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Chapter one

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Even when your saving the world you can't get away from teenage drama.

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Here is the start of my N/T fanfic, as I promised for kittenscar. I DO NOT OWN CLASS OF THE TITANS! \n\n*****\n\nThe rock bounced across the pond. Its ripples spread through the ponds still waters, disrupting the refection of the curvaceous red head throwing the stones. \n\nThe red head had tears in her eyes. Her eyes were also red and puffy from crying. She was viscously throwing the stones to relive the anger and sadness she felt inside. \n\nShe felt like the world was against her. Jay had nearly been taken from her that day. Later when they had told him what happened he had not even said thank-you. Sure he had said that they would always have his back, but the whole group had agreed to always have each other\'s back. \n\nShe wanted more from her chocolate brown haired friend. She wanted his strong tanned arms to wrap around her and their lips to softly touch. She wanted him to be the one she saw first person she saw in the morning. She wanted to agree to see a movie with him and come out not knowing what movie they saw. She wanted him.\n\nShe threw more stones at the unsettled water. She grew less mad as she threw each stone. With each stone she threw, she cursed some flaw of Jay\'s. She soon began to run out of flaws. \n\nIt was late getting late when she ran out of flaws to curse Jay for. She walked back to the brownstone house, hoping to talk to Atlanta about how she felt. She could always talk to her fiery friend about anything. \n\nShe reached the house and went straight to her room. She sat on her large bed waiting for Jay to come and apologized and Atlanta to come and see if she was ok. She waited for hours but no one came. She waited for another hour before she got changed and cried herself to sleep. She felt so alone when her friends did not check in on her, they always did. She felt betrayed. \n\nShe fell asleep slowly, crying softly. She heard someone knock on the door and rolled over to check the time. It was midnight. She got up and opened the door. She expected to see Atlanta\'s familiar face in her doorway, instead she saw a blonde haired boy. \n\n\"Neil.\" She gasped. \n\n\"I heard you crying. Is everything ok?\" \n\n\"How did you hear me?\" Theresa said, defending herself. \n\n\"The walls are not very thick.\" Neil replied, pointing to the wall that separated their rooms. \n\n\"Yeah, I will be ok. I was just annoyed that Atlanta was not home when I got home.\"\n\n\"You feel excluded don\'t you? I know how you feel.\" \n\n\"Yeah, any idea where she was?\"\n\n\"Yeah, she and Archie were out on a date.\"\n\n\"Great.\" Theresa said sarcastically. Tears returning to her eyes when she realized that even Atlanta had a better love life than her at the moment. And Atlanta had sworn off boys after Pan. \n\n\"I can tell something is on your mind, do you want to talk about it?\" Neil asked concern lacing through his tone. \n\n\"No, I will be fine Neil. Thanks for asking though. You a really good friend don\'t ever forget that.\" Theresa replied giving her friend a friendly hug. \"That was so sweet.\"\n\n\"Well, I am almost perfect.\" Neil said flashing his signature smile.\n\n\"I\'m going to pretend that you did not just say that.\" Theresa said giggling and shunting the door, to return to bed. \n\nNeil returned to his room, thinking of Theresa\'s hug. His stomach had done back flips. This feeling was new to him he was so confused.\n\n*\n\"Theresa, are you still awake.\" Atlanta whispered as she quietly knocked on Theresa\'s bedroom door. Theresa came quietly to the door, her eyes still puffy and red from crying, Neil had just left. She opened the door to see her friend\'s beaming face. \"Are you ok?\" Atlanta asked, concern flooding her voice when she saw Theresa\'s red eyes. \n\n\"How could you Atlanta?\" Theresa asked as tears returned to her face and pain flooded her voice. \n\n\"Theresa, what did I do?\"\n\n\"Everything.\" Theresa replied as she slammed the door in Atlanta\'s face. \n\nTheresa lay back down on her bed. She was so confused, she had never been so mad at Atlanta. The worst part was she did not know why she was so mad at Atlanta, she had done nothing wrong, the only thing Atlanta had done that day was go on a date with Archie. \'Gosh\' she thought to herself when she realized that that was it, she was mad that her friend had a better love life than her \'your so self centered Theresa! You are going have to work really hard to fix this one.\'\n\n****\n\nPlease Rate and Review. Also I\'m not sure if this will be a N/T or J/T fiction. It will however have its A/A moments. If you find something wrong with it please let me know.\n\n
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