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The Diversion

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The Templar have come out of the shadows. The battle between light and dark now takes on a new look. Conspiracy, betrayal, and a decent helping of buttkicking all around. HarryFleur in later chapte...

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(Start of Chapter 6)

Headquarter of the Order of the Phoenix...12.42 p.m.


"Getting a little impatient, aren't we?" Sirius asked as he stepped into Jericho's room.

Jericho glared at him, though it was hard to intimidate someone when all they saw was black, "You people make this man out to be such a terrible force and he has yet to do anything. So he lost twenty Death Eaters? You'd think that would make him want to launch an attack to save face."

"Yes, well if he were that predictable I don't think he would be such a threat," Sirius replied as he sat down on one of the chairs in the room. As an afterthought he added. "And shouldn't it be considered a good thing if he doesn't attack? It would mean fewer casualties."

"True, but you don't seem to understand. I am a Templar I am raised to fight, it's all I know so if you take that from me, what's it leave me with?" Jericho said, calming down.

"Sounds rough, maybe you should think of a hobby or something. Don't you have friends?"

"I do have friends, but being a Templar is a full-time job. We have to be ready to go whenever we are needed so things like vacations or playing games aren't a priority for us," He answered as he took a seat across from Sirius, "...Sometimes I feel as if the only source of entertainment we have is annoying each other."

Sirius let out a little chuckle before replying, "Tell you want, let's head down to the kitchen and open a bottle of Firewhisky. Then we can drink and swap stories about our lives. I'm sure we both have some interesting tales to share."

As the man got up and headed towards the door, Jericho made to follow only to noticed Sirius suddenly stop and quickly pulls something out of his pocket.

Turning to Jericho, he said. "Looks like that bottle with have to wait because the Dark Lord decided to grant your wish. Follow me I'll take you to the battle."

Jericho was quick to follow Sirius outside where the two apparated to the fight.


As Sirius and Jericho appeared outside of a small wizarding town with various other members appearing all around them, they were greeted by the sight of a few Death Eaters running around casting spells and countless apparitions flying all over.

"What the hell are those things!?" Jericho questioned.

"You've never seen dementors?" Sirius asked as he drew his wand and spoke the words Expecto Patronum launching a glowing dog at the approaching apparitions.

"My first time in Britain was twelve days ago and I've yet to see these things anywhere else." He replied as he drew his swords and charged his magic.

"They're terrible beasts that suck the positive feelings out of anyone they get near. They can even remove your soul if you're not careful." As more wizards appeared, Sirius gave Jericho some instructions. "Take out the Death Eaters, we'll focus on the dementors."

"Alright, keep me covered." he said as he rushed into the town and towards the nearest Death Eater. Sirius yelled out to the other Order members to drive off the dementors and leave the Death Eaters for Jericho. Many switched from casting stunners to launching patronuses.

As Jericho rushed forward, he weaved his way through parked cars and debris, occasionally having jumping over a dead body, most likely one of the villagers. As he got ever closer to the Death Eaters, he noted how they were launching more physical spells like the cutting curse or conjuring fire in his direction, rarely opting for a different type of spell. He also realized that they were keeping their distance from him so that he couldn't get close enough to launch an effective attack.

'They shouldn't be this coordinated after encountering me in one battle.' He thought as he ducked for cover behind a pile of rubble. 'Oh well, at least I still have a few tricks up my sleeve.'

Standing up he threw one of his blades into the middle of the road where it embedded itself. Quickly ducking back down for cover he brought his, now free hand in front of him in what resembled a half-prayer and chanted.

"Sun light, aid my fight. Show my enemies your glowing might."

As he finished his chant the sword in the street let out a blinding flash that caused all the witches and wizards to halt their actions to cover their eyes and forced the dementors to fly high into the sky to get away from the glare of the light. Jericho didn't waste a second. Jumping out from cover he charged the first Death Eater and sliced his chest open. Heading to another nearby Death Eater he lunged forward and pierced the man's heart. Knowing the light would soon fade he made his way to the middle of the street, slaying any Death Eater that was on the way. As the light finally disappeared he grabbed the sword, ripping it free and rushed to the nearest spot for cover. The dementors seeing the light had vanished once again renewed their attack, while the Death Eaters tried to locate Jericho.

'Ok, five down and now I have the advantage since they don't know where I am. What to do, what to do.' He contemplated. 'Blinding them again will probably end in failure since they'll know to...shield...their...eyes.'

