Review for Falter


(#) ssketchator 2007-05-08


I make that noise, very loudly, every time a chapter ends. If I may be selfish for a moment, you ought to spend every moment of every day updating this story. AKA I don't want it to end and I love it more than most people love anything.

I'm also glad that Peyton finally got up the balls to bitch Oliver out, and that Gwen and Peyton seem to be smoothing things out, slow as it may be.

Author's response

Augh! Can I just say I love your review LOL and you can be selfish..someone else told me I needed to quit my job and just write all day and night. That would kinda be hard LOL but I would sooo do it. I'm really glad you love the story, there is still alot more to come. I'm thinking of leaving the ending open to where there could be a sequel..I'm not to sure yet hmmmm lol