Review for Falter


(#) GwenMerlon 2007-05-07

Um, yeah, so I really should be studying, but you obviously know where my priorities lie. Yeah, that's right... reading stories on ficwad!!!

So I thought this chapter was expecially good: soooo full of emotion! Peyton should really consider working for some daytime soap opera... she could give them a few tips on how things are done.

I thought the break up was done wonderfully. We all knew Oliver wouldn't be a walk-over kind of guy and he certainly stayed true to his character. And the sibling issues were played up as well. I can honestly relate to the frustrations in having a sister and thinking one is continually doing something they aren't aware of (such as stealing attention etc). These little things always add up.

And Anna??? I had a feeling you'd mess with our emotions in that one. I was sad when Patrick's hands slid from around Pey's waist at seeing her. Shame shame shame.

Ok, so I rated as usual. I love you as usual.... any more 'as usuals'?? I don't think so... You're fantastic!!!

Author's response

Gwendowlyn(sp) can I just say you sound like a writing critic! LOL which is a good thing. It makes me feel like I did something right. haha anywho
I thought the chapter needed emotion and a preview of whats to come. So I had to throw in the first intentions were to just throw it out and just "pretend" that it happen and have you guess what was said. But I'm glad I did it this way. It came out better than what I had orginally expected.
hahahah The sibling rivalary...gotta love it. LOL I wanted to make it evident that this wasn't the first time things had occured like this between Peyton and Gwen. Their relationship is just so "falty" that it needs alot of mending..and I'm sure thats whats going to happen soon.
YES ANNA! lol you knew that one was coming sooner or later..I just chose sooner rather than the later LOL. Also I did need Patrick to kind of separate(sp) himself from Peyton in order to understand what is going on around him. You will see what I mean in the next chapter lol. I must say though, I was very proud of myself for having it flow nicely. I haven't done that in forever. I think I may be getting better at this "writing" thing lol
no no no you are fantastic Gwen! Kudos to your review and love