Review for Strike Up The Band, Rydon Is Beckoning

Strike Up The Band, Rydon Is Beckoning

(#) peteisamazing 2007-04-20

ahhhhhhh. brendon scolds him stop it. if you keep up with this eating disorder, you will starting losing fat. and you start losing fat where you have it the most. you know where you have the most fat? your ass. i dont want you to lose your glorious apple bottom. its too goddamn sexy.

GOD this is like a GAYLOVEFEST. i love it. next thing you know ryan and spencer are going to be hooking up. but you wouldnt...would you?

anywhoo im still really nervous about whats going to happen to jwalk when ryan and bden get back together. DONT WORRY JON, I'LL ALWAYS BE HERE TO COMFORT YOUUUU!