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The Battle for Myren

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The Templar have come out of the shadows. The battle between light and dark now takes on a new look. Conspiracy, betrayal, and a decent helping of buttkicking all around. HarryFleur in later chapters

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(Chapter 7 start)

Myren....11:48 a.m.


Amadues watched helplessly as another building was destroyed. All around him lay the dead bodies of Templar. Spear drawn, he glanced around cautiously. This was horrible, the attack was so sudden that an effective counter-attack couldn't be mounted. What was worse was he couldn't tell friend from foe. Aside from the black cloaked wizards that attacked, most of the enemies were Templar. Running through the many streets he saw Templar clashing everywhere, anything from Initiates to full blown Life and Blood Templar fought either to defend Myren or destroy it

As Amadues made his way to the High Templar academy one thought ran through his mind, 'I have to get to Raimond!'


Marcell drove his zanbato straight down, decapitating his opponent. He had an easy way of figuring out friend from foe. If they attacked him they were foe, if not friend. He would worry about the details later, right now all that mattered was staying alive and helping others escape.

He had no delusions like some of the fools around him, Myren...would...fall! The attack was too planned out, everyone not associated with the traitors were not prepared. For centuries the Templar had planned what to do if someone attacked from the outside, no one thought to prepare for an attack from within.

As Marcell ran through the streets with his zanbato resting on his shoulder he couldn't help but agree with the man that once said, "The real fear isn't the enemy outside, it's the traitor in the midst."

As he turned down another street three black robed figures with white skull masks blocked his path. "Declare your allegiance Templar!"

Getting in a fighting stance, Marcell replied, "Definitely not yours!"

The wizards raised their wands but didn't expect what happened next. With a mighty hurl, Marcell threw his blade at them. All three dove out of the way of the giant sword coming at them. Now free of the heavy weight of his sword, Marcell charged the nearest wizard and drew a small dagger from his belt.

As the wizard got to his hands and knees, Marcell drove the dagger straight into the back of his head. The other two wizards quickly got to their feet as he ripped the dagger free. Not wanting to lose his advantage, Marcell threw the dagger. His aim held true as the dagger broke the skull mask and entered the eye of the unfortunate man.

The third wizard raised his wand and yelled, "Avada Kedavra!"

Knowing the effect of said spell, Marcell grabbed the nearby corpse and raised it to block the incoming green light. Kicking the dead body at the only living wizard, Marcell charged the Dark Templar magic that coursed through his body and chanted.

"As the full moon's light bleeds red, the magic I channel will bring about dread."

A crimson and black orb of magic formed, hovering just above his hand. Pulling his arm back he thrust it in the wizard's direction with the palm facing him. When his arm finished the motion a large red and black lightning bolt shot out of the orb and hit the man.

"AHHHH!" The wizard screamed as the lightning melted the flesh where it impacted. When the orb in Marcell's hand completely disolved the wizard fell to the ground, dead.

Marcell let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. It had been the first time he used that spell against a human. It was quick and deadly and didn't take a lot of magic to cast. However, he hated using it. It was a cruel and extremely painful way to kill someone. Pulling his dagger out of the wizard's head and grabbing his sword, Marcell began to run again.

'I have to make it to the Initiates Academy!' He thought as he ran, but a tiny afterthought went through his head as well, 'I hope Amadues and Jericho are ok...'


Tilting his head to the left, Amadues narrowly avoided his opponents thrusting blade. Pivoting his foot, he proceeded to do a 360 and slammed the pole of his spear into his opponent's chest. The Templar fell to his knees after having the air in his lungs forced out. Amadues didn't hesitate, with a quick "Sorry" he drove his spear into the base of the man's neck, severing the spinal cord and effectively killing him.

