Review for Holding Out for a Hero

Holding Out for a Hero

(#) Honeybee 2007-04-25

Oh.My.word!!!! That was great, no excellent!!! Hmmmm I'm thinking that there might have been more fics on Shennille... but well there is nothing in your bio.... sigh if you have taken them off, or this is the only story you have of Shennille, well would you mind updating them or ya know putting them back up on Ficwad??? Cuz I thought this fic was great and I would love to read more of your fics! ;P yay Someone for Herry!!! Was wondering when someone would get around to giving Herry a girl! (",)
Anywho... I've babbled enough (As usual!!!) lmao sooo I'm gonna go now 'k?
Totally loved your work, and again.... please please PLEASE! (AH man! you have reduced me to begging! lol but I'll beg for forever if you have any stories with Shen in them!) put up more fics of Shen... That is if you still write CoTT fics! grin
OOOOkay sooo now I'm really gonna leave! ;)
Love Honey

Author's response

you are SUCH a cutie

augggh it wouldn't let me reply to the whole thingggg! hmph, ficwad is being dumb...

i'm SO glad you like Shennille, AND the way i write.

a few of my friends have written stories with Shennille in them, so that might be where you've seen her mentioned, hehe.

what sort of fics with her would you like to see?

also, i have a bio of her, if you'd like to see it.

drop me an email!

(no offense is meant, that actually is my email, haha)