Review for Tears for you

Tears for you

(#) Pheonee 2006-06-14

I reckon it will be mostly N/T, but if you drag Jay out of it I will personally come and, um, do something to you. I still would like it to be J/T in the end, like jennieman. Neil has just got too many girls hanging off him, and Theresa and Jay are just, well, SUITED for each other. Keep updating won't you?

Author's response

Yea they are well suited for each other. The drama should start to unfold pretty quick (ok its already unfolding.) I will keep updating, its exam week so i only have to go to school for about five hours over the next week and a half, and my mom has a habit of confensctaing my textbooks after about five hours of studying. So updates should come quickly.