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Ryan's POV-

We all arrived at the mall, all of us, as in Me, Spencer, Brendon and Jon. We decided to spend some bonding time, and shop today.
As we passed the make up store, I swerved towards it.
"I need to look in here." I said, directly.
"Okay, me and Jon will be over here, in this game shop." Spencer said, walking over there.
Brendon stood in the middle, like he was out of it.
I snapped my fingers at him.
"Huh, what?" he asked, shaking a little.
"What's your problem?" I asked.
"Uh, nothing. What a nice make up store." he said, walking in behind me.
I searched through the different metallic colors of liquid eyeliner, Brendon was next to me.
When I found a new silver, and a cool looking aqua color, I looked over at Brendon.
He had his hand on his forehead, and his eyes closed, almost like he had a massive migraine.
"Dude you okay?" I asked.
He didn't say anything, he just swayed back and forth a few times.
"Brendon?" I asked, again.
He stumbled bit, almost to the ground, and then looked at me, with dazed eyes.
"Yeah, yeah im fine, just tired." he said, waving it off. He shoke his head a few times, and I went to the cash register to pay for my goods.

We all met in the middle again, and headed towards the food court.
"Who wants Chinese?" Spencer asked, when we got there.
"I want burger king, Brendon, what do you want?" Jon asked, turning to him.
"I'm not hungry." he said.
"That's what you said this morning, im making you eat something here." Jon said.
"I'll eat when I get home, do you know how many calories, how many grams of bubbling fat, and grease, and saturated things, and sugars, and carbo hydrates lie in what you're all about to eat?" he explained.

We all looked at him, with blank faces.
"Get something here, or im shoving a burger down your throat." Jon said, in a worried tone.
Brendon gave him a surprised face, and pointed to himself.
"Uh, Vegan?" he said.
"Uh, that was the point?" Jon argued back.
"What are you going to make me down?" Brendon asked, rolling his eyes.
"A salad, or something?" Jon said.
"Fine." he said, rolling his eyes.
We all ordered, and ate at a table, we were also all in cognito, so not a soul recognized us.
When Brendon was done the entire salad he stood up.
"I have to go to the bathroom, be right back." he said, scurrying off to the rest rooms.

"Dude, what's his problem?" Spencer asked, pointing in Brendon's general direction.
"I...I don't know. He's in this stage where he thinks he's fat, and he actually tried out an eating disorder, but he told me he'd eat, and cut the bull shit. I'm worried about him." Jon said.
The whole time, I stayed quite, just listening, processing information.
Soon, Brendon came back, chewing gum.
Everyone else threw away their trays, and we walked around more.
I couldn't help but notice how weak Brendon acted, he just kind of slumped around, and it just wasn't Brendon.
The Brendon I know, would be bouncing off the walls, and even for Brendon, he looked disgustingly skinny.
As I walked in back of him, I couldn't help but notice his perfect ass, was beginning to die down, as well. He had no body fat left. His ass reminded me of a balloon, and someone was slowly deflating it. Damn you Jon.
I wanted to say something, but I knew Brendon would hate me even more if I did. He'll stop if he knows what's good for him.
Then I remembered. Brendon has no idea what's good for him. He's made some of the most stupid mistakes in his life time, he could really hurt himself.
We all made our way back to the two cars we took.
Tomorrow we had some show in L.A, it was one of those free ones, who knows.
Me and Spence drove back to his house, I still lived there after these few days, because we both needed each other, we were both suffering from breakups. When we pulled in, we decided to watch a movie, and eat some popcorn, like every night.

