Review for Forever Feels Like Home

Forever Feels Like Home

(#) MMMramen 2007-04-26

THANK YOU KATY!!!! And you too, CeCe. I needed an update. Badly. Since I can't seem to write anything worthy of the DoJ stamp of approval, I have to live vicariously through you. And I have to say FINALLY! I've been hoping for a Patrick/Izzy hookup. Now, I know you're the Grand-Dame of Drama-Rama, so I'm sure that meddlesome Pete and/or that delicious #18 will come strolling back into her life, BUT! I'm going to savor this. And give you a point.

Author's response

First of all, don't even say that you can't write anything worthy of the DoJ stamp of approval because I long to write like you. End. Of. Secondly, thanks so much for this wonderous review! You savor the moment because I have a feeling that your feelings of drama to come are pretty accurate...just a thought.