He took one last glance at his fallen opponent before continuing his rush to the High Templar Academy. Something was odd about a lot of the Grand Templar he had encountered. Most of them were older than him and they all used generic long swords rather than having their own unique blade. All of them had shown some kind of training in the Templar arts, but it was all basic skill. None of them showed actual talent or proficiency in the arts like Jericho...or any other Grand Templar he knew for that matter.

'It's like all of them are False Templar. Failures of the Initiates Academy...but if that were true then why would they be here? Their memories should have been wiped and then they would have been placed back into society.' He thought as he burst through the front entrance of the High Templar Academy.

As he glanced around he saw the fallen forms of many of his brethren. Amadues had to admit, whoever they were fighting, they were sure efficient. Mumbling a quick prayer for the dead, he continued his journey to Raimond's office. As he came to a corner, he glanced around the side and saw more of the "False Templar". There were five in all, one moved his arm to indicate one hallway and sent two off, and the rest followed the supposed leader towards Amadues's position.

Amadues gripped his spear like a bat and waited. As the first one passed, he swung his spear and slammed the second on in the face, who dropped to the floor unconscious. Not wanting to lose the advantage he re-gripped his spear and slammed the butt of the spear into the first Templar's temple as he turned around. With one last thrust he stabbed the third Templar in the heart.

As Amadues glanced at the two unconscious Templar, he hesitated. They were incapacitated and no longer a threat, but there was the possibility that they would recover and kill more of his comrades. Not wanting to risk the lives of his brethren, Amadues ended their lives. He felt sick after killing a helpless enemy, but now wasn't the time for his morals to get in the way.

Running through the halls once again, Amadues made out the faint sounds of metal against metal. He took it as a good sign, it meant there were still survivors in the Academy fighting. He rounded another corner and approached Raimond's office. There was a mix of High Templar, False Templar, and probably some traitorous Dark Templar outside his door. As he stepped closed the office a False Templar was thrown through the door and landed at Amadues's feet. Looking at the entrance of Raimond's office, he saw the man he was looking for step out wielding a great-sword, an impressive feat for someone his age.

"Are you next?" Raimond asked as he lazily raised his sword to his shoulder.

"Raimond! It's me, Amadues!" He replied as he lowered his hood.

Raimond sighed in relief as he lowered his sword, "Thank God! I was hoping either you or Marcell would make it here. Hurry come inside."

Amadues followed and noted how Raimond walked with a limp, "Are you ok?"

Glancing over his shoulder, he replied, "It's just a scratch. But that isn't important right now!" As he made his way to his desk, Raimond grabbed a small book and handed it to Amadues. "I'm giving you a mission. Find Marcell and both of you get the hell out of here! Myren will fall and I need you two to find Jericho and give this to him."

"Where is he?"

"Britain, he'll either be at Hogwarts School or a house on Grimmauld Place. I don't know which house, but it will probably be hidden with magic, so you shouldn't have a hard time finding it. If you get the time read that book, it's my journal and explains everything about who Jericho is and my suspicions about whom and what is behind this rebellion."

'Who Jericho is? Isn't he just a Grand Templar?' Amadues thought, as he put the journal into a pocket inside his robes. He didn't ask his questions since Raimond said the information was in his journal, so instead he asked, "What about you?"

"I still have things I need to tie up. I won't lie to you Amadues, I probably won't leave here alive." Raimond grimly said. Before Amadues could say anything he quickly said, "We don't have time to sit and talk! Hurry you must find Marcell and leave this place!"

"Where will I find him? I don't know where to look!"

"Think, boy! Marcell is a natural analyst, where is there a key stronghold that will have the hardest time defending itself?"

"The key strongholds in Myren are, the Council Building, the High Templar Academy, the Dark Templar Academy, and..." Realization dawned on Amadues as he said, "The Initiates Academy."

Raimond sagely nodded, "Initiates are the future generation of the Templar and they lack the skill and experience to properly defend themselves against foes like these. Marcell would go there to defend it."

Raising his hood again, Amadues refastened his spear and said, "If that's true I'll need to hurry."

