Review for At Least He Makes Me Forget...

At Least He Makes Me Forget...

(#) trueLIEx3 2007-05-06

Hahha. I didn't actually know what they were doing until I read the authors note. How sad it that? LOL.
I loooove this! Can he play a cover? If he can play a solo piano piece, make it We're So Far Away by Mae. Fantastic song. =).

Author's response

Aww...don't worry that you didn't get it. I actually meant for you not to know exactly what he was up to, but then I got stuck on what song he should sing, so kinda had to give it away. LMAO. YES! Covers are great. Mmmmm...Brendon on piano. Hells yeah. I have to look up that song now. Yay! XD