this fine early morning?"

Or so they hoped...

"Albus please cut the pleasantries and tell us why you had us get up at this ungodly hour." Arthur Weasley asked.

"Very well," Albus said becoming unusually serious. "As some of you may know an attack has occurred in Hogsmeade. Normally I would wait until a more reasonable time to inform you all of this. However, the events surrounding the attack are far too important to wait."

A few of the members shifted. The tone in which Albus spoke, disturbed them. The only time they heard him speak like that was when it dealt with Voldemort's victories or the delicate subject of the missing Harry Potter. Who had been missing since the fall of Voldemort at the end of the first war.

"What happened, Albus?" asked Kingsley Shacklebolt.

"It seems a third party was involved in the fight for Hogsmeade. A lone figure with the assistance of Miss. Tonks took down no less than twenty Death Eaters.:

"Albus! Do you seriously expect us to believe that Tonks and some unknown person took out ten Death Eaters apiece?" Mad-Eye Moody questioned in disbelief.

"No Alastor I don't. Because in fact Miss. Tonks didn't take out ten she only managed to stun four. The other sixteen were killed by the third party."

Gasps went around the room. It was the first time someone other than the Death Eaters purposely killed during the war. Accidents tended to happen when the light wizards fought, but they never deliberately killed a Death Eater. While everyone was digesting this new bit of information. One person asked the million galleon question.

"Who is this third party, Albus?" Asked Minerva McGonagall, she had been away from the castle and wasn't present at Hogsmeade with Albus and a few others.

"Good question. Let me answer it with another. Who has heard of, The Order of the Templar?" Albus questioned, glancing around the room.

Many faces were blank, some showed signs of familiarity, and a few were showing complete disbelief.

"Albus you're not expecting us to believe that such fairy tales like the Templar exists, are you?"

"Alastor, you have asked what I have expected of all of you enough already. What I am telling you is the truth. A Templar was responsible for the many Death Eater casualties in Hogsmeade. He even confirmed that he was in fact a Templar."

"I tell everyone Snape has a tutu in his closet and no one believes me." A voice in the back said. The tension in the room was broken as a few members let out a chuckle while others held back a smile. Severus Snape looked at the speaker with a murderous glare.

"Sirius now is not the time for jokes. So please refrain from interrupting," Albus said, though few could miss the slight brightening in his eyes. "Since many of you don't seem to recognize the name of the third party I will tell you what I know. The Templar is an Order of peacekeepers. They fight from behind the curtain and rarely reveal themselves, this is why they are considered myth. They use their own brand of magic and prefer to engage opponents in melee combat."

"If they're peacekeepers, then why didn't they help during the first war?" Someone asked.

"I can't answer that. All I can say is they have their own means of judging how serious a situation is. If you ask for anything other than the basic information, then I'm afraid I will be unable to answer, since I won't be able to separate fact from fiction."

"Yeah, like how they have the power to stop the killing curse." Moody added sarcastically.

"It's true!" Nymphadora Tonks spoke out. Many people looked at her like she had gone crazy. "I was there I saw him stop the killing curse! He raised his sword and blocked the curse! He even cut a spell in half!"

Many people broke out in whispers discussing what she revealed.

"Why should we believe you!? You were probably delirious and couldn't comprehend what was going on." Severus Snape scathingly spoke.

Before anyone could comment, Albus intervened. "Now, now no need to get hostile. We all agree that there is more going on than we know. Our best bet as of now would be to approach this war more cautiously. This goes double for you Severus. If the Templar are in fact out to kill Voldemort and his followers it is likely that you may be targeted as well. Now I believe we all have warm, comfy beds waiting for us. This meeting is adjourned."

With that said people started to file out of number 12 Grimmauld Place. Tonks had remained seated and Sirius Black her cousin came to check on her.

"You alright?" He asked in a serious manner that was unlike him.

"Y-yeah, still a little shaken up," She took a few breaths to try and calm down, but couldn't. All she could do was clasp her had to her face and start sobbing. "It was horrible Sirius. He killed them all so quickly and brutally! I was certain he would kill me too!"