Walking over to a bookcase, Raimond pulled a book. With an audible click the bookcase moved to reveal a passageway leading down. "This is a secret path that we heads use to quickly get to each stronghold it doubles as an emergency exit. It goes underneath the city and opens up to the main office of each stronghold. When you get to an intersection take the path to your right, it will lead you to the Initiates Academy. Keep going straight, halfway down the path there will be a fork, the left path leads to the base of the mountain use that to escape."

Nodding his thanks, Amadues rushed deep into the passageway, not bothering to look back as he heard the entrance close.


"YAAAAH!" Marcell yelled as he spun circles with his blade outstretched, mimicking a helicopter. He was an unstoppable force of death and destruction has he cleaved through the entrance of the Initiates Academy. With the weight of his zanbato increasing the speed and power of his attack, anyone caught in its path was separated in two. Finally slowing down, he thrust the blade straight down and used it as a shield from any incoming spells the wizards may start casting. When no spell hit, he chanced a glance and saw no one there. Guessing they ran away, Marcell took the chance to rest a bit.

As he sat huffing and puffing he couldn't help but think, 'Hehe see I'm not lazy, wielding this damn thing just takes a lot of work.'

After he regained his breath he hoisted his sword and started running further. As he entered the main hall he saw a group of seven wizards cornering a female Grand Templar a little younger than him. Behind the girl he saw, what appeared to be a group of ten Templar initiates ranging from the ages of five to eight.

Hiding in the shadows he made his way to the group. The Grand Templar wielded what looked like a miniature trident. Her hood was lowered to reveal short black hair and big brown eyes filled with fear. He could tell part of her wanted to run and save herself, but the other part demanded she stay put and protect her class. Marcell respected her for that.

As he got closer to the wizards he heard them talking.

"Well look at the pretty little thing here." One leered.

"Stop, our orders were to kill the older members and bring the children to the Dark Lord's ally."

"There was nothing in those orders that said we couldn't enjoy ourselves." Another said.

"Expelliarmus!" A wizard who hadn't said anything cried, catching the girl off guard. As the wizard caught the mini-trident he looked at it before saying, "You won't be needing this." And tossed it behind him, it landed right next to Marcell.

The girl now unarmed was even more afraid than before made a last effort to spare her class anymore trauma, "Please! You may do what you want with me, but don't let the children see!"

"Hahaha you're in no place to make demands!" The leader of the pack said as they came closer to her.

"Please I beg you!"

One of the wizards lunged and grabbed her arms, Marcell had seen enough. Grabbing the mini-trident at his side he threw it straight at the wizard holding the girl. The tips of the fork pierced the man, puncturing his left lung he let go of the girl and fell to the floor where he died chocking on his own blood.

"There is no need to beg with these insects, girl..." Marcell said as he came out of hiding, his glowing red eyes burned with anger and his sword burst with the angry red and black aura of his Dark Templar magic. As everyone looked at him, Marcell finished, "...They've not much longer to live. Children if you would be so kind as to shut your eyes and cover your ears I'd be much appreciative."

The children did as Marcell ordered and the fight commenced. A chorus of "Avada Kedavra" was heard as the wizards raised their wands at what could only be described as the embodiment of death. Charging magic into his legs, Marcell jumped high in the air to avoid the deadly spells. Doing a flip in the air, using his sword for the added momentum he put all his weight into driving the sword into the ground where the blazing red aura of his sword burst and cause the ground it hit to explode.

This was Marcell's greatest achievement, combining his Dark Templar powers with his weapon enchanting. The result was the aura causing an explosion with anything it hit. While many chose sapping, poisoning, or other means of destruction. Marcell found it fitting that such a large weapon be capable of large amounts of damage. The explosion he just caused served its purpose in making everyone other than himself stagger on their feet. Gripping the handle with both hands, he ripped it out and charged the nearest wizard. With a mighty swing and a burst of red light the wizard was reduced to a black and red mist of blood, gore, and tattered robes.

