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Plans and planes.

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Airport under the tree and DR Phil advise.

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I took a seat next to Billy and some guy I didn't know. They gathered all the photography students and all the designers in the university's auditorium to talk about something.
"Hi", I blurted.
Billy smiled and introduced me to his friend, "Sky meet Andrew"
I waved tiredly and sunk in my chair, I was so tired I felt kinda surreal.
The professors went on and on and on about something, I caught only like two words out of it all 'Project' and 'Camera'.

"So would you?", Billy shook me out of my dream daze.
"Would I what?", I lifted myself up.
"Pair up with me", he smirked.
"You're a nice guy and all but I kinda have a boyfriend already", why would he ask me out like this knowing I have a boyfriend?.
"Were you listening at all?", he giggled.
"Sure I have, you want to pair up with me", I was confused.
"No, did you listen to the lecture?", he pointed to the stage in the front.
"Yeah, we have to do a project with a camera", I guessed.
"They making us pair up to do a fashion photo shoot", the Andy guy passed us a little booklet.
"Ohhhh", I blushed, "Sorry".

"So basically they're giving us a small ass budget for all this shit", I read the little booklet with Billy lying on the lawn gulping from his water bottle.
I took the bottle from him and took a big sip, the familiar taste of vodka burned my lips, "I thought it was water".
"Sorry I should've warned you", Billy didn't look so sorry, "It's my special mix"
I took another sip, "So anyway, we gotta plan this, present them with sketches and get the money and than arrange the session".
"I thought we might save money on the model", Billy attempted to take the bottle away from me but I took 5 more big sips before I returned it to him.
"You know any models?", I was feeling the light headed sensation already. I wondered what was the special mix.
"It's an art school, we're bound to find some aspiring model here", he emptied the bottle and put it away.
I nodded and lay back on the lawn, "Do you have any ideas yet?".
"A few", he put his hands under his head.
"Oh Billy I see little planes", I giggled. I really did, tiny little planes.
"Planes?", Billy looked up to the sky.
"Yeah, tiny ones and they go wee", I pointed at a tiny plane number 6 that buzzed behind Billy's left ear, "Wee".
"Anyway, I have a few sketches I would like to show you", he smirked at tiny plane number 45.
"Wee", I followed plane number 14 on his Ruth around the tree we were lying under.
"Skyler, forget about the planes. We have a photo shoot to plan", Billy waved his hands around, scaring all the planes away.
"Nooo you hit tiny plane number 89", I cried, the plane went down in flames, "How do we plane a photo shoot?", I asked, still mourning the lose of the crew of tiny plane number 89.
"You didn't even drink that much", he mumbled.
"I was up all night with Gee, you know, it rhymes Geeeee-weeeee. I should tell him that", I mused.
"He got drunk again?", Billy crushed another tiny plane.
He was really a jinx to these tiny pilots.
"Yeah", I said, watching tiny people running out of the burning plane.
"I don't know why you stay with him, you really deserve someone better than him", Billy turned to look at me.
I looked at him with a blank stare, "Maybe because he rhymes with wee?".
"Skyler, you're a great girl...well when you're not seeing planes all over the place. You deserve someone who would appreciate what he has and not send you looking for him around New York at night", there goes another tiny plane.
"But I love wee...I mean Gee", I protested.
"But does he love you?", Billy looked grave.
I got distracted by plane 77 who went buzzing in front of me, "I think he does. How do you know if someone likes you?".
"You don't treat them like dirt", he pouted, "You care for them, you keep them away from harm and you sure don't make them run around the city looking for your drunken ass all night!".
"That's Mikey, he loves me too. The whole family adores me", the planes flew away and disappeared behind the sun, I waved them goodbye.

The planes disappeared as quickly as they appeared and once they flew away I was able to focus on Billy's sketches. They were really pretty dresses and soon enough we had the first draft of the photo shoot concept, now we had to find someone who will agree to model for free.
"What about her?", Billy pointed to a blonde tall girl who walked past our tree.
"Not the dark princess I had in mind", I twisted my nose.
He pointed a few more girls out to me.
"I really disrespect your taste now", I giggled.
Billy rolled his eyes at me and scanned for more girls, "What about that one, the short brunette?".
"Boo", I said flatly, "What about her? She's perfect!", I pointed to a girl with a long black hair, she looked familiar.
"Um, yeah. She would be nice", Billy smiled approvingly.
We stood up and headed towards the girl.
"You talk to her", I said, biting my lip.
"No, you talk to her", wailed Billy.
"I'm too shy", I tried to look shy enough to convince him.
"That's why you have to face your fear, like Dr Phil always say...", my laughter burst interrupted him.
"You watch Dr Phil?", I imagined the tough Billy sitting on a sofa surrounded by used clinex, sobbing at something Dr Phil said.
"Oh shut up", he smiled weakly.
We approached the table the girl was sitting at and reading her book when Billy practically pushed me on her, "Hey".
She looked up, she had beautiful blue eyes and pale skin, I could just picture her in Billy's designs, "Hey".
"What are you reading?", I sat across the table from her, joined by Billy.
"The DA Vinci code", she looked a bit taken back.
"I love that book", I tried to start a small talk but I sucked at this kind of shit, I felt like I was in high school all over again. The shy kid in the corner.
She smiled, I loved her smile, it was shy and mysterious.
"I'm Skyler and this is Billy", I nudged Billy who waved shyly, "And we have this project to plan a photo shoot and execute it. So we're um wondered if you'd like to model for us".
Her jaw dropped slightly, "Model?".
I smiled at her awkwardness, "Yeah".
"Me?", she closed the book and put it aside.
Billy and I nodded.
"Sure", she looked as though she was about to run away screaming.
"Do you want to see the sketches? We only started this today but we have some kind of idea what it would look like", I tried to make her feel more comfortable.
She nodded, she still looked scared though.
Billy took out the rough sketches and explained her the whole concept.
She looked interested, "Looks good. I'm in"
"Um...But just for the record, You don't get extra grade or money", I blurted out.
I remembered why she looked so familiar, she was the girl I spoke to on my first day when I accidentally walked in the music room.
The bell rang, "Well once we get everything sorted out, we'll let you know about the date", I stood up smiling.
We started walking back to our building, "Billy we forgot to ask her fucking name".
We ran back, hoping she's still there.
she was there staring at space.
"I'm Amy", she giggled once we came to a halt next to her.

-Your beloved Billy is back!!!lol And say Hi to the newest girl in town, Amy!!
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