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Damn electronics.

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Christmas plans (or should I move to Tibet?)

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"Gee get off", I was trapped beneath Gerard's body and the coach.
"No", he said into my neck and then bit it.
"OK that hurt", I moaned, "You're not a real vampire, you know it? Let me answer the fucking phone. It's driving me insane".
"Oh come on, I haven't seen you in weeks", he whispered in my ear.
"You mean you didn't fuck me in weeks. You don't give a fuck about seeing me", I pouted, or at least I tried to because Gerard was out of control with his biting.
"Umm fuck. You read my mind", he moaned in my ear and bit me again.
The phone stopped for a second and then went off again.
"Gerard get off", I tried to push him off again but it was like moving a wall.
"I need you", he whispered.
The phone rung for solid 10 minutes now but I couldn't get Gerard off me, the frustrating part of it was that the phone was lying just on the other end of the coffee table.
"I'll scream", I warned him.
"My name I hope", he smirked into my stomach.
There was my chance, I wriggled away and jumped for the phone that stopped ringing again, the caller ID was my mother's.
I lay back on the sofa putting it within reach.
Gerard started kissing my stomach again when the phone blasted for the 3565th time.
We both sighed.
"Hello?", I stroked Gerard head.
"Where have you been? I was calling for hours now".
Just a few minutes but what ever, "I didn't hear the phone", I lied.
When I was living home I never lied to my mother, I grew up to believe that if I ever lie to her something terrible will happen, like my nose will fall off or something.
Gerard smirked into my stomach.
"Or maybe you just ignored me".
I rolled my eyes, god what is it going to take for me to get away from this woman, immigrate to Tibet?, I mean I already moved out of the house and she still hunted me down by phone. damn electronics, "I obviously didn't succeed".
"I raised you, gave my life for you, fed you, clothed you for 18 years and this is how you repay me? Let me tell you something...".
I moved the phone away from my ear and kissed Gerard, my mother's voice continued to scream something.
I didn't really listen, I mean I had enough of her for the rest of my life, she's probably just insulting me this very moment.
"Are you listening?? Skyler? Skyler?".
I tore my lips away from Gerard's and he rested his chin back on my stomach, smiling.
"Yes mother, did you want something or just make me regret the day I was born as usual?", There, it should give me more time to kiss these soft lips of his.
She went back to screaming again and I went back to kissing Gerard.
"You're really bad, you know it", Gerard drew circles on my stomach, it tickled.
I winked at him and placed the phone back on my ear,"Seriously did you want something?".
My mother sighed, she didn't even noticed I was busy sucking the life out of Gerard while she screamed like an idiot on the phone, "I wanted you to come to dinner with me, Charlie and his kids since we are going away for christmas I also wanted you to house sit while I'm away".
Whoa! slow a minute woman, who the fuck was Charlie, "Who is Charlie?", I caressed Gerard's lips with my fingers.
"I don't have you any explanations, you choose not be involved in my life, blah blah blah blah I'm a grown woman blah blah blah I don't own you anything blah blah blah".
Was it me who was way to much into Gerard's eyes or my mother just said a bunch of blah blahs?
"But OK, if I'm having dinner with this Charlie dude and his kids I have the right to know who the f..who he is", I tried to reason with her.
"He's not a DUDE he's a respectable man!", I rolled my eyes, she was draining the life out of me. By phone! Damn electronics!
"And who's this respected dude?", I covered my mouth so I won't giggle, Gerard raised his eyebrows at me.
"He's a man I'm dating", my mother said quietly.
"Since when?", I guess I wasn't the only one who gone wild since I moved out.
"A period. Would you come?".
"OK, but I'm not toning down my appearance and I'm not wearing stuff you picked me", gerard unzipped my pants.
"That's OK. He has a strange son like you, he's used to people like you".
Oh sweet mother!, people like me. I flipped my finger at the phone.
"So I'll call you later confirming the details. Hopefully I won't have to wait ages until you pick up".
I just can't wait, "No mother I will be sitting at home, waiting for you to call", I said sarcastically and hung up just when she was about to say something.
"Bitch", I hissed at the phone.
"What was that all about?", Gerard asked, stroking my belly button.
"She wants me to house sit on christmas, she goes away with some Charlie dude who I'm supposed to meet with her for dinner, and his kids who are appearently as weird as I am", I said, zipping my pants.
Gerard frowned, "I didn't know you're mom was dating someone".
"Me neither, appearently I choose not to be involved in her life and blah blah", I put a pillow under my head.
Gerard raised his eyebrows at me again.
"Well that was her words", I giggled.
"Including the blah blah?", he wrapped his arms around my waist.
"I quoted the blah blahs", I scanned the room for the remote.
"You can come celebrate christmas with us", he handed me the remote that was smashed under my ass.
"No I can't. It's a family holiday, I don't want to barge on you like this", I switched the TV on.
"You're practically family and besides I'm not letting you spend christmas all by yourself", he looked up at me.
"It would be uncomfortable", I whined.
"It's just my parents and gran this year. You know them for ages. They love you, case is closed", Gerard poked me with his index
"Fine", I raised my hands as if I surrender.
I loved the Way family. Hell, I loved all families except for mine.
Just then Mikey came out of his room, he smelled nice and got his hair under control, he even changed to his nice clothes.
"I'm off", he leaned on the sofa looking down on us, he got used to our public display of affection.
"Another date with Linda?", I teased him.
He nodded with a big smile on his face.
"Mikey's in love! It's like the fifth date this week", Gerard whistled.
"Honey, our boy is growing up", I cooed and pinched Mikey's cheek.
He rolled his eyes at us.
"Just be sure to come back by midnight and treat the lady with respect", Gerard mimicked what sounded a lot like Mr. Way.
"I don't get why you insisted to live separately if he's here more that I'm here", he jerked his head in Gerard's direction.
"You want me to ground you michael James Way?!", Gerard waved his hands in air.
Mikey flipped him off and walked out.

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