Pulling out his dagger he threw it at the farthest wizard, piercing his throat. He heard a painful scream behind him and was glad to see the female Grand Templar had retrieved her weapon and had attacked a wizard aiming at him.

"Sectumsempra!" A voice called out.

Marcell turned to see the spell coming at him. Holding up his right arm to shield his head from the incoming spell, Marcell let out a cry of pain as a large gash formed from his wrist to his elbow. If it hadn't been for the protective properties of his robes he would have no doubt lost the use of his arm, if not the arm itself.

'Not good still three left and with my arm cut like it is I won't be able to get a good grip on my sword.' He thought as he watched the wizard that cut him raise his wand again.

"This is the end for you, Ava-" but the wizard was unable to finish as a spearhead forced its way through his chest.

"You're late!" Marcell yelled as Amadues ran forward, grabbing his spear in the process.

"Yeah, sorry bout that couple of pests slowed me down." Amadues said ass he made his way to them.

"GUAH!" Another wizard gasped out as the girl took advantage of the distraction.

The last remaining wizard started running away, but a well aimed spear pierced his back and killed him. The three warriors looked around to make sure the coast was clear before assessing the damage. Lowering their hoods, Amadues and Marcell embraced each other.

"It's good to see you're still alive." Amadues said as he pulled away.

"Yeah...though I have a few new scars to show for it," Marcell replied holding up his wounded arm and pointing to a few other damp spots on his clothes from fragments of debris or from earlier fights. "How bout you?"

"I applied some flash heals to my wounds, they'll need further treatment. But I'm fine for now. More importantly..." Amadues said as he glanced at the girl and her class. " are they?"

The girl bowed in respect before speaking, "We're fine thanks to you. A couple of scrapes and bruises but nothing serious. My name is, Elizabeth and this is my class."

"Amadues and Marcell," Amadues replied gesturing to himself and Marcell.

Another explosion was heard nearby and Marcell was the first to respond. "Enough introductions for one day. What we need to do is concentrate on getting out of Myren."

Elizabeth and her students gasped, leaving Myren was something they would have never considered doing.

"Surely you can't be serious? Myren is our home we must protect it!" Elizabeth said in disbelief.

Amadues spoke next, "Myren has fallen. I've been given orders by Councilman Raimond to find and escort any survivors out of the city and to someplace safe."

Marcell was the next to speak, "Teleporting in the city is impossible...we'll need to get to the entrance. But it will most likely be blocked off..."

"Don't worry about that. Raimond showed me an emergency exit. If we can get to Seguis's office we'll be able to escape." Amadues replied. Walking up to Marcell, he charged his hand with the healing magic of the High Templar and brushed it against the bleeding wound. The magic sealed the skin together and stopped the bleeding. "It will still be tender and if you're not careful it will reopen."

Marcell nodded his understanding before turning to Elizabeth, "Stay behind us and keep an eye on your class. We'll guard the front."

She nodded and together the three raised their hoods. Quickly and quietly the group made their way to Seguis's office, Amadues explained how they would escape and that after they exited the city they would go to Britain to meet up with Jericho and regroup. As they continued onward they had to retrace their steps a few times to avoid enemy patrol but in the end managed to get to the office safely. Approaching the still open entryway, Amadues and Marcell motioned the class forward. The children entered first and as Elizabeth was entering a voice spoke up.

"Amadues! Marcell! Oh thank God!"

Turning to face the speaker, they were greeted by the agile form of Amaury. She looked exhausted and genuinely afraid. Amadues approached her. "Amaury! Hurry we've got to get out of here!"

He was three feet from her when she put on a sinister smile and lunged forward, stabbing her kodachi into his gut. "Silly Amadues, who said I was here to join you?"

"AMADUES!" Marcell yelled.

