Review for Forever Feels Like Home

Forever Feels Like Home

(#) whatkatydid 2007-04-25

Oh wow, now the other Chapter is even more amazing! CeCe....Dio you know how INCREDIBLE this chapter was??? I hope this wasn't the chapter you'd finished and were worrying about the other day ebcause it was everything the story needed.

I adored: "Patrick had his head leaning against the door frame as he looked up at me with his deep eyes. His hand was still continuing the knocking motion." that was just cutest thing ever BTW

The closure around JB and Iz was perfect, it had this element of time, even though it was only done in one chapter, you wrote it perfectly, the build up and decline of their ending relationship.

The phone call to Pete was devastating and I felt utter sorrow for Iz at that point.

Then buscuit sweeps in and just maes the chapter even more amazing than it already was. THANK YOU!

Author's response

Actually, this was the chapter that was giving me doubts on even continuing this story. Thanks so much for being the ever presence of support during this, however. You and the rest of the DoJ are fabulous, and you keep me going. This review has just made my day or night. I haven't slept yet. You are INCREDIBLE.