Review for Forever Feels Like Home

Forever Feels Like Home

(#) riaryder 2007-05-01

You know, I just read your other reviews. And I have to disagree with one point.
Just because something happens frequently, doesn't make it a cliche. Car crashes as a phenomenon are not a cliche. I think we have an understanding problem with the word. I was a little put out on your behalf by that comment. Anyway.
What iit is? Is complete drama-rama. How appropraite!
I love how everthing just keeps getting more and more complicated. It was heart-breakingly sweet how Patrick just took Izzy's rejection by being so, well, PATRICK.
And I've said it before and I'll say it again. Damn you Pete Wentz. Get outta that girls head.
This is super dramatic stuff. I would love to suggest drama-rama as a rating, especially for you. xxxxxxxxx

Author's response

I'm sorry that you felt a little put out by that comment, and I thank you for your support. I guess I wasn't really expecting that response, but to each their own. The car accident is actually a crucial point in this story and I didn't have any other way to write it. Also, I drive about 100+ miles a day, so I see car accidents about five times a joke, so it is actually very common and not cliche in my head. And yes, Patrick will always be PATRICK. Thanks for the lovely really made my evening. Smooches!