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Taking Action

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I got bored, so I wrote this. and sorry its short, but comment anyway :). Oh yeah and its Billie's POV>

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I woke up in bed yet again. I can hear Mike and Tre down stairs. I don't want to go down, Mike scares me, every time I see him I picture him hitting Tre, or yelling at me. I heard foot steps climbing up the stairs, heading down the hall, and opening the door.

"Billie?" I heard, it was Tre he had a voice that was unmissable. I didn't answer.

"Billie?" he asked again. I still didn't answer.

I felt the bed weigh down, he was on the bed. I then felt his hands wrap around my shoulders
and shaking them.

"Ugh, what do you want?" I asked.

"Come down stairs, I have a surprise for you." He said persuading me.

"Will I like the surprise?" I asked, I probably wont knowing the kind of surprises he gives.

"Just come down stairs Billie." He said, annoyed. Wow, Tre Cool was annoyed, I feel as if I've accomplished something in life.

I followed him down the stair, and walked into the living room. I was right I didn't like the surprise. The next thing I knew, Mike had lunged at me, tackling me to ground withe a cup of Jello and a spoon, Tre was holding open my mouth, while Mike was force feeding me Jello. They held my mouth shut forcing me to swallow.

I was flailing my body trying to get away. They just held me down and continued feeding me. I felt like I was being torchered, and by my friends! Finally gave up and started to cry. Slowly the hunger I had been feeling was subsiding as they fed me cup after cup of Jello. But this isn't what I want! I need to get this fattening substance out me!

I started struggling again, my leg broke free and managed to kick Mike in the nose. He let go of me and clutched his bleeding nose. I flailed my arms and some how whacked Tre in the crotch, he doubled over in pain. I got up and ran for the bathroom, but Mike chased after me and wrapped his bloody hands around my waist, pulling me in to a hug. I started crying, and I realized, they had beaten me.
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