Sirius wrapped her in a hug and rubbed her back comfortingly. "Why didn't you run? If it was so scary you should have left to get help."

"I wanted to. But part of me couldn't leave him alone. Part of me felt that I should stay to make sure nothing happens. He was just one man, Sirius. How could I leave one man against so many Death Eaters?"

Sirius thought on this before saying, "What you did was very brave, Tonks. You should be proud of yourself."

Tonks said nothing more. She just continued to cry for the rest of the night.


In another part of the world, in some mountain range in Asia, a burst of golden light gave way to the grey cloaked form of Jericho. Making his way up the mountain he appeared on he came to a flat wall. Approaching the wall he stuck out his finger and focused his magic on the tip. His finger lit up and he started tracing a design into the wall. Finishing his design he pulled his hand away and waited. A deep rumbling noise was heard and the earth started to tremble. Soon the wall split in two and opened a path into the mountain.

Entering quickly, Jericho was enveloped in the warmth of the magic emitted from the Templar Headquarters, better known as Myren. As the magic started to course through him, his eyes started giving off a feint golden glow. No one understood why, but a lot of people suggested that the high amount of magic coursing through Myren increased the Templar powers which resulted in all of their eyes giving off the aura that was commonly seen on the battlefield.

Inside of the mountain it was hollowed out to make way for the many residents that resided in the city of Myren. The entire city looked like it was based off of Roman design. Whitestone roads ran throughout the city and most of the buildings were built with an arch foundation. All the buildings were constructed of ivory and stone rather than metal and concrete like most other buildings in the world. The roof of the mountain was even enchanted to look like a sky. Currently it was night like outside however in the morning it would be a clear blue sky like always.

Having finished looking over the city he made his way to the center of the town where the council hall was located. Normally the council wouldn't be in session so late, but according to the messenger they would be and waiting just for him. Passing a few of the night patrol, Jericho nodded in greeting to each. Reaching the large circular building, he didn't even pause as he opened the doors.

The Council building was the most secure building in all of Myren. It only served as a place to delegate matters or hand out missions, but the three leaders of the Templar community were here for a good portion of their time and therefore it was built to prevent any attempts at assassination.

The building was built with many halls. The numerous halls were complete with revolving walls to keep the path to the Council Room ever changing. The only way to navigate the maze was to have a guard from the lobby lead you. However, even with a guard there were numerous checkpoints to go through. On average it took ten minutes to reach the final checkpoint and another five before one was allowed to go before the council. Fifteen minutes was quite a long walk for somebody that was expected, God save the fool that tried to sneak in.

Reaching the Council Chambers Jericho waited to be given the approval before he went before the council. Getting the ok from the guards he entered. The Council Chamber was dark. The only illumination came from the flames that represented the Templar Leaders.

On the right was a blue flame, sitting in front of it was Raimond, head of the Life and High Templar division. He was a kind man in his mid-sixties with short salt and pepper hair, his eyes were blue and quietly released the fiery blue aura that was common for Life and High Templar. He was dressed in an elegant blue garb, the chest piece was adorned with three crosses that had four pointed stars in the center. His pants were the same as Jericho's only they were blue with a cross going from top to bottom of the garb with a four pointed star in its center. His cloak was also blue with the same cross design on the back. It was a known fact that he wasn't the strongest life Templar in the world, but many revered him as the wisest and it was for that reason that he was placed on the Council. Jericho had always admired Raimond for his kindness and respect towards all Templar regardless of their rank. Not to mention the fact that Raimond was his foster father.

On the far left was a red flame, sitting in front of it was Ferres, head of the Blood and Dark Templar division. Ferres was everything Raimond was not. In his late thirties he was a cold and calculating man with shoulder length black hair. His eyes were red and released the fiery red aura of the Blood and Dark Templar. He was dressed in the same black and red garb that his division wore (1). He was a vicious fighter and considered the strongest in melee combat amongst his division. Unlike Raimond, he wasn't revered as wise, his cold-hearted tactics were considered brutal and many secretly though he shouldn't be on the Council. However, despite what they said no one could contest to the fact that he always got the job done and had never failed to do what he was ordered. Jericho didn't admire him and he hated his tactics, but he still respected his prowess.

