Review for PARODY NUMBER 2005: ERAGON!


(#) 999 2006-06-20

installed a spam prevention system on Basically users can help the moderators find spam topics by reporting a post and mods can warn a user. After four warnings, the user will be banned automatically. This should help the level of spam we have gotten too. As for other updates, FB continues to rise in membership. Our Community is continuing to grow with 80,000 posts and 3800 members. I do want to stress once again however that FB is a community that works to unite and a create a friendly atmosphere. We DO NOT care solely about numbers nor how many posts we have. Furthermore, I would like to state our website has no aggression against any other site nor do we feel like we need to compete against any other Maple Story website. This is the official stance of Thanks.

General Update
Posted by zerk on Nov. 23, 2005

The website is growing extremely well. We now have over 2000 registered users and nearly 41,000 articles posted. Our website features are constantly growing and our staff count has grown greatly. I will be updating that list as soon as I get new information from our two main administrators. Again, if you would like to seem improvement on this website please offer your suggestions at the Drop Box, located in our forum.

Website Updates
Posted by zerk on Aug. 9, 2005

It's been a while since this has been updated... Lots of information to be given out here. has hit over 500 users and is only 20 members away from reaching the 600 mark. We have heavily begun making MapleStory guides for our members to enjoy. Not only this, we are supporting the MapleSea market. Also, unique to, we have FB Currency, Lids. Here, users can earn lids by posting and in turn exchange them for MapleStory Items in game. For more information, please view our Gaming Zone Forum.

Our staff thanks all those who have taken part in our growing community and again would like to remind you that we are here for you, and only you. We are welcoming to all new members and friendly to our old ones. Be sure to make YOUR maplestory fansite.

All FB Staff

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hits 300!
Posted by zerk on July 9, 2005

Rather annoying to say the least, but we have hit 300 people this week. While many of them are NOT active for some peculiar reason, with each new registry comes the potential of yet another active and dedicate Florina Beach family member.

Once again we here at FB would like to thank all of those current members who are active in our growing community and encourage you to invite your friends and clan mates. We grow and spread by word of mouth and player recommendation, now spamming other forums or advertising by pay. We believe that we can target the players we want in game. We here at FB are dedicated to you, not to expanding and getting more members.

Thank you for your commitment.

All FB Staff


Site Status and Info
Posted by zerk on June 17, 2005

As we hope you can see, is growing nicely. We now have over 200 registered users and quite a few actives. We have five members of staff who are each working to better We ask that if you register that you take part in the forums we have created in the Maple Story community, as much of our relations are Forum oriented.

A small note we would like to share with you is is a COMMUNITY for MapleStory members. is the CLAN for the really dedicated bunch of members who wish to join a unified group.

Interesting stuff:

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Introduce yourself - ... Read the title
Never ending Sentence - ... Again, read the title
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