A smirk adorned, Jericho's face as a plan came to mind. Standing up he threw the blade again, this time not so far from his current location. The blade stuck in the ground and one of the Death Eaters, Jericho assumed was the leader, shouted. "Cover your eyes he's going to try blinding us again!"

It was at that moment that Jericho rushed out of hiding and quickly stabbed a Death Eater from behind. Realizing they been tricked, the Death Eaters raised their wands at Jericho and let loose a volley of spells. Kicking the corpse of his sword and into the series of spells heading towards him, Jericho ran into the nearest building making sure to grab his other sword along the way.

Sheathing his swords, he collapsed to the floor, the mix of adrenalin and use of his magic forced him to take a quick breather. This was nothing like the fight at Hogsmeade, these damned wizards were aware of his weaknesses and the constant dread brought by the dementors presence was starting to weigh on him. As he sat there, Jericho couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't right. A blast that blew out the nearby window, however forced Jericho to halt his thoughts and move further back into the building. As he passed a door in the hall he came to an abrupt stop. Listening closer he heard the sounds of faint sobbing. Knowing it was probably a survivor he quickly opened the door and checked inside.

Looking around the room he saw a young girl around the age of five huddled in the corner. Her hair was long and strawberry-blonde, looking up at him her dark green eyes were filled with fear. As Jericho approached her, she tried to push herself farther into the corner. Kneeling down and lowering his hood, he gave her a smile to show he wasn't a threat.

"Hey it's ok...I'm one of the good guys." He held out his hand and said, "My name's Jericho, what's yours?"

The girl hesitated before answering with a stutter, "R-R-Rachel."

"Well Rachel, we better get you out of here." Jericho said. A loud crash at the front door caused the two to look at the door.

"Look around! He's in here somewhere."

Turning back to Rachel, Jericho said, "Hold onto me tight okay? I'm going to get us out of here."

She nodded and latched her arms around his neck, holding him tightly. Focusing on his magic his arms let out a golden glow. The door was kicked open and Jericho looked at who was at the door. Before the Death Eater at the door could react Jericho slammed his hands onto the floor and he and Rachel disappeared in a burst of golden light. He never heard the man at the door say, "...Potter?"


Albus Dumbledore had finished casting his fifth patronus when he took the time to assess the battle. Many witches and wizards were getting worn down from the constant casting of high level magic and the dementors showed no signs of letting up. As he looked into the town he saw many buildings destroyed with bodies littering the street. Upon further inspection he saw a few dark robed figures laying on the ground as doubt thanks to an encounter with Jericho.

'This is odd, the dementors are too persistent and this town has no strategic why the extra effort in trying to destroy or claim it?' he thought as he cast another patronus.

He watched as the Death Eaters entered a building and not a moment later did a burst of golden light signal Jericho's appearance behind them. As he turned to greet the Templar, he saw Jericho quickly raise his hood and once again Albus was only able to catch a glimpse of his black hair. Jericho remained kneeling for a moment before he stood up and held the hand of a little girl that Albus had failed to notice until now. Casting another patronus to cover Jericho and the girl, he waited for the Templar to reach him.

"Albus, call a retreat this battle is over." Jericho said calmly.

Many of the witches and wizards looked at Jericho in shock and were even more surprised when Albus sadly nodded his head in agreement.

"Everyone return to headquarters, we've lost this fight." Approaching the two, Albus held out his hand, "Come I'll take you both back."

Picking up Rachel in one arm and taking Albus's free hand in the other, the three apparated to number 12 Grimmauld Place. Others quickly followed there example, it was a sad day for the Order of the Phoenix.


As everyone arrived at headquarters Albus quickly whispered the secret to Rachel so that she too could se the house, as they stepped inside Albus headed towards the kitchen while Jericho headed to the sitting room with the young girl. As he approached a sofa he sat her down and said, "I have to go and talk with the adults, I'll be right back."

As he got up to leave, Rachel stood up and wrapped her arms around him. Crying she yelled, "NOOO! Mommy and Daddy left me alone and never came back! Don't leave me alone too!"

Glancing at the young girl sadly he wrapped her in a hug, comforting her. "I promise I will come back."

Rachel however refused to let go. Sighing, Jericho gently pried the young girl off of him. Reaching behind his neck he unclasped an unseen chain and pulled it out from under his robe. Attached to the necklace was a dark blue gemstone shaped like a tear drop. Inside the stone was a series of sparkles that resembled stars.