She withdrew her blade and kicked his body at the feet of Marcell, "So naïve thinking that a high ranking Dark Templar like myself actually cared about Myren."

Marcell pulled Amadues back and handed him to Elizabeth. "Take everyone to the passageway he mentioned. I'll be along shortly."

Elizabeth was about to argue, but a quick glare from Marcell made her submit. As she dragged Amadues away, Marcell drew his zanbato with his left arm. Amaury looked at him with amusement.

"And just how do you plan to beat me with that arm?" she asked.

Glaring at her he asked his own question, "How long have you been following us?"

"My dear Marcell, I've been following you since you entered the Academy. I must say though, I never expected there to be a secret passageway and was even worried when Amadues showed up." Putting on another sadistic smile she added, "Lucky for me he's so friendly. Had he not presented such a golden opportunity for me to attack, there would be no way for me to stop you. After all you two would have been too much of a challenge little ole me."

"Then why reveal yourself?"

Letting out a laugh she answered, "What can I say, I'm a gambling woman. Now I answered your questions you answer mine. How do you plan on beating me with that arm?"

Marcell gave her a sinister grin of his own. His zanbato flared with magic and glowed a brighter red than ever before, "Who said anything about beating you?"

Realization dawned on Amaruy's face as she rushed to stop him. With all of his might he raised his sword high and drove it into the floor before rushing into the entryway. The aura burst and cause a massive explosion that force her to jump back to avoid the falling rubble. As the dust settled she saw the entryway to the secret passage blocked with Marcell's zanbato still lightly glowing. As if the blade was mocking her for her failure in stopping them. Not knowing what else to do, Amaury let out a mighty yell in anger.


The class of initiates plus Elizabeth who was still carrying a severely wounded Amadues sighed in relief as they exited the dimly lit tunnel into the sunny daylight at the base of the mountain. Elizabeth laid the High Templar down as she raised his upper robe to inspect the wound. It was still bleeding. Ripping a piece of cloth from the end of her cloak she wadded it up and applied pressure to the wound to slow the bleeding. Amadues yelled in pain.

As she continued putting pressure on the wound she ordered the children to hide incase someone comes. As the children hid behind the rocky outcroppings, Marcell emerged from the tunnel. He sensed the children's presence but said nothing as he hurried to Amadues's side.

"How is he?" he asked as he kneeled down.

"Not good, I can't get his wound to stop bleeding." She replied.

Leaning over his friend's body, Marcell lightly slapped his face a few times to get his attention, "Amadues...AMADUES!" When Amadues looked at him, he continued, "What I'm about to do will hurt like hell and then some. But if it makes you feel better, this is what you get for being a pussifist."

Elizabeth looked at him in shock for his vulgar vocabulary, but Marcell ignored her. Reaching into his robes he pulled out a large vial with a thick black liquid that almost looked like oil. "This is a Dark Templar potion. It's used to treat life-threatening wounds. Long story short, works miracles, hurts like a mother-fucker."

Uncorking the vial and moving the cloth aside, Marcell poured the black vial on Amadues's wound. Amadues yelled in pain like he was having his appendix removed without being put into unconsciousness.

"Shut him up before someone hears us." Marcell ordered Elizabeth while he continued to steadily pour the fluid into the wound. Ripping another shred of her cloak she rolled it up and put it into Amadues's mouth.

"Bite on this it will help." She instructed. Somehow Amadues heard her and bit tightly on the thick roll of cloth. As Marcell finished pouring the potion's contents on Amadues's injury he tore a roll off his own cloak and used it as a makeshift bandage.

Sitting back he said, "Ok Amadues said to head to Britain. Have you ever been there?"

Elizabeth shook her head, "No, I never wanted to take on the responsibilities of missions so I stayed in Myren and became a teacher for the initiates."

"...Shit. I don't have the magic needed to take us all at once, I can manage you and Amadues. After we get there you'll have to come back for the children. Can you manage that?"

