Review for Strike Up The Band, Rydon Is Beckoning

Strike Up The Band, Rydon Is Beckoning

(#) peteisamazing 2007-04-21

oh my god. are you trying to kill me? it hurts to see ryan and brendon hooking up with other people! i need RYDON. pouts

oh so like halfway through where am i now in my story, i got another idea for a story and i thought since in this story, pete and emily got along well away, then in my new story ill have them seem to hate each other. and then your other story came out and i was like DAMNIT you stole my idea. but i know you would know i wasnt trying to copy you and my girl would hate pete for a completely different not sure why im telling you this. ohyeah! i was wondering if you would be my beta-reader for my next story. im going to start writing as soon as JOTKOR is finished.

anyways. this hooking up with other people thing is killing me. runs away to kill self