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Chapter 16 - I'll Leave My Mark

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There's another Fall Out Baby in the oven!

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Chapter 16 - I'll Leave My Mark

Like I said, the votes said it so you can all pat yourselves on the back, now, go read so I can have some time alone with my Patrick Doll.....

Petra squeezed his hoody sides tightly as he pressed her against the wall outside ante-natal and kissed her hard.

"I can't believe it!" Petra whispered excitedly.

"Neither can I - This is amazing!" he grinned from ear to ear, then he kissed her again and Petra's hands slowly moved to his face.

He looked at her, holding her waist firmly to him.

"A boy?!" He said again, Petra nodded and he just lifted her feet off the ground slightly and twirled her around.

"Somebody's happy!" A woman remarked as she wandered past them, more heavily pregnant than Patrick and Petra thought you could possibly get.

"We're having a boy!!" Patrick said stupidly. Petra pulled his hand and tugged him away.

"Congratulations!" they heard the woman call after them.

Petra sat on the bed watching Patrick pack his suitcase, he was going away again, this time for 8 days. However, it didn't seem to make the leaving part any less eventful.

Petra folded some of his jeans and a shirt, placing them gently into his suitcase. His cell rang and picking it up quickly, he walked out the room, a bid for Petra not to hear the conversation.

"Who was that?" she asked, folding another pair of trousers.

"Oh just Kyle." He said nonchalantly.

"Kyle?" Petra repeated.

"Yeah, she just wanted to know when we'd be getting to the airport."

"Kyle - a she Kyle?" Petra frowned.
"Uh yeah, I know it's weird."

"Who is she?" Petra asked quite bluntly.

"She's part of our travelling entourage." He explained calmly.

"What does she do - I mean - like what exactly..."

"Er...sort of sidekick to Bob..." he said.

"Is she pretty?"


"Does she have a boyfriend?"

"Are you paranoid?" Patrick smirked at her.

"No..." Petra snapped.

There was a silence.

"Does she have nice breasts?" Petra asked finally.

"Look! Petra! Stop it!" Patrick said finally.

"Alright!" She said, putting her hands up.

He put a few more T-Shirts in and zipped up the suitcase, Petra stayed quiet the whole time.

She moved to the edge of the bed, her T-Shirt pulled at her belly, exposing the bottom of it as she sat there and stared across the room, Patrick smiled at her secretly.

"Are you OK?" he asked, she looked up at him.

"Yeah...." She muttered.

"That was convincing."

"So was your excuses about Kyle!" she snapped.

"Oh ho ho!!" Patrick laughed.

He pushed her back playfully and sat on her thighs.

"You think I'd even look at another woman when you're here at home getting more and more beautiful each day because you're carrying my little boy?!" he asked, wrestling with her hands.

She gave up as soon as he said that, those words were so powerful.

His hands went to her tummy and caressed it firmly, the warmth from his hands penetrating through and Petra felt the baby roll over inside.

"He likes that!" she smiled.

"He moved?" Patrick asked.

Petra nodded, her hand rested just above Patrick's.
"And again!" she smiled, Patrick couldn't feel anything but the thought it was moving, the thought it was alive and it was his, well it just overwhelmed him.

"You know I was nearly a Dad once before..." he said, stroking her tummy gently in circular motions.


He nodded and then kissed her tummy again gently.

"It was a mistake..." he said.

"They're never a mistake. Just not planned..." Petra corrected him.

"Right, that's how I thought about it but she-" he stopped.

Petra soothed his whispy hair over his forehead.

"She didn't view it like that and before I knew it, the baby was gone." He frowned, it was hard for him to relay the detail to her. Petra stared at him, it all made sense now, his devastation when he thought she'd gone through with the abortion, his anger and his hurt.

"I'm so sorry Patrick." Petra frowned gently. He only smiled gently and kissed the bump again.

"I'm so sorry I nearly did it to you again..."

"But you didn't, you didn't do it and now look!" he said, his eyes lit up and Petra smiled at her half way bump.

Sharing some quiet time with each other, they cuddled on the bed and before long it progressed into a full 'I'm-going-for-8-whole-days' session.

Petra moved uncomfortably as her stomach felt the pressure.

"I can't!" she whispered, pushing him off.

"Can't what!?" he asked, she rolled him over and sat on top.

"I have to be on top!" she whispered, kissing him again.

"Totally don't have a problem with that!" he smiled coyly.


CeCe stood next to Petra as they both waved of their partners. CeCe put an arm around her and cuddled her affectionately,

"I hate this...." Petra whispered, CeCe soothed her.

"Come on - Let's have hot chocolate and wallow in our misery."

Petra laughed and followed CeCe back in.

CeCe stirred the mugs of hot chocolate quickly then handed one to Petra.

Petra opened the fridge and took out the cream, pouring in a decent amount, then opened the drawer, taking out a bag on mini marsh mellows and dumping a load into her mug.

"You want?" Petra asked, seeing CeCe's eyes watch alarmingly.

"Um - You enjoy, I'm alright...really." She said unconvinced and watched Petra sipp her way through.

"I'm pregnant Petra." CeCe said as her friend sipped the chocolate which then sprayed over the kitchen aisle.

"Oh buggar!" Petra said, grabbing a cloth and dabbing the area she had sprayed.

"Blimey!!" Petra said open mouthed at CeCe.

"Yeah 3 months gone!"

"Bloody 'ell!!" Petra gawped at her.

"That's fantastic!!" Petra said excitedly, rushing over to embrace her friend.

"Joe doesn't think so...He's scared to death." CeCe said, her eyes were so worried.