She nodded, "I haven't used any magic today I should be able to manage that."

"Alright, tell your students while I charge up what's left of my magic."

She nodded and went to tell the children. Marcell glanced at Amadues while he charged his arms with the red energy of the Dark Templar, "Hopefully Jericho will know what to do. Cause I need a break from this leadership crap...shit I also need a new goddamn sword."

As Elizabeth walked over she heard Marcell swearing under his breath. "If you can manage to swear like that you should be able to come back and help me."

"Shut up, I've had a bad day...don't worry if I pass out when we get there just get your bearings, return for the children and comeback."

She nodded somberly and grabbed a hold of his arm the last thing Marcell heard was, "It's been a bad day for all of us." before the three of them disappeared in a burst of red light.



"Hah surely you can do better than that Ferres!" Seguis said as he raised his rapier.

Ferres was breathing heavily and his arms were getting tired from wielding his double-bladed sword. He hadn't expected the old man to be so good. They had been fighting since the start of the coup d'état in the Council Chamber and the room was a mess. Scratches, rubble, and burn marks lined the floor and walls, a testament to their battle. Not to mention the many bleeding wounds that decorated Ferres's body.

Rushing forward he swung his blade again. Seguis lazily jumped back, kicking Ferres in the jaw as he did. Ferres stumbled backwards before he tripped over some debris. Seguis looked bored as he glanced at the Councilman of the Blood and Dark Templar.

"Such a disappointment. Did you really think I'd go down so easily?" Seguis lazily raised his arm as an orb of purple magic formed. "You're too cocky and arrogant! This battle ends here!"

"How right you are." A dark voice said from behind Seguis. Before the Equatis Templar could turn to look a sword went through his chest. The shadowed figure pulled out his blade and watched as the old man fell to his knees. With a quick swipe Seguis's head fell from his shoulders.

"What the hell took so long?" Ferres asked.

"Ran into some trouble, but what's it matter I helped kill the old buffoon didn't I?"

"Had you been a moment later I'd probably be dead!"

"Had I been a moment early he would have noticed my presence." The figure countered.

"Whatever. What's the status?"

"All three academies have fallen, all threats neutralized, and most of the initiates have been rounded up." The figure calmly stated.


"Other than a few dead initiates one class managed to escape. No matter it was merely a tiny loss."

Ferres nodded, "How about the status of the outposts around the world?"

"Last I checked they all have been taken over, my lord." Amaury said as she entered the room.

"Good it looks like everything is going as planned."

"Yes, if you'll excuse me." The cloaked figure said as he turned and left.

When he was out of earshot, Amaury spoke up. "My lord, is it wise to trust that man?"

"He's proven his worth." Ferres said as he kicked the corpse of the Equatis Templar. "Besides without him we wouldn't have even had half the forces we now have. If he becomes too troublesome, I'll deal with him."

Amaury nodded in acceptance, "What about Voldemort? He will want us to return the favor."

"Take his wizards back to him, tell him we will aid him in assaulting his enemies in a few days time."

Amaury nodded before leaving the room. Ferres looked around the room and sighed with relief. Myren had fallen, he was now one step closer to achieving his goal. The path to the Legatis Templar was now open and soon the power he lusted for, for so long would finally be his. Nothing could stop him now.

Myren...4:11 p.m.

(Chapter 7 End)

Ok Chapter 7 is here. Chapter 8 is a break in the action with Chapter 9 providing more butt-kicking. After everything has settled down, don't expect any fights for a while. Anyway got some bad news, I'm catching up to my "planned out" chapters. Without those chapters I won't be able to write this story so I need to take some time to write more out.

Ok like I said this was an all OC chapter designed to tell you what's happened in Myren as well as get Amadues and Marcell some more fans. Chapter 8 will focus a lot on Marcell and Amadues, with Jericho popping up as well. Elizabeth also gets some more screen time as well. So review while I work my ass off planning more chapters and writing them.
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