In-between the two was a raised platform with a purple flame, sitting in front of the flame was Seguis, the Equatis Templar and supreme commander of the Templar forces. He was nearing his hundred and twentieth year of life and had lost his hair long ago. His eyes were purple in color and it was the same color as the fiery aura his eyes emitted. His clothing was the exact replica of Jericho's only it was a dark violet color. He was the only Equatis Templar and would remain such for quite sometime. The Equatis Templar after all was someone who mastered the skills of a Blood and Life Templar a feat that was quite extraordinary, though legend spoke of a rank above Equatis, hardly anyone knew anything about it.

"Grand Templar Jericho, what have you to report?" Seguis asked, though it was more of a command than a question.

Grand Templar was the rank of someone who had mastered the Templar teachings and was ready to learn the ways of either the High Templar or the Dark Templar. Jericho however was indecisive as to what he should learn.

"There were no signs of Templar involvement with the Death Eater forces." Jericho reported.

Lately rumors had started sprouting in the Templar community that the Dark Lord in Britain had been receiving aid from a Templar. Jericho's mission was to investigate the matter and see if there was any truth or not to the situation.

"I see...anything else to add?" Seguis asked.

Jericho hesitated before answering in the negative. Raimond, who had known him since he was a child noticed his hesitation and made a mental note to ask about it after he was dismissed.

"Very well, you may leave."

Jericho bowed and made to leave the Council Chamber.

"Jericho," Raimond called out. Jericho stopped and turned around. "If you don't mind I would like to speak with you before you return to your quarters. Will that be ok?"

"It would be my honor, Councilman Raimond." He answered.

"Very good, wait for me outside, I should be along shortly."

He bowed again before turning and exiting the Council Chamber.


Outside, Jericho leaned against one of the many pillars that made up the Council Building while he waited for Raimond. It had been close to a half hour since he had given his report and sleep was starting to claim him. He was about to doze off when a voice called out.

"Sorry to keep you waiting."

Raimond had arrived. Shaking his head to get rid of his drowsiness Jericho looked at the elderly man before replying.

"You didn't keep me waiting at all Councilman Raimond."

"Oh come off that Jericho, you know I prefer you to call me dad or at the very least Raimond. All this formalness makes me feel old."

Jericho smiled under his hood before answering, "You are old, Raimond."

Raimond chuckled before speaking again, "Watch it, I can still dance circles around you."

Jericho laughed, it was true after all. Raimond could easily kick his ass and he knew it.

"Let us walk."

Jericho nodded and followed alongside Raimond.

"So...have you seen Marcell or Amadues yet?" Raimond asked, starting up some small talk.

"No, considering how late it is I planned to just give my report then go home and go to bed. I'll see them in the morning."

"Ah yes, your report...about that. Is there anything you wanted to add?"

"No sir, I stated the relevant information and that was it."

"Jericho...I'm asking you as the man who raised you, not the Councilman that leads you. Now, what's wrong?"

Jericho paused, thinking over his response before answering, "It may be nothing, but something happened before the attack that made me feel uneasy."

"Go on," Raimond encouraged.

"Well as you know, every seven days a Templar gives his report to a messenger. The messenger arrived and when I gave my report he told me to return to base immediately. Said the orders came directly from Ferres."

"And, so? Councilman Ferres made Lord Seguis and myself, aware of the order."

"Well it's just, I had waited a half hour before returning. As I was planning to leave I felt the magic of the Death Eaters coming in. Call me paranoid, but the situation seemed too convenient. I was stationed at that town because it was considered a hot spot. For seven days nothing happens then thirty minutes after I'm order to return to H.Q. an attack happens. Had I left right after receiving the message I would not have been there for the attack."

"So you think Councilman Ferres had something to do with it?"

