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Chapter Numero Siete

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more bulima. and love.

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Brendon's POV-

I brushed my teeth, and turned off the sink. My "diet" was going great, I had dropped ten pounds already, in a week!
I pulled up my shirt, to look at my stomach.
I could see my ribs, that was good, right?
I definitely looked a little skinnier, which was good, very good.
I walked out, and Jon was sitting on the couch.

"Bren, you look like you're loosing a lot of weight. You're starting to look unhealthy. I want you to start eating more, okay? You're with a master chief, I can make you gain ten pounds in a day." he said.
I winced at the idea. "I'm perfectly happy with my weight now, thanks." I snapped, walking off.
Jon got up, and followed me.
"Brendon, why are you so moody lately? I've heard that people get moody when they have eating disorders..." he said, before quickly clasping a hand over his mouth in awe. He slowly unclasped his hand, and I watched him, an eyebrow raised.

"Brendon...are you suffering from an eating disorder?" he asked, slowly.
"Just...fuck off." I said, waving him away, and turning my head.
Jon slowly walked up to me, but stopped, and drew his hands to his chest, his head down.
"Brendon...I'm so worried about you. This isn't wouldn't be so mean normally. You could really hurt you'reself doing this. Please. Let me help you. You're not fat." Jon whispered, loud enough for me to hear, a tear sliding down his cheek.

"Oh Jon, don't cry." I said, walking up to him.
"Brendon, what are you doing to yourself?" he asked, his head still down, as I put my arm around him.
"I...I don't know, okay? I'm afraid of ever becoming unappealing." I told him.
He looked up at me, his eyes red from crying.
"Unappealing? Brendon, do you know how many people would kill to be with you? Do you know how many people love you? I love you." he cried.
" do?" I asked.
"I love you so much, so much it hurts. I think about you all the time, Brendon. I've loved you since the first time our lips touched. I love you. You had me at hello." he said, it looked painful for him, but he said it.
"Oh Jon, I love you too." I said, pulling him into a hug. He cried on my shoulder, then put his head up.
"What?" I said.
" feel so light. So creepily light. It's scary." he said, tears sliding down his cheeks.
"I'll eat, I promise, I'll gain it back." I told him.
He smiled, and kissed me.
"You don't know how much this means to me. I love you, so much." he said, hugging me tight.
"I love you too, Jon." I said.
After that little moment passed, he pulled away.
"I'm going to cook you dinner." he said, walking off into the kitchen.
"Okay." I said, following him, and sitting down on the couch, turning on VH1, and watching while he cooked.
Soon, he came out with a plate of homemade snicker doodles.

"Dinner?" I asked, taking the plate.
"Sure, I knew you'd eat these, seeing as their you're favorite, you can eat real food later." he said, taking one, and eating it.
"Thanks Jonny." I said.
"Now, what do you want for real dinner, that's just the appitizer." he said.
"Uh, salad." I said, watching the TV.
"No, something big, not salad, salad is a diet food. You're done with diets." he said, still munching on the snicker doodle.
"Okay, about spagetti, with sauce, but no meat sauce, and a potato." I said.
Jon smiled.
"Okay." he said, heading off to go cook.
A while later, he brought me a tray, with a wonderful meal on it, and I ate it all up, feeling great after.
"Hey Bren, im heading off to bed, long day. Join me later." Jon said, winking.
I nodded.
"Goodnight honey." I said, watching the TV.
"Night." he said, walking up the stairs to the bedroom.
When I was sure he was gone, I crept up, and to the bathroom.
I knelt down, in front of the toilet, and gagged myself, for what seemed like hours until
I was sure the whole meal I ate, just for Jon, because I really do love him, was gone.
I really do love Jon, with all of my heart, but it feels so right to let this food out, I needed to.

dumbass urie boy. Reviews would be sort of cool
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