Review for At Least He Makes Me Forget...

At Least He Makes Me Forget...

(#) Geets 2007-05-07

OMG!! THAT WAS SO FREAKING GOOD!! I was like, "omg, she updated?!?! argh!!!" lol. wow, aww, I cant believe they're married, and her mother came, and Fall Out Boy sung there... LOL! in short, it was amazing. it seems to be everything I think of, YOU put in this story!!! its damn freaky!! ie - singing to her, changing the POV... im sure there are more, i just cant remember them :D

ooo, oooo, Justin Timberlake - My Love!!!!!! he would rock at singing that song :D sorry, it is fitting, or any Panic! song would be ace. or Maroon 5 - she will be loved. haha, sorry, u dont have to use them.

I cant believe that whole Kelsey thing!! as much as I think it may happen, I hope Raquel doesnt find out, lol! I'm so sad that it will be ending :( cries more than I have LOL!

my mom comes downstairs when Im, like, half way through, and Im like "go away!! I wanna read this!!!" lol

yes, long review... Geets xx

Author's response

Thank you! I love your long reviews. :D Hehe. I guess we just have like minds when it comes to Brendon Urie. LOL. Yeah, the Kelsey subject is a little tricky... Aw, telling your mom to go away because you were reading my story? True devotion, Geets. Haha. Luv ya!