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Night trip.

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My used romance.

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My ring tone pierced the silence, waking me up.
I looked around the dark room alarmed, I felt the right side of the bed for Gerard but he wasn't there, I haven't seen him all day.
For a matter of fact I haven't seen him much at all, I waited for him to call when he said he will but he never did, I stayed nights at a time home waiting for him to come over when he promised but he never showed up, he would come over occasionally, usually when he wanted sex and leave in the morning.
I felt used.
It upset me and I was worried, The thoughts of possible theories to these changes kept bugging me but I never asked where he was or with whom, I didn't want to be the annoying girlfriend.
Mikey didn't say anything about Gerard's strange behavior but he kept stalking me.
He would drive me to school and pick me up from school, he would even come during lunch times to make sure I didn't do anything.
He wouldn't leave me alone even at home and spent all his time in the music store.
The alcohol magically disappeared from our fridge and you couldn't find any scissors, razors or anything sharper than a pen even if you looked really hard.
I didn't had the energy to flip him off, things got back to how they used to be, someone watched every step I took, controlled every move I made.
I would never grow up, if it wasn't my mother who was clinging to the little girl I used to be, it was Mikey who did it, at least I loved Mikey.
I kept him away from Billy, I had the feeling that if they meet now, it wouldn't end well.
And Billy really wasn't the one to blame, it was my choice to do what I did

I picked up the mobile, rubbing my eyes tiredly, "Hello?".
"Is it Skyler"?, Gerard's voice screamed in my ear.
No it's Kelly Clarkson, "Of course it's me Gerard", I lay back down, he was obviously drunk.
"Skyler, someone stole my wallet, I need you to pick me up", he screamed over the music that played wherever he was.
"Where are you?", I got up, there goes another night of blissful sleep.
"I don't know", he sounded alarmed.
Wasn't he helpful?!.
"Look around, what do you see?", I tried to guide him without losing my patience.
My heart beat picked up it's pace, god knows where he was and how much he drank.
"I see cars and people", he said after a slight pause.
"Gerard, I need specifics, can you see any signs or names?", I pulled my jeans over my PJ shorts. It was going to be a long night.
"I see a sign, it says Master D. Come quick", he hung up on me.
Now I was supposed to figure out where was this fucking club.
I stumbled out of my room and knocked on Mikey's door, there was no answer so I pushed it open and felt my way to his bed, I tripped over some shit and landed on Mikey who screamed in horror.
"Shh, it's me", I whispered, I didn't want to wake Ray as well.
"What is it now?", he felt around his table for the lamp switch and his glasses.
"Gerard lost his wallet and needs us to pick him up", I helped him in his quest for the lamp switch.
"Again??", he put his glasses on.
I nodded tiredly.
"It's like the 7th time this month", Mikey rubbed his head.
He wasn't exaggerating, I think it happened more, Gerard always got drunk, lost his wallet or keys and called me to the rescue in the dead of the night, then he kept apologizing in the morning, it was getting old.
Mikey got out of his bed and picked his clothes off the floor, I closed my eyes to allow him to get dressed.

We walked out to the cold night. Night breeze welcomed us and woke us up.
Mikey waved for a cab but none pulled, we stood on the curb freezing our assess off and waited for some cab driver to have mercy on us, eventually one pulled.
"To the Master D club", I blurted with my eyes half closed.
"Where?", asked the driver, looking at me in the mirror.
"Master D club", I repeated louder.
"I'm not going to that part of the town at 3 AM",he shook his red head.
Gerard just knew how to pick out his hang out places but it's better than last week when no bloody driver knew where that place was and Mikey and I had to use a freaking map and walk there.
"Please", I pleaded ,"My boyfriend is there and he has no way of getting out".
The driver was determined, "Get out".
"How much do you want?", Mikey said firmly, he was getting angry.
"I'm not going there kid, now get the fuck out", the taxi driver was spitting when he yelled.
Mikey and I exchanged looks and got out.
Once the car pulled away, I flipped him the finger, where has the world come to if you can't even bribe a fucking taxi driver.
The cab started to come back.
"Oh shit. Start walking", Mikey pushed me.
I guess the driver saw me flip him off, sure, now he's Mr. sensitive.
"Now what?", I took Mikey's arm.
"We find someone else to bribe", he waved his other hand for a taxi.

20 minutes and 5 drivers kicking us out of their cabs later, we found some idiot to bribe. We waited until he gained speed to tell him our destination and then we practically promised him our souls so he wouldn't kick us out.

we finally pulled in front of a dodgy looking club, the music blasted out of it, we looked around and immediately understood why the drivers didn't want to take us there, it looked like a place from hell, actually it looked a lot like the worst parts of Jersey.
Maybe Gerard got homesick.
"There", Mikey pointed at some figure passed out beneath a pay phone, I recognized Gerard's leather jacket.
I felt the blood drain from my face and the worst case scenarios kept flashing before my eyes.
What if he was dead?
What if he was lying in a puddle of his own blood?
It did take us a while to get here..
I grabbed Mikey's hand in terror.

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