Review for Broken Down On Memory Lane

Broken Down On Memory Lane

(#) GwenMerlon 2007-05-31

Ok, so aparently I already rated this, but just didn't review... Because I'm a loser like that... OR if I HAVE already reviewed this chapter and just don't remember it then too bad. I'm too frustrated with Ficwad to chance going back now to see if I have or not... then I'd probably get kicked off or something as equally tragic in my puny little brain...

Soooo... This chapter was amazing as always. I'm sure you get so sick of hearing me say that, but it was. I loved how Kate is eating just about everything in sight. Bar-b-que sauce is amazing, and I definately admire her a lot more now that I realize that it's one of her pregnant foods. :)

And Joe!!! Way to be a big boy! I definately didn't see that coming. He switched from tom cruise dancing to serious/calm speaker super fast. I was all like, Yay! GO Joe!!! And the face that they both KNOW that it's Patrick's and not Joes, but they can't really do anything about it... THATS why Patrick won't get his chance... sigh

And I really laughed out loud at Pete thinking that Patrick might be dead somewhere in his apartment because Sister Hazel was playing on repeat... like that could convince someone of suicide or something.

I loved how Kate 'put on her big girl pants' and that's probably one of my favorite lines. Seriously. I can just imagine it. I think I'm going to use it in real life at some point in my future... don't worry, I'll be careful to cite your work appropriately. BUT OMG!!! PATRICK'S ADMISSION!!! At first I did the little 'gasp' thing after what he said about wishing she had just died. But you totally fixed that! It was so full of emotion and still so believable. I just wanted them to, you know, jump eachother or something.

Well, twas amazing as always!!!! (See, I knew you'd be hearing that soon!) Love it, and onward to review the next chapter I have so carelessly forgotten to review!