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Chapter 17 - Belly Buddies

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Chapter 17 - Belly Buddies

Petra flipped her eyelids open and frowned as she felt the oxygen mask over her mouth, her hand went up and pulled it off right away. She stared at the nurse writing on the board at the bottom of her bed.

"Hey, how are you feeling?"

"Bloody hell..." Petra moaned and tried to sit up.

"You're alright, you're fine." The nurse said reassuringly.

"What happened?" she frowned, wiping her mouth.

"You had a panic attack, quite a severe one."

Petra pushed herself up and sat up, regaining consciousness was hard, she felt like she'd been on the biggest drinking binge in history. Suddenly her hands went to her tummy.

"My baby-"

"-You're baby's fine!" she smiled.

Petra fell back against her pillows and sighed.

"Thank god..." she whispered, consoling her bump affectionately.

"Think you gave your friend quite a scare though, we're treating her for shock!" The nurse smiled.

"Oh no! I'm such an idiot!"

"No, no you're not, she told us what happened, that must have been horrible." She said understandingly.

Petra didn't respond, her hand absently touching her chest where he had come into her home and done something so malicious.

The nurse wandered close to her.

"Your blood pressure is still a little high, I think they want to keep you in overnight to monitor you and the baby before discharging you." She explained, Petra only nodded.


CeCe held her so tight, she'd been shaken up badly by the last 12 hours and as she slipped her bag over shoulder, she took Petra's arm in hers and steadily they began to make their way home.

"The boys are coming home." CeCe informed her. Petra felt awful.

"They didn't need to, everything's gonna be ok." Petra said. CeCe stopped and turned to her.

"We're going back to my place, there's no way in hell I'm taking you back to where that creep can get anywhere near you!" she said firmly, Petra blinked at her.

"Yes Mummy." Petra said. CeCe looped her arm in again,

"You're staying with me, I'm not leaving your side."

"You didn't leave my side last night either and look what the freak did." Petra muttered.

"Well he'll have less chance of finding you at my place."

"I need pizza." Petra said, diverting her thoughts from the horrid flash backs she kept getting.

CeCe just smirked at her friend's avoidance of the issue.

"Then pizza it is." CeCe smiled, squeezing her gently.

"I don't get it, you've eaten ¾ of that pizza, you pack away food like there's actually going to be no tomorrow and there's nothing on you!" CeCe whined to her as they both sat on the sofa, their legs resting on the table.

"I'm carrying Patrick Stump's spawn - if I don't eat - this little creature will actually eat me alive."

"That's very true....horribly." CeCe said, a little grossed out.

"Hey, I'm carrying Trohman spawn, will I take up smoking joints?"

Petra laughed.

"Not only that - you're having half jew...." Petra smirked.

"Oh wow - I didn't even think about that!"

Then there was a silence.

"This is very weird." CeCe said,


Another silence.

"What am I going to do about my life CeCe, am I just supposed to keep running from these people?" She asked seriously.

"No...No way, they can't just keep chasing you away from the life that made for yourself. I don't know what I would do - but I think you should involve the cops."

Petra looked at CeCe, she had the most comforting eyes, she truly had proved herself a loyal and honest friend to Petra through a very difficult phase in her life.

"You're married now Petra, you're having a baby, you're getting on with your life! He can't be allowed to keep doing this to you!"

"Can I stop him - really?"

"That's why you need to call the police." CeCe firmly.

"I'm scared." Petra said gently.

"You need to stop this now..." CeCe reaffirmed to her. Petra nodded slowly.

Joe twisted the lock and he and Patrick almost fell in the door, their luggage bags on their shoulders.

"Oh - wait! Shh!" Joe said to Patrick and they both stared at the 2 women on the sofa.

CeCe stirred almost instantly and her eyes opened wide in excitement as she saw Joe and Patrick making their way in. She tried to move but Petra's head was on her lap, she nudged her gently.

"They're home! Pets!" CeCe whispered excitedly.

"Why? Who did?" Petra groaned sleepily.

"Dem Fall Out Boyz, they're back!!" she squeaked. Petra sat up quickly, clutching her head, the blood rushing to it.

Patrick hurried over and Petra stood up just in time to be swept up and held tightly by him, he gripped her head firmly to him.

"I was so worried!" he gasped, Petra squeezed him.

"I'm so sorry!" She said apologetically. He then took her chin and kissed her firmly.

"I'm so glad you're OK! You scared me!" he said, kissing her hard again.

"We're fine!" she smiled,

Joe touched CeCe's hair and cupped her face gently.

"Hi." He smiled

"Hey." She smiled back, biting her bottom lip.

He kissed her gently. As his hand traveled to her tummy, it took CeCe's breath away and she pulled away quickly, looking down at his hand.

"Amazing." He said, she could only smile, the widest smile she'd had in a long while.

They both looked at Patrick and Petra, so consumed in each other it was like nothing could come between them. Even an insane psychopathic stalker...

"He went all paternal on me." Joe said to her with a shy smile.

"Good, we need it." CeCe smiled.


Petra lay on her side, the movement of her baby kept her awake, not because it was uncomfortable, but because it was making her fall in love with it every time it did. Smoothing circles over her tummy, she calmed it, soon joined by Patrick's hand.

They were sharing a single bed at CeCe's place, it was too dangerous to go home until they'd managed to sort everything out.

"For the love of God!!!" Petra shouted angrily, banging on the wall next to hers.

"And the beautiful moment was ruined..." Patrick said, kissing her ear.

"Anyone would think they were teenager's the way they're behaving! It's gross!"

"Oh yeah I forgot, sex in marriage is awful." He said, his eyes closed, enjoying his cuddle with her.

"No.... it's not that...thank god - I mean - he's gonna put a hip out of place if he keeps going at it like that!" Petra muttered.

"Babe, that's gross."

She huffed.

"I'm just jealous."

"Why are you jealous?" he whispered, softly caressing her neck and ear.

"Well it's not exactly great me being the human heifer is it?" she mumbled sadly.

"You're gorgeous Petra."

She stayed quiet.

"You're so curvy." He smiled, she smiled as he ran his hand down her body. She moved slightly so she could look at him.

"Is that the nice way of saying fat?"

"No." he said, shaking his head and smiling. He kissed her softly.

"I feel huge, I feel like I'm just a cargo ship!" she said, he laughed and she could only laugh too.

"Then....can I come aboard?" he asked, raising his eyebrows.

"That was a bloody ridiculous attempt!" she said laughing.

He pressed his body close to hers and her eyes snapped to his quickly.

"Oh you weren't actually joking were you?" she frowned as she felt his arousal.

He shook his head with a sly smile and used his teeth to lift her shirt, quickly diving underneath it.

She squealed excitedly as he triumphantly buried his head in-between her breasts.

"Nice cargo..." he said, muffled from underneath her night shirt.

"You behave Stump...."

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