Review for Moving In, Moving Up, Moving On

Moving In, Moving Up, Moving On

(#) LOVELA 2007-06-04

YOU! points finger You made me pregnate!?!? That's just great. Mood swings, irritability and vomiting! I can't wait!! And I'm blaming you because, in this sense, you are God. Nice.
Seriously though, I love this story. I read it on my lunch break and it brings me to an alternate universe that is just so damn nice. I love the fact that Patrick is overly adorable about being a father to a boy! I also love the fact that Joe is scared shitless...he should be...CeCe is probably going to kick his ass when those swings come in. Just saying. AND I love love love the can of drama that you shook up and opened to spray all over the land of ficward. I am more than impatiently waiting for the outcome of this...