"Oh don't worry - 8 days with Patty should sort him out, I think it should be him carrying him the baby not me, he's the one that's got all maternal!" Petra laughed.

Petra's smile disappeared as she saw just how concerned her best friend was.

"Hey - Hey it's going to be OK!" she said with a little smile.

"Is it? I mean, really? They're never here...will it be ok, or just more room for loneliness?" CeCe said exasperated.

"Oh CeCe..." Petra said softly and hugged her again.

"It'll just be more reason for them to come home quicker, I can see how much Joe loves you! It's in his big stoned eyes!"

"Oh god!" CeCe laughed, laughing at her boyfriend's habits.

"Are you happy about it?" Petra asked, sipping her hot chocolate again.

"It's the most wonderful things that's happened to me, it feels so right, even though everything is all wrong!" she laughed.

"Screw the wrong, if it feels right for you, that's what's important!"

CeCe's hands rested on her tummy. Followed by Petra's.

"I'm gonna have a breast feeding buddy!" Petra said,

"Oh my god!" CeCe laughed, Petra nodded happily.

"We can share the shitty nappies...the teething rings..."

"Oh stop - stop now!" CeCe whined.

"CeCe's 3 month's pregnant." Joe blurted to Patrick that night over dinner.

"What?" He asked, amazed.

"Yeah, she told me last week, we didn't want to start telling until we knew everything was alright." He said, without the excitement.

"Joe! You're gonna be a dad!" Patrick said excitedly.

"You say it like it's a good thing - I'm a terrible prototype for fatherhood, look at me - I don't even shave cos I'm a lazy son of a bitch."

"Well that's true, I have these sideburns so I can cut my shaving time - that's just normal." Patrick smirked.

"It's not funny Patrick - I'm not ready for this. Like - with you and Petra, you can tell you're ready, it's in your eyes, you're all...loving and stuff."

"What?? Petra and I are the last people who should be having kids but I couldn't keep my cookie dough in my pants so that's what I get..."

"Oh that's just hideous." Joe muttered.

"It's the truth, what shittier foundations are there for kids....but we're trying. We're just trying Joe and that's what you gotta do with CeCe."

"I want to man....I love her....a lot...."

"Then try and see this as the best thing that could ever happen to you!"

Joe stayed quiet.

"'s kids...not a death sentence."

"I'll be a terrible father." He said sadly.

"Bullshit, you'll be a great Dad, you have a huge heart!" Patrick smiled.

Joe looked at Patrick.

"Have you been for a scan yet?"
Joe smirked, all this baby lingo was funny.

"CeCe went a few days ago but it was just a blob blurry blob alien from star wars..."

"Well, maybe you could go with her next time you ass...hear the baby's hearbeat, see it's amazing...." Patrick said. Joe stared at him.

"Look at you Daddy Stump." Joe sniggered.

"I'm ready for it Joe, I'm so ready for it. I can't wait for it to be born, I can't wait to hold him. Can't wait to hear him cry, everything..." Patrick said, his demeanour proving everything he needed to, to Joe.

Joe glanced at Patrick's wedding ring and stared for a moment.

"Should I marry her?" he frowned. Patrick looked at him.

"Not because she's pregnant." Patrick said gently.

Joe nodded. Patrick was making this huge thing to Joe's life completely normal. Reassuring him he had nothing to worry about. Suddenly Joe felt a huge weight off his shoulder and he called CeCe soon after.


CeCe and Petra sat on the sofa's both their feet up on the table, both their tummies out.

"Hey look - watch!" Petra laughed as she pointed to her tummy. Suddenly a quick movement appeared over Petra's tummy.

"It's kicking!?" CeCe asked excitedly.

"Yeah!" Petra said, CeCe came close and put her hand on her tummy firmly.
They waited and suddenly.

"Oh my god - it really does kick!" CeCe laughed.

"I think he likes to do drop kicks and swivel kicks too, karate chops, handstands...."

CeCe laughed heartily.

After watching some documentary on the baby channel, they both fell asleep on the sofas.


CeCe stirred first, the throws of morning sickness launching her up and she ran to the bathroom.

"This totally sucks!!" She said as she stood up from the sink. Petra rubbed her eyes.

CeCe turned to look at her and stared at her.

"What's with the chest make-up - who's 'S.R'?" CeCe frowned, Petra looked down gasped.
Red lipstick had been used to write the words : Miss You S.R x

Immediately she turned and looked around, wiping the lipstick from her chest and her breathing followed the exact pattern it always did.

"Petra what's going on - you're scaring me!"

"It' him - It's Scott, he got in here!" Petra cried, CeCe looked around,

"Scott? Scott who - Petra, talk to me!"

"Scott Riddley - Ethan's brother, he knows I'm here - how did he get in here??" she cried.

"Petra calm down!" CeCe told her sternly, put Petra's eyes were busy trying to find out if he was still in the house, how did he get in the house, how did he know where she lived?

CeCe pushed her onto the toilet and made her breathe but Petra couldn't calm herself and the routine tingling in the hands advanced over her.

"Should I call the cops?"

"No!" She gasped, shaking her head.

"You need to calm the fuck down." CeCe said worried at her friend.

"How did he get in?" she gasped, her chest heaving up and down.

Dizziness set in and Petra found it hard to focus her eyes.

"You're scaring me Petra! I don't know what do to!" CeCe cried anxiously.

"My bags, drawers!" she gasped, CeCe rushed into the kitchen. She hurriedly raked through the drawers.

"I can't find them! Petra! Where are they??" She called, the anxiety tearing through her.

CeCe rushed back when she didn't get a response and cried out as Petra lay slumped on the bathroom floor.

"Petra!!" She shook her. Without hesitating, CeCe called 911.
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