Review for Forever Feels Like Home

Forever Feels Like Home

(#) MMMramen 2007-05-01

You filthy minx! How could you do that to me?!?!? Not only did you critically injure Izzy, you sucked her back into that tragically sexy love triangle. That girl needs to make up her mind. OK, rant over. Now, I love how you portray Patrick. He's so loyal and sweet. And JB...well, he wasn't really in this chapter, but rawr. Pete is psychotic as usual. Love it. But I'm a little concerned with Izzy sickness. Might there be...a metaphoric bun in the metaphoric oven? OK, don't answer that! Let me simmer in anticipation. Again, I love the DoJ cameos in this one. Even as I was reading, I could hear Katy's accent dripping from the letters. Crystal was her sarcastic little self too. Awesomeness. Points and smooches for you.

Author's response

You pay attention very well, young one. I admire that in you. Of course I sucked Izzy back into the sexy love triangle. Why wouldn't I do's just so sexy! Spanks...I mean thanks for the points and smooches. Right back at 'cha!