Review for A Perfect Hell

A Perfect Hell

(#) The_best_cliche 2007-05-26

Did you just want to tear my heart out of my chest and make me cryy!? ugh! That was soo sad!

When Caleb looked at Ryan and thought he was leaving and said "daddy go bye bye" with those puppy eyes that just make you melt. My eyes were brimming with tears.

I am soo glad Ryan finally understands what Makayla was trying to tell him. She has to deal with the after effects after he leaves, the kids are used to him being gone. They have their own life and routine and as much as he should be apart of that he is absent and oblivious to soo much.

This was just amazing. I feel bad for Makayla and Ryan though, they pretty much have fought in every single chapter that contained them. I hope they are okay, especially for the kids. That might hurt them even more =(

Please update soon, this story is just simply amazing. The style it is written in, and the emotion your words draw just are impeccable. Thank you for proving to me this site has amazing writers.

IMpatiently waiting till your next update. =)

Author's response

Yes, that was my goal! Haha. Your reviews are amazing best friend and they keep me writing, but you know that. Thank you for the constant support. I love ya. ♥