" mean. It just doesn't make sense. What would he get for helping a Dark Lord? None of it seems to add up."

Raimond thought about this in silence. Jericho was never one to jump to conclusions and to speak ill of a Councilman was a serious offense...but if he was right then there may be something more with the events happening in Britain.

"Tell you what let me sleep on this and I'll get back to you tomorrow."

"Ok if that is your decision. Now please excuse me, I need to get some sleep." Jericho said as he turned to leave, but Raimond stopped him.

"Jericho...before you go do me a favor."


"Take off that hood, it's been so long since I've seen your face and it would do this old man well to see the face of his surrogate son."

In Myren it was normal for a Templar to not wear the hood of their cloak and most chose not to. Seeing nothing wrong with the request Jericho reached up and lowered his hood. Shoulder length black hair spilt around his face, most of it however was tied in a loose ponytail. Golden eyes and sharp features stared back at Raimond. However, the most unique feature of Jericho's appearance was the unexplainable lightning shaped scar that he had since birth...

Raimond reached out and ruffled his hair, "Good to see the face of the boy I love so much."

Jericho glared at the man for messing up his hair.

"You know I hate when you do that." He said batting Raimond's arm away.

"Heh what do I care? You're going to bed anyway, when you wake up it will be much worse." Raimond replied with a smile.

Jericho glanced at the man he considered his father and smiled. "I'll see you tomorrow Councilman Raimond."

"It's Raimond or Dad to you brat!"


Early the next morning Jericho started to wake up. He had only managed five hours of sleep which would normally not be a problem, but after running around killing a couple of bad guys then doing high level magic, only to have to stress over a (probably) false conspiracy it kind of left a person feeling tired. Jericho wanted nothing more than to go back to sleep.

'Screw this the day can wait for me for a change.' Jericho thought as he rolled over and started to go back to sleep.


"Jericho you in there? Get up!" A voice called from outside.

'Crap.' He thought, as he dragged himself out of bed.

Opening the door of his house he looked at the smiling face of his friend Amadues. He was dressed in the High Templar outfit much like, Raimond's, with the hood down, strapped to his back was a long spear.

Amadues was three years Harry's senior, making him nineteen and had short sandy blond hair with piercing blue glowing eyes. Their first meeting was when Jericho went to speak to Raimond, who at the time was teaching Amadues the healing magic of the High Templar, something he excelled at. Amadues was a pacifist by nature and hated to fight. However just because he didn't like to fight, didn't mean he didn't know how. He was very graceful and precise in all his strikes and all of his attacks were meant to kill quickly and with as little amount of pain as possible.

"What are you doing here so early, pussifist?" Jericho said. He may respect Amadeus's skills, but he still poked fun at him for being a pacifist...or whenever he was annoyed like now.

"Pacifist, Jericho," Amadues corrected like always. "And it's not early it's almost nine in the morning." (2)

"Yeah, I didn't get back last night till three and didn't get to bed till four, it's early for me." Jericho said scratching his scalp.

"Well get ready, we have to meet Marcell for brunch." Amadues replied with a smile. A smile that was really beginning to annoy Jericho more that he already was.

"Here's a better idea, you go meet Marcell for brunch, and I go back to bed." Jericho replied as he started closing the door, just as the door was about to shut a spear head blocked its path. Refusing to give in to Amadues, Jericho pushed harder on the door.

"If you go back to bed I will break down this door and poke you with the sharp end of my spear until you get up."

Ripping open the door, Jericho glared at his friend.

"Pay backs a bitch, Amadues! Remember that!" he said as he left the door open to go grab a quick shower. Amadues let himself in, smiling the whole time. Being a pacifist didn't mean he couldn't annoy the hell out of those close to him and enjoy it.


Amadues and Jericho, who was fully dressed in his Templar garb with the hood of his cloak lowered, made there way to the mess hall. Jericho was slouched and constantly shooting glares at his smiling friend. As they approached the mess hall's entrance a voice spoke up.

"Took you long enough."

