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Hey Mr DJ, you gotta put a record on yeah

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Like clockwork, Wentz showed up at Starbucks. I conviently placed myself at a table with my laptop inside Starbucks within sight of the door and ignored him the second I caught sight of him opening the door. I began reading the article I had in front of me and sipped my coffee. Someone sat down in the seat across from me and I glanced over the top of my laptop and saw those hazel eyes.

"Morning," I said and went back to my article.

"Morning," he said and sipped his coffee.

"You come here a lot?"

"Almost everyday. I haven't seen you in here before."

"I've been staying at a hotel down the street, my apartment is being redone."

"Makes sense," he nodded and took another sip of his coffee. "So what do you do?"

"I'm a writer," I said and took a sip of my coffee and shut my laptop.

"I am too, well, I do a lot of things."

"Yeah, you're pretty good with a bass."

Pete smiled. "So you do know who I am."

"Well yeah, I mean, you're a pretty memorable person Mr Wentz." I teased, which caused him to laugh lightly.

"Well you're pretty memorable too Miss..." he trailed off.

"Berkeley." Haha sucker! Gotcha now!

"Berkeley," he repeated. His phone rang and he pulled it out of his pocket. "I'm sorry I've got to take this. See you later?"

"See you tomorrow Mr Wentz." I smiled as he got up.

"By Miss Berkeley." He smiled and answered his phone as he walked out of the Starbucks. Upon finishing my coffee I headed to work. Amy was sitting there eagerly waiting for me. Her eyes lit up when she noticed I had brought both of us Starbucks.

"YAY!" She giggled and took the coffee I handed her. "So, did you meet him?"

"Yep, I spilled his coffee yesterday and he came and sat with me today." I sipped my coffee and logged into my computer. Jesus I seriously need to clean my desk! I picked up some random papers and tossed them into a pile.

"Oh my god I am so jealous of you!" She oozes excitement and sits down on the edge of my cluttered desk. "Damn your desk is trashed!" She finally notices.

"I know, I can't even find my mouse," I lift more papers and finally find my mouse. "Please help me clean this mess." I begged Amy and we got to work on my desk. Amy cleaned most of it within a few minutes. "God I love you Aimes," I said and she hugged me. She really was an awesome friend and coworker.

"I love you too Aryn," she said. She called me by my real name because we met before I started working here. She actually helped get me the interview.

"So we need to find a way for me to bump into him in some other way."

"On it!" She said and rushed over to her desk to get to work. I began reading through my work emails. This was going to be a long day, I could feel it.


"Oh my god I cannot wait!" Amy said a few days later. We were heading out to a club where Pete and his crew of guys were rumored to be. By crew of guys we meant Patrick Stump, Gabe Saporta and Travis McCoy. They were all here to do something for some music thing. I didn't really pay attention to what it was and all I knew was that he was Deejaying.

"I just can't wait to dance. And remember, we are not supposed to make contact with them, they make contact with us." I said as I fixed the dress I was wearing. I decided to show off a little something, just not too much. Got to leave something to the imagination right?

"Got it," she said and continued applying her mascara. "So how do I look?" She posed and she looked amazing.

"I'd sleep with you," I said in a serious tone and she laughed. "What about me?" I did a little twirl in my dress.

"Hello Pete Wentz's rebound." She teased and I just laughed. Sadly this is what I was about to be, his rebound. Part of the job I guess.

When we go to the club it was packed and the line wrapped around the corner. No problem for us though, I knew every bouncer in town so we got in within seconds. Amy linked arms with me as I led her to the bar. Pete was up at the DJ stand doing his thing. I motioned towards Pete to let Amy know that we were definitely at the right place. We ordered some martinis and sat down at a table where Pete could catch a glimpse of me.

"We need to down these drinks so I don't feel so nervous," Amy said as she took a big sip of her drink.

"Just breathe," I laughed at her and sipped my martini. "So, there's lots of eye candy here." I smiled and looked around at all the guys.

"Yeah, he's yummy!" Amy said and smiled at some guy who was absolutely delicious that smiled back.

"Maybe we'll get free drinks." Might as well flirt, if Pete sees me then he'll know I didn't come here for him. Well, he'll think I didn't come here for him.

After a little bit, some guys had joined us at the table and bought us some drinks. They were a little creepy though, so we politely excused ourselves to the restroom and then stayed there for almost 15 minutes adjusting ourselves when we didn't need to. We soon ventured back out and didn't see those guys anywhere.

"Thank god, I think they're gone," I said and walked up to the bar with Amy.

"Two Miller Lites please," I said. Time to switch to something that's not so hard.

"Hey, put their drinks on our tab," a gentleman said. We turned to see Gabe Saporta smiling down to us. "Hi ladies, I'm Gabe." He held out his hand and shook both of ours.

"Hi Gabe, I'm Aryn and this is Amy."

"Hi," Amy said smiling wide. I could tell she was about to explode with excitement.

"Would you ladies like to join us. My friend is Deejaying, so we'd be up there." He pointed towards the DJ stand. It was obvious that he wasn't sent by Pete.

"Sounds like fun," Amy said and Gabe led the way. We sat down with Gabe at a table where Travis McCoy and Patrick were seated.

"Hey guys, this is Amy and Aryn. Girls this is Patrick and this is Travi." Gabe did the introductions and everyone shook hands. Pete walked over to the table and we instantly made eye contact.

"Hey Aryn," he said with a smile. Gabe looked confused and so did the rest of the guys.

"Hey Pete," I smiled back and I could tell all eyes were on us.

"What are you doing here?"

"Well Amy wanted to come to this club and your nice friend Gabe just bought us drinks."

"Well it's great to see you again," he said and took a sip of his presumably virgin drink.

"How do you guys know each other?"

"She dump my coffee on me at Starbucks like a week ago."

"I didn't dump it on you, I dumped it on the floor."

"You tried to kill me," he said.

"You're so dramatic," I laughed. I noticed that Amy was talking with Patrick about something and Gabe and Travi has moved onto entertaining themselves. Pete grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the DJ stand.

"Help me pick something out," he said and began flipping through his discs. He looked amazing tonight and it made me a little weak everytime he looked into my eyes. I think that the alcohol was affecting my senses. We settled on something, not sure what it was and after he put the disco on he turned to me. "You look amazing tonight," he said.

"Thanks." I think I was almost blushing. Damn those eyes and the alcohol.

"My friends are coming to my place after this if you want to join us? My set ends around 1."

"Yeah, that sounds like fun." And so it all begins and I hope the alcohol doesn't cloud my judgement too much because I feel as though I could fall for Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III.
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