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Chapter three

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Everyone is starting to work out the problems they have.

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Jay walked to new Olympus high school. He had promised Chiron and Hera that he would come in and get checked over. He had his capable tanned hands in his pockets and his head was down.

He was upset about how Theresa had treated him. The curvaceous red head had completely ignored him. He had seen shame and hurt in her vibrant emerald green eyes. He could tell that there was high tension between her and Atlanta; it was strange though they had never fought before.

He remembered hearing soft crying in the night, followed by Theresa and Neil's voices, they were to quiet for him to make out the words though. He heard Neil return to his room and Theresa continue her soft crying. Archie and Atlanta had come back into the house at that moment and he heard someone knock on Theresa's bedroom door and presumed it was Atlanta. The next thing he heard was a door slam shut and footsteps run towards Archie's room. He had thought of checking in on Theresa but decided to let his friend calm down and get some sleep. It did not take long for him to fall asleep himself; the last thing he heard was Archie asking Atlanta what was wrong.

As he put his golden pendant key on the lock to the janitors closet he hoped that by the time he got home everyone would have sorted them selves out. If they fought for much longer it would turn into a perfect moment for Cronos to attack.


Neil had his stereo blasting as he practiced smiling in is full-length mirror. He could not shake the feeling he had last night when he attempted to comfort a crying Theresa. His stomach had done back flips; he had never felt anything like that.

When she hugged him he felt his heart melt. He knew that she had meant the hug to be friendly, but it still made his stomach do back flips. He thought of her lips and how it would feel to kiss them. 'Bad Neil!' He scolded himself, he knew that Jay liked her, and Neil was trying to get into as few fights with the others as possible. 'But it sounded like she was mad at him last night, him and Atlanta.' He continued to think. 'Bad Neil' he scolded again. 'Remember you are trying to get in as few fights as possible, and Jay is all for peace.'


"No Herry, H2O is water, not steel." Odie explained or the seventh time. The pair was in Herry's messy bedroom sitting on the floor and textbooks spread out around them.

"Ok, H2O is water." Herry replied.


"Theresa is everything alright?" Persephone asked in her sweet and kind voice. They were in Persephone's solarium sitting on some of the many floor pillows.

"How could you tell?" Theresa asked inquisitively.

"You seem to be off your game and you and Jay did not walk here together. I hope you two are not fighting."

"We are not, yet. Atlanta and I are fighting though. And I am mad at Jay, so by the end of the weekend we will be fighting. Its not my weekend, sorry if I am not all here."

"Well Theresa, if you can not concentrate, we can not do much work today." Persephone said as he tried to keep her fiery temper under control. "You are free to go."


Theresa wandered into her bedroom, rehearsing her apology. She knew that Atlanta would not be home, she had seen her and Archie stretching in the park. She sat down at her dark oak desk and pulled out a sheet of paper and her bright pink pen. She began to write a note to her fiery friend.


I am SO sorry that I treated you the way that I did. I had no right to, you did nothing wrong.

_____(Pen is dropped suddenly)

Theresa got up suddenly when the sound of someone knocking on her bedroom door broke her concentration. She hesitated answering it; so far almost nothing good had come from answering it.

She opened it anyways to find Jay's tanned medium built frame standing in the doorway.


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