Review for you can keep my brother

you can keep my brother

(#) zaberdeenz 2007-06-03

GAH BOBBBBBDAMMIT do i feel your pain for the fucking 500 errors. i swear, every time i update my story or i'm just bout to review some great story, it goes all ERROR on my ass and then i have to fight with it or like five hours before everything's back to normal. /rant. anywho, Glad you like 'bobdammit'. i keep forgettin peeps(did i just say peeps? o__Ò) dont know it,cause i say it all the time:D
tooo the story then.
awwww for drunky Geetard. loved the singing bits,loved how granny Mikey was.
keep it coming^___^

Author's response

I KNOW!!!! i'm so used to it by now i almost expect to get the motherfucking 500 error on other sites and when i don't it feels wierd!! and man i LOVED bobdammit, i'm soo going to use it now!! hope you don't mind!..glad you enjoyed the story!!haha grannie mikey...well someone has to stay sane in this story, it might as well be mikey