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Chapter two

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Atlanta finds herslef letting Archie see her in her weakest moment.

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Theresa wandered downstairs in the morning, rehearsing her apology for Atlanta. She found that Jay, Archie and Atlanta were already up and eating cereal, it was Athena's day off from cooking. Jay smiled at her, but she had no eyes for him this morning. Atlanta glared at her and Archie ignored her. "Atlanta can we talk?" She asked nervously as she pulled her housecoat tighter around her waist.

"No, I'm busy!" Atlanta retorted as she got up and left the room in a hurry. Archie looked to Jay and shrugged. The two guys got up put their dishes, and Atlanta's, in the sink leaving Theresa by herself. Theresa decided against running after Atlanta, she knew that it was better to let her friend have some time to cool down.

She cut a couple pieces of cinnamon bread form the loaf.

"Can you cut me a piece?" Neil asked as he came down the stairs, fully dressed.

"Sure." Theresa replied as she cut him a piece and smiled that at least Neil was talking to her. "What time is it?" She asked, it had to be late if Neil was already dressed. With Athena not cooking today they had cereal and toast pretty much all day.

"Just after Noon." Neil replied. "You slept for a good thirteen hours. Talk about getting your beauty sleep. Consider yourself lucky Odie woke me up at ten this morning." Neil joked in his self-centered way. Theresa giggled as the cinnamon toast popped out of the toaster. Neil handed her a couple of plates as she got a knife and the butter. She quickly buttered the toast while it was still warm and handed a plate to Neil.

The pair sat down on the barstools side by side and set the plates on the kitchen island. Neil began to chatter about not getting enough sleep and what it was doing to his skin. Theresa tried to listen, she did not want to have Neil mad at her, having Archie and Atlanta mad at her was bad enough, not to mention that she was mad at Jay and by the end of the weekend he would probably be mad at her to. Herry and Odie would avoid the five of them as best they could like they always did when anyone started to fight. It was not her day; she needed Neil's friendship, though she knew that he would do most of the talking in there conversations.

Atlanta felt the wind on her face; her red hair was no longer styled and was flying wildly behind her as she ran through the park. Step by step she felt the adrenaline flood her veins.

For the first time in a long time she did not enjoy the adrenaline rush that running always gave her. All she could think about was Theresa slamming the door in her face.

They had never fought before. When she asked what she had done, all Theresa had said was everything. How was Atlanta supposed to know what everything was, they had been fine when they had to go to the underworld the other day. Sure she had caught a movie with Archie, but it wasn't like a date. They had invited Odie, Herry and Neil but they had refused, Odie was helping Herry with his chemistry homework and Neil was doing something like shaving his legs. Jay had been with Hera and Chiron, probably getting checked over. Theresa had said that she was going for a run in the park. Atlanta had wanted to go and ask her but Archie insisted that if the did not hurry they would miss the movie.

She must have slowed down when she though about her fight with Theresa because when she got to the bench where she was to meet Archie he was already standing there, bending down to tighten his brace. "Cheater" She teased. "You never beat me." She continued as she started her cool down stretches.

"You were slow today. I would never cheat in a race." Archie retorted, taken back by his friend's words.

"I was thinking about Theresa." Atlanta said.

"You guys still fighting?" Archie asked as sympathetically as he could.

"Yea. I don't know what has gotten into her lately. She was so upset last night." Atlanta replied, remembering how she had told Archie what Theresa had said right after Theresa had slammed the door in her face.

She had immediately run to Archie's room. She remembered how he had asked what was wrong tears were glazing her eyes. When he asked she had started to cry and he just took her in his arms awkwardly trying to, make her feel better. When she calmed down she found herself spilling her soul to Archie. She had never done that before, she had never spilt her soul to anyone before. Archie put a sympathetic arm around her shoulders and she bolted, realizing that Archie had just seen her at her weakest moment; she thought that she would never be able to live that down.

But Archie had been acting weird lately, mostly since their trip to the underworld. It was like he was more compassionate, like he finally that with saving the world comes that threat of dying. He had not teased her about crying over her fight with Theresa yet; he was acting more like a friend now than a brother. Atlanta liked the change; she knew that Archie would be there while she was fighting with Theresa.

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