Review for The Magical School of MogenHeld

The Magical School of MogenHeld

(#) dsfjr1190 2007-05-29

Nothing special here. It seems like the same old cliched Super!Indy!Harry. You made him too powerful in the span of a day. He learns Legilimency in 1 day over summer break but can't learn all 5th year? He has super memory? What the hell? What's the point of going to school if you memorize everything you read? Let me guess, he probably will need zero training at the rate this is going. What's he supposed to do for the rest of the story? Bitch about Dumbledore?

Also, Harry/Hermione and Indy!Harry do not mix. If he is asserting his independence then why is he willing to be bossed around by the bossy control freak Hermione?

I think a more exotic pairing like Harry/Fem!Blaise, Harry/Daphne, or Harry/Tracey Davis would be a good change of pace. It would allow you to explore outside of the cliched fanfiction. You could develope your own personalities and histories for them.

Oh, and if you go anywhere near Harry/Ginny I will stop reading.