Review for Forever Feels Like Home

Forever Feels Like Home

(#) whatkatydid 2007-04-25

Argh! There was so many things I wanted to rate this chapter! Moving, Exciting, Ambience, HOT!!! HELLO HOT DAMN HOT! Oh my god, it was so hot because of Katy! Ouch! Nahhh

Listen, on a serious note, this was a majorly fantastic chapter, I loved every word, you really did think about and thought about where you wanted to go, which meant that when Iz and Trix finally hooked up - it was just ok, there wasn't even a question of morals or loyalty that she'd just broken up with JB or Pete because her and Trix are perfect. And you wrote that scene perfect. Thank you. Thank you for dedictating it to me. You shouldn't have because it would have come any way - I just kicked u up the arse.

Author's response

Hell, I wanted a Hot rating and I pondered to myself 'what would get me a hot rating? i know! more Katy.' There ya go!
This review is kick ass (arse) in the way that it takes my doubts and throws them out the window, so thanks for that. I wasn't sure how people would react to Izzy and Patrick hooking up so quickly after everything. I don't want them to be like "SLUT", but you make feel as though others won't see it quite that way. And this chapter needed to be dedicated to you because everyone needs to know where the kick in the arse (ass) came from.