Gently clasping the necklace around Rachel's neck, he said, "This here is a precious gift given to me by my father. I'm trusting you to keep it safe for me, ok?"

Rachel slightly nodded as she looked at the precious gem. Standing up again Jericho headed for the kitchen. As he entered he heard the yells of many order members with a weary Albus Dumbledore massaging his temples. Looking around, he saw Fleur standing nearby. Approaching her, he said, "Fleur there is a little girl in the sitting room, can you watch her for me?"

He didn't know why he asked her, but out of all the people he knew she came of as being one of the more kinder and caring members...when she wasn't throwing fireballs at you. He guessed that a part of him felt like she would be good with children. Fleur glanced at him and nodded somberly, "Sure, Jericho."


Fleur gave him a small smile as she left the kitchen. Knowing Rachel was in good hands, Jericho made his way to Albus. Resting a comforting hand on Albus's shoulder Jericho listened to the various arguments. It wasn't until a middle-aged red hair woman, who he remembered was named Molly Weasley, started accusing him that he spoke up.

"Why did you order a retreat!? You're not in charge of this Order and it was unnecessary!" She yelled. Everyone quieted down as they shot a wary yet accusing glance at Jericho

"It was necessary, that fight was over before it began." He responded.

"No it wasn't! With all of us there we could have driven off those nasty dementors and then the Death Eaters would have run off!" She exclaimed. A few of the members nodded in agreement while others like Sirius, Remus, Moody, Kingsley, and Tonks remained quiet.

"Answer me this, how many more times could you cast that spell? Two maybe three more times. Everyone was nearing their limit and those dementors showed no signs of running. Better yet what would be the point of saving a town where everyone is dead! The only living member is in that room and had I not found her she would have probably died too!" He yelled angrily, these people thought they could win that battle? What a joke.

"Even with some of us getting a little worn out, we still had Dumbledore! And who's to say the child was the only survivor." She exclaimed. Many members nodded again in agreement and Jericho just wanted to rip his hair out...or hit something...or both.

"Oh come on! Is that your best line of reasoning? "We have Dumbledore"? He is but one man. Granted he is more powerful than anyone here, but he is still just one wizard. To place all the burdens of protecting your society on one man show how weak you all are!" he yelled causing many to flinch, Albus remained silent.


"But nothing!" Jericho said cutting her off. "I've been in many battles, I've killed men and women, lost comrades, and have been scarred countless times. I may not be as old as some of you, but I have more experience than most of you! If you seriously believe without a doubt in your mind that you could have won that battle then leave now, because you're a fool and will only get yourself killed."

Everyone was silent as they contemplated those words, Moody was the first to speak up, "The boy is right! The only reason all of you are so angry is because Jericho ordered the retreat before Albus! Had Albus said it before him none of you would be throwing accusations, trying to pin the blame on somebody." Here he focused his gaze on Molly.

Albus finally decided to speak up, "Alastor and Jericho are right. The fight was over from the start. However, now is not the time to blame each other, instead we must focus on why the Dark Lord Voldemort concentrated so much of his effort in conquering that village."

"Yeah, you debate on that. I'm going to report this to the Templar." Jericho said as he turned and left. As he left the kitchen he leaned against the wall and rubbed his brow. Something about the attack left him feeling unsettled. Deciding not to dwell on it he entered the sitting room to check on Rachel. As he looked in he saw her fast asleep with her head on Fleur's lap. Fleur was gently stroking her hair and softly humming a quiet, gentle song as she looked sadly at the girl.

"Sorry, but could you watch her a bit longer, I need to deliver a report to the Templar." Jericho asked.

Fleur nodded and continued to stroke Rachel's hair. Heading up the stairs to his room, he shut the door and pulled out the small mirror he used to speak with Raimond.

"Raimond," He said. The mirror grew misty before it returned back to its reflective appearance.

"Raimond," He repeated, this time a little louder. However, the mirror only repeated its earlier action.

"What the hell is going on?"

Headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix...3:12 p.m.

(End of Chapter 6)

Ok, there is chapter 6 for you. Reading over it, I'm not sure how well that fight turned out but whatever, I'm more positive about the fights in the next chapter. So yeah review tell me what you thought about the fight. If you noticed I toned down Jericho's butt kicking skill. He still kicked some ass but not as easily as he did before. Anyway next chapter focuses on Myren only which means Amadues and Marcell get the screen time that they, as main characters rightfully deserve. Chapter 7 will probably be the only OC only chapter in the story...but don't quote me on that.

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