Review for Forbidden


(#) zaberdeenz 2007-05-06

aww Frank ^__^ even if its kinda... not-that-great that guys do that, he was totally adorable and what-not while talking to the Soon-to-be-Aloner-boy. and i could just see him air quotes flying to crash the door. giggles at the vision and Jamia's still awesome.
Chey needs a hug. sad face she has idiot as a boyfriend, and i really felt bad for her even if she's fictional and stuff, but stillllllll. stares
but that Soon-to-be-Aloner. i wish i could jump to the story, go and slap him, and give him some reality check. 'cause he neeeeds it. nods and starts planning on how exactly to do that
anyray, i love it very muchly, hope u have some funn but come back eventually.^__^