I sat on the couch, holding the bowl, and he sat next to me, after he put the DVD in.
"What are we watching?" I asked.
"Saw III." he said.
I winced.
"Ew, you know I hate those kind of movies." I said.
"Here, what if I let you hide in my armpit, like this?" he said, putting his arms around me.
I snuggled into his armpit, but quickly shot out.
"Have you been using my deodorant?" I asked.
"Ha, how could you tell?" he asked, being caught.
"Im the only dude I know who wears vanilla." I said.
He laughed, and nodded.
"You smell so slutty." I laughed.
"It makes me feel less lonely." He said, mocking what I once said.
"Yeah, shut it." I laughed.
"It really does smell good though." he said, smelling his own armpit.
"Yeah it does." I said, snuggling into him, and watching the movie.
15 minutes later
"Ryan calm down, it isn't real..."
"Ryan, it's okay!"
Ew, okay, im a little over dramatic, but this movie is sick.
Once Spencer calmed me down, he grabbed my shoulders, and paused the movie, trying to help me catch my breath.
"Breath in." he said, I did.
"And breath out." he said. I did that too.
"You good?" he asked, a huge grin on his face.
I starred into his eyes a little, just lingering there. I could tell he was doing the same.
This was good. Precisely where I want to be, I can go in for the kill at any given time.
I choose now. I leaned in, and felt our noses touch, just before our lips. He deepened the kiss, and it seemed like it was what he wanted, too. Very good.
We kissed, passionately for about fifteen minutes, before he slid his tongue into my mouth, and explored.
He pulled away, just to take a breath, before attacking my lips again.
I hadn't kissed another man in so long, it felt good, and right.
He slowly slide out of his shirt, and I wasted no time at all ripping out of mine.
He smoothed his hands along my virtually hair-free chest, and caressed my face with the palm of his hands.
Soon, he stood up, me still attacked to his lips, and unbuttoned his jeans, taking his boxers down with them.
He reached for my button, seeming eager to have me, and tore of my jeans and briefs too, before flipping me onto my back, and mounting me.
It was all happening so quickly, I didn't know what to do, other then enjoy it, and that's what I did.
It was so weird, having my best friend, since kindergarden...doing me.
He slide himself into me, and I let out a moan, it felt so good to be doing this again.
He pumped hard, and steady, and I enjoyed every minute of it.
Soon, he pulled out, and I went down, and explored his body with my tongue, blowing him while I was down there. I was an expert at that. He returned the favor, and soon, he was asleep on the floor, and I was on the couch, out of breath.
Spencer, I had just...done Spencer?
How weird can that get?

In the morning, I woke up, covered in a blanket. My eyes fluttered a few times, before Spencer shoke me.
"We need to get ready, we have a flight in an hour, and then the show." he said, leaving out the awkward, which was good.
I got up quick, running to my suitcase, and grabbing some clothes. I got dressed quick, and joined Spencer in the kitchen, for breakfast, which was just a simple pop tart, and we were running for the car.
He got in the drivers seat, and I hopped in the passenger's seat. He turned the car on, and I stayed quiet, this is were the awkward came in.
He drove out of the driveway, and tapped his fingers on the wheel, obviously looking for something to say.
"So..." he asked.
I couldn't help it, I just burst out laughing.
He smiled.
"What?" he asked.
I continued laughing.
He laughed too, keeping his eyes on the road.
I finally caught my breath, and he stopped laughing, and asked with a smile,
"What was that all about?" I laughed again, and told him. "I don't even know, it's just. You're Spencer, I've known you for so long, and yet, just now im developing these...feelings for you." I said, with a chuckle.
"Me too. that's exactly how I feel. I like you, a lot." he said.
"I like you, too." I said.
"So...what are we?" he asked.
"I'd like you to be my boyfriend, if that wasn't to much of a stretch for you." I said.
His eyes widened with hope.
"You mean it?" he asked, delighted.
"Yep." I said, proudly.
"Okay." he said, beaming.
Take that, Brendon Urie, two can play at this game.

When we got to the airport, we ran out, to meet Jon and Brendon. We found them in the waiting room, with suitcases, waiting for our flight.
"Hey guys, ready for this?" Spencer asked, in a cheery manor.
"Yeah, I haven't preformed in so long, this'll be great." Jon said.
Brendon just starred plainly off into no where. Something told me to be worried about him h, he looked bad.
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