Review for At Least He Makes Me Forget...

At Least He Makes Me Forget...

(#) Geets 2007-04-25

ok... oh. my. god!!! wow, god youre amazing!!!! that was soooo good. wow, im a little speechless, partly cause of the amazing chapter and because you dedicated it to me!!! im so happy!! made my day, it really has :D i loved it, and i love this story!! hehe, the return of the black lace underwear... ryan was hilarious, and brendon for that matter, in the shop. that made me laugh!

but omg, next chapter is the LAST ONE?!?! NOOOO!!! :( goes to cry :( doesnt change the fact that I LOVE THIS STORY!!! Geets xx

Author's response

Thnks. No, YOU'RE amazing. You got me thinkin' of all those steamy encounters. LMAO. So, of course I dedicated it to ya. ;)

Yeah, next chapter = last. Unless it's too long and I have to post in more than one part or something, but I dunno. I haven't finished writing it. XD

NO! Don't cry. Makes Jon hand over a tissue