Review for Harry Potter and the Order of the Templar

Harry Potter and the Order of the Templar

(#) apocalypso 2007-05-17

Here's your review: good stuff :P

Seriously, though, I want to see more. It's almost infuriating to get the update email, then realize that the chapter just leaves you wanting more.

So... good luck writing the next one, I hope it turns out the way you want to. Good job with Bill, too, though I'm a fan of Bill being a useless, waste-of-time character.

Author's response

First things first, thanks for the review. Now I find myself torn, I feel glad that I'm keeping you interested and craving more because that means you really like my story. At the same time I don't want to infuriate anyone (=P). As to Bill, he was never an important character, but lets face it if Bill/Fleur weren't together then Fleur would have no reason to be with the Order so in a sense he served his purpose of bringing Fleur into the story. But now he's gone and I can finally start weaving Fleur and Harry together albeit slowly, she's mourning and Jericho isn't supposed to just rush to comfort her (thats called a rebound boys and girls that's why it wont happen). But I do have a Fleur/Harry scene comfort scene coming up in a few chapters. BUT I swear it will NOT be what anyone is expecting to happen when I say comfort...little teaser for your tastebuds.