Looking at the speaker they saw a young man dressed in Dark Templar clothes. His hair was long reaching his mid back and was dark red in color, matching his glowing eyes. Strapped to his back was a zanbato (3). His name was Marcell and he was a year older than Jericho. The story to how he became friends with him was considered a most interesting one.

In Templar society, an initiate from the time they can comprehend to their tenth birthday are trained in the basics of combat, weapon enchanting, and various magic techniques. Though ten was the standard age of graduating to a full-fledged Templar, some initiates graduate much earlier.

If an initiate cannot learn or master the basics by their tenth birthday they are given a one year grace period in hopes that they will be able to learn the skills they couldn't before. If they fail still, then the initiate is given a mind-wipe and returned to everyday wizarding society. The only alternative to this is for a Grand Templar to take the initiate under his or her wing.

Marcell had failed his grace period and was about to have his mind-wiped when Jericho intervened. Having just received his promotion as a Grand Templar, Jericho chose to take Marcell under his wing. It didn't take long for him to realize that the reason Marcell failed. He had failed his training because he didn't see a point in learning it. He didn't have the right type of motivation. To counter this Jericho came up with a unique teaching method.

For as long as Marcell was his apprentice, he would have to do everything for him. Including chores, cooking, and errands, while also undergoing Templar training and since Marcell was under his authority he had no choice but to comply. Needless to say, Marcell hated being treated like this and put all his effort into mastering the skills required for a Templar. In eight months, Jericho managed something that many people couldn't, not only did he complete an initiate's training, but he got said initiate to also earn the rank of Grand Templar as well.

Not long after finishing his training under Jericho, did Marcell start his training as a Dark Templar. Realizing that he had Jericho to thank for where he was, Marcell felt indebted to him and part of him always would. During his time with Jericho it didn't take long for him to meet Amadues and together the three became the closest of friends.

"Jericho wouldn't get out of bed." Amadues said.

"Shut up, pussifist."


"Whatever, lets just get some food." Marcell said, stopping Jericho's retort.

The mess hall was rather empty since it was so late in the morning and only a few people were eating. Getting their food and finding a table to sit at the three started catching up.

"So, how was your mission?" Marcell asked.

"Seven days of boredom for ten minutes of fun...pretty much sucked," Was Jericho's reply. "What have you two been up to?"

"Councilman Raimond said that I only have a few things left to learn as a High Templar."

"So does that mean you're close to being a Life Templar?" Jericho asked.

"No, he says that since I did not do any missions during my High Templar training I lack the experience required to be a Life Templar." It was true many Templar didn't start their third stage of training until their mid twenties early thirties, this was because the number of missions they take could equal out to being four to eight years total by the end of their training.

"Knowing your pussifist tendencies, you'll probably be a High Templar for the rest of your life." Marcell commented. Amadues nodded in agreement, not bothering to correct him.

"What about you Marcell?"

"I learned to combine my Dark Templar magic to my weapon enchanting...that's good enough for me."

'You failed to mention that, that is a Blood/Life Templar level skill you lazy ass.' Jericho thought.

The three continued to eat their meals in peace before Jericho finally stood up.

"Well I have a meeting with Raimond, I'll see you two later."

They said their goodbyes as Jericho made his way out of the mess hall and towards the High Templar academy, where Raimond would no doubt be. The Council was only in session from three in the afternoon till nine at night. Jericho frequented the academy on numerous occasions and as such was a well known face so he had no trouble entering the academy. Navigating the corridors and stopping occasionally to say hello to a familiar face, he finally reached Raimond's office. Knocking on the door, Raimond gave permission to enter.

"Ah Jericho, I must say I'm surprised to see you so soon." Raimond greeted him with a smile.

"Amadues thought I could do with a wake up call."

Chuckling Raimond replied, "Yes, he had kept asking me when you'd be back all week. Sometimes I have a hard time believing I'm dealing with a very skilled High Templar when talking to him."

Jericho grunted. "So have you had time to sleep on what I told you last night?"

"Always to the point with you. You know you'll get grey hairs faster if you don't take time to relax and have fun."

