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Damn you look good and I'm drunk!

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So in the past 2 weeks that I have been MIA from Ficwad I have been moving. I moved into my first house with my boyfriend, YAY! My dogs have a backyard now! And I have been doing a little writing here and there. I have a GREAT idea for a Gabe story in the works too. Oh, and I will be spending my day tomorrow at VANS WARPED TOUR BABY! I cannot wait to see Paramore, Gym Class Heroes, Cobra Starship, The Academy Is and more! I get more and more excited every time I talk about it lol! Well anyways, on with the story!

Amy and I decided to take a cab over to Pete's house; we needed to not depend on them for transportation. I also needed to clear my alcohol clouded head.

"So Pete seems interested, this is going really well huh?" Amy asked as she sank back into her seat.

"Mmhhmmm," I said nervously as I watched the city fly by outside the window.

"What's wrong?" Amy asked.

"Just tired," I said and she nodded in agreement. I was actually nervous about going over there because of my clouded judgment. I just needed to remind myself that I was working, intoxicated, but working. He was just another scoop and I would be his rebound and nothing more. We pulled up to his house and saw that there were quite a few cars there already. Fashionably late, nice work ladies! I paid the cabbie and he drove off. I picked up my cell phone and dialed Pete's number, which he gave to me before we left the club.

"Hey," Pete said into the phone in a low tone.

"Hey, so we're really tired, I think we're gonna call it a night," I lied to see his reaction.

"Oh, really, then why are you standing in my driveway?" I could hear the smile in his voice. I looked up and saw him waive to me from a window.

"Damnit," I laughed.

"Just come on in, it's not locked." He said and I hung up the phone.

"Okay Amy, no work talk for either of us, and don't sleep with Patrick just yet," I teased. She and Patrick seemed to hit it off pretty well tonight.

"Shut up you whore," she teased back and we walked in. I think I saw this place on Cribs or something once. It was definitely nice for a guy like him. Well, it was semi clean and he actually had good taste in furniture. We followed the loud voices to what we discovered to be the kitchen.

"Hey ladies," Gabe smiled and handed us each a beer.

"Thanks Gabe," I said and sat down on a barstool, sipping my beer. There were many more people here than were at the club with Pete. I think the rest of Fall Out Boy were here too and some other random people that I didn't know. A guy with a giant fro walked into the kitchen in some swim trunks.

"Who's coming with me?" He said with a lisp. I think he's the guitarist in FOB, but not really sure. I know he's in one of these bands, I recognize the fro.

"I am Frohman," Gabe announced and followed him outside to the pool. Pete was standing across the room talking to some chick and he glanced over and smiled at Amy and me.

"Who do you think she is?" Amy asked nonchalantly.

"Don't know, don't care. He's smiling at us right?" I said. "I'll going to mingle, make him think I'm not that interested." This was a total lie. I actually found myself completely attracted to him tonight.

"Okay, I'm going to find Patrick." Amy smiled and walked off into the living room. I made my way outside and looked out over the deck and down at the pool. Gabe and I guess Frohman were playing some basketball in the pool or something with who I would guess is Hemingway chasing them through the water, trying to get the ball. I gulped down a bunch of my beer and felt someone's presence next to me.

"What are you doing all by yourself?" Pete asked and I turned to look at him.

"Amy wanted to talk to Patrick, wasn't going to stop that girl." I said and motioned with my head towards the living room, where Patrick and Amy were in a conversation alone.

"Aw, yeah, he's pretty interested in her."

"Well she's pretty interested in him." I turned back to watching the events of the pool. "Is that your dog?"

"Yeah, that's Hemingway."

"He's so funny," I laughed because Gabe