Review for Falter


(#) GwenMerlon 2007-04-28

Rindi, my dear, you are amazing. But you know that, so I'm doing you a terrible injustice by just telling you so in this review. Why oh why aren't you online????
Ok, anyway... Peyton and Patrick... sigh They are too adorable. Like him playing with her hand and the cuteness that followed... oh wow. I want one. Can I have one???
And Gwen and Pete? Is this Peter actually being a good person? I think so. And I totally adore Battleship. I think Gwen would totally kick Pete's ass in the game.
And Oliver is SUCH a jerk!!! I'm soooo happy Peyton has come to her senses and is planning on dumping the asshole. Seriously, she needs to punch him in the face.
Ok, well, as always I totally loved it. LOVED IT! You are especially spectacualr this time, and you need to know that. I think you should just always write and write... you know screw work and Pandy (lol). I know what's really important in life.
Fantastic job!!! Points to you my friend. I can't wait until you're online (or at least awake so I can text) so I can blab to you about this chapter! LOVED IT (again) and LOVE YOU!

Author's response

AHHHHHH!!! GWEN!!!! lol you my dear are amazing as well with your revies...I should just write a novel of reviews LOL. Ok where to start on your the Peyton/Patrick hand thing..yeah I imagined Pandy the entire time, le sigh! LOL and if you want to have some of my Pandy..I will try to share LOL Yes Peter is being a good person, he's not the pompous ass that everyone actually thinks he is..he has a good head on his shoulders and compliments Gwen quite well. Anywho, yes Peyton has come to her senses but at what you can see how Oliver reacts there..can you imagine what is in store? I can WOOT lol. LOL and you want me to screw Pandy at work?!?! OMG that would be HAWT LMAO jk lol but I'm soo glad you liked made my life...