"Amadues has enough fun for me and Marcell relaxes enough for the three of us."

"Good point. Anyway I decided the best way to prove or disprove your suspicions was to send you undercover."

Jericho's eyes widened slightly. Undercover missions were top class secret missions. The only ones to know the details of an undercover mission would be Lord Seguis, the issuer (Raimond), and the Templar that carries it this case Jericho.

"Why such a high class mission for a possibly false theory?" He questioned.

"As you know when a mission is given out, all the council members are aware. If Ferres is in fact working with the Dark Lord in Britain he would be aware of your presence there. That is why I asked to make this an undercover mission. Lord Seguis was surprised that I wanted to give you a mission so soon after you just got back, but after I told him the reason why he agreed."

"Lord Seguis agreed to this mission after you told him it concerned a Councilman?"

Raimond's face took on a much older appearance. "A lot of things have been going on lately, Jericho. There is a layer of tension in the air and the source of it is uncertain. I've noticed it and so has Lord Seguis. If your theory proves correct we will know that there is more going on amongst the Templar community than meets the eye."

Jericho thought on this before asking. "When do I leave?"

"You will leave tonight. Do not tell anyone of this mission, including Marcell and Amadues."

Jericho nodded in acceptance.

"When you get to Britain get in contact with a man named, Albus Dumbledore. He runs a school not far from the town you were stationed in. Explain your presence in Britain. He is the leading opposition against the Dark Lord. Your job will be to aid him until you find any evidence linking the Dark Lord to the Templar. This assignment lasts two months, get what you may need and then wait for night fall to leave. Remember you are to aid him, not follow his orders. Make sure he understands this."

"Very well, if I may be excused?"

Raimond nodded and watched as his adopted son left. Dropping down into his chair he rubbed his forehead.

"Why do I get the feeling that this is the last time I will ever see him?" He asked himself, but no one was there to give an answer.

(End of Chapter 2)

1. Think of what Darky wore in Chapter 1

2. I tried to consider the time change

3. Zanbato for those that don't know is an anti-cavalry sword and his really, really big.

I know a lot of you thought Jericho/Harry (Yes, Jericho is Harry in case that wasn't clear) was Mary Sue in Chapter 1. That battle is broken down and explained in Chapter 5. So don't think he is OMG powerful, the Templar do have weaknesses and their OMG powers have downfalls as well. I introduced all of that in the first chapter for a few reasons. First, I didn't want people coming back later on saying they were too powerful when I use those abilities in later chapter. Second I felt it would be a nice way to start of the story.

And in case you're wondering this is the Templar ranking system with the top name the highest rank and the bottom being the lowest

???(Rumored rank)

Equatis Templar

Life Templar Blood Templar

High Templar Dark Templar

Grand Templar



The rumored rank is real and has a name, but I'm not going to tell you. Anyway enjoy your reviews make my day a brighter one. I'm also going to throw in common traits so I don't have to repeat explanations

Templar/Grand Templar: Gold eyes, all magic is gold in color. Dress in the grey clothes Jericho wears. They only know basic abilities. Grand Templar are masters of the basic skills.

Life/High Templar: Blue eyes, all magic is blue in color. Dress in the blue and white clothes Amadues and Raimond wear. Defense and Support specialists, they know the basics but also have skills in healing, empowering, with minor offensive skills.

Blood/Dark Templar: Red eyes, all magic is red in color. Dress in the black and red clothes Marcell and Ferres wear. Offensive specialists, they know the basics but major in a field of attack such as poisoning and blasting, have minor defensive skills.

Equatis: Purple eyes, all magic is purple in color. Dress in the purple clothes that Seguis wears. Only a few reach this rank as the person has to master both skills of Life and Blood templar. This is rarely done since many people who take on the training of a High/Life or a Dark/Blood Templar do so because it fits their beliefs. Like how Amadues is a High Templar because he detests violence or how Marcell is a Dark Templar because he was trained to be more aggressive by Jericho.

Anyway that sums up the ranks for you. Reviews are my friend so review please
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