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Save me from myself..

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We got closer, I think Mikey was scared of what we might find too because he squeezed my hand tight.
We made the last couple of steps running.
"Gerard!", I called, shaking him, there was no puddle of blood.
He moaned something, opening his blood shot eyes, boy was he drunk.
I think he drank some more after calling me and god knows what more did he take.
Mikey crouched down to join us on the floor, "Where's your keys Gee?".
He moaned something, We exchanged looks, I shook him, slapping his face gently.
He looked horrible, he had a greenish skin tone and dark circles under his eyes, his lips were chapped and faded.
I brought his face up to mine and forced him to look at me, "Where's your keys Gee?".
He looked away, I didn't think he recognize me.
Mikey went through his pockets twice, finding nothing, "How do we get out of this shit hole now?".
Mikey looked around.
Some not so friendly looking people began to stare at us.
I was on the verge of freaking out completely, "Maybe he lost them somewhere around here".
"We don't have time to look now", Mikey glanced at the group of people who were staring and pointing at us.
"Let's look around", we flashed our mobiles for extra light but found nothing.
Fuck Gerard, he always got us in messes like these.
I saw a girl running towards us, sweet, they sent a girl to murder us!
"Hey, do you know him?", she pointed at the passed out Gerard.
We nodded.
"He left his car keys back on the bar, unfortunately I couldn't rescue his wallet", she took the familiar keys out of her coat pocket, gave them to Mikey and turned to leave, "Oh, and if I were you, I would leave FAST", she jerked her head towards the group of people who stood across the street.
Mikey put the keys in his pocket and together we lifted the moaning Gerard.
"Where the fuck did he park?", my legs wobbled under Gerard's weight.
Mikey scanned the street, finally spotting the van their grandma gave them as a graduation present.
We dragged Gerard with us, I heard some steps following us and glanced back.
Holy fuck! Something like 20 people were following us.
"Holy fuck holy fuck holy fuck", I had trouble breathing, every time I was stressed out I had trouble breathing.
"What?", Mikey panted somewhere beneath Gerard's arm.
"Let's run. They're following us", I tried to go faster but Gerard wasn't in a running mood.
"I can barely walk", Mikey slapped Gerard's hand from his face.
"OK I do not panic. I am fine. I am not going to die. They just want to know what's the time. Yes exactly. What's the time. Not death. I am cool. I am breathing", I chanted to myself, taking deep breaths.
We finally reached the van, we leaned Gerard on the van. Mikey dug in his pocket and fiddled with the keys.
Meanwhile Gerard began to slip down, I caught him before he hit the floor, but the gang started to surrounde us.
Mikey finally unlocked the door and we threw Gerard in the back seat, we literally threw him in, unfortunately he missed the seat and hit the floor, I jumped in after him and Mikey ran around to the driver seat.
The gang started to close on us.
Mikey spent ages adjusting the mirrors.
"What are you doing?!", if I wasn't petrified I would laugh my ass off.
"Adjusting mirrors", he glanced in terror at some gang members pointing at us.
"Leave the fucking mirrors and GO", I slapped his shoulder.
Have I mentioned old ladies drive faster than Mikey?
He then began to buckle his seat belt which was stuck for some reason, "Mikey forget about fucking safety, we are about to fucking die right about now", I cried covering my eyes with my hand.
"Right", Mikey hesitated but started the engine and broke through the tight circle of gang members.

After we were good five blocks away I allowed myself to sigh in relief and lean back in my seat.
"Where am I?", we heard Gerard shift on the floor, I totally forgot to lift him up.
"Hey Gee", I said softly, helping him up.
"Oh it's you my love...Why is your bed moving?", he looked puzzled.
"It's not my bed, Gee. It's your van", I chuckled.
"Ah yes it's my motherfucking van", he looked around fascinated.
"It's my van too", Mikey chipped in, he finally sorted his seat belt out and was pleased.
"Mikey? Why are you in Sky's bed? Were we having a threesome?", Gerard leaned back, rubbing his eyes.
"I thought we established the fact it's not my bed", I caressed his cheek.
"Established??", he gulped.
Ah forget it, the word was too long for him now.
He cuddled up to me, resting his head on my chest, "You know. I'm starting a band".
I nodded.
"And I would be the lead singer because I can sing. Listen lalalalalalala", he sang out of tune.
"Did you hear me? LAlalalalaal", he raised his voice.
"Sure Gee", I could see Mikey make a face at his brothers singing skill.
Gerard kept singing all the way home and then all the way up the stairs.

"My first hit song is called bah bah bah bah", he stood in the middle of the staircase with his hand holding an imaginary microphone.
"Gee shut up", Mikey tried to calm him down.
"Noo, step away band member number 4", Gerard wriggled from him and stumbled up a few stairs.
"Bah bah bah bahbahbah", he paused for a second, swaying on the spot, "Or was it blah blah bah blah?..Mmm or maybe just blah blah?...Kinda positive it was bah bah bah".
he shook his head, "Anyway, hello New York city!!!", he held the microphone to the imaginary crowd that consisted of the not-very-pleased Mikey and half-amused-half-mad-at-him me, I nudged Mikey, "I think we're supposed to say something".
"I'm not playing along", Mikey sat on the stairs, pouting. I sat next to him.
"Tough crowd", Gerard brought the mic back to his mouth, "My next song is dedicated to my girl and brother who keep trying to save me from myself", he laughed a hollow short laugh, "What they don't know is that I love them very fucking much. This song is for you".
he cleared his throat, "Bah bah bah my friends, you're my blah blah blah".
he began shaking his hips and dancing around the staircase.

After the song was over, Mikey stood up and took Gerard by the arm, "Come Gee some fans are waiting for you to sign them stuff".
Gerard looked smug and followed Mikey, he took my hand which melted my heart.
Mikey sat Gerard on the sofa and went to bring him water, we knew that soon enough the throwing up session will start.
And soon enough, accurate like a clock Gerard left his fans in favor of the toilet.
Mikey fell asleep on the sofa, he looked exhausted, I covered him with a blanket and went to help Gerard.

"I'm sorry Sky", Gerard lay in my bed, his clothes in the washing machine.
I stroked his hair gently, "What am I going to do with you Gee?".
"Have I told you I start a band...", his voice trailed off as he fell asleep.
I sighed and looked at the clock, I had to be up in 2 hours.

-these 500 errors would be the end of me and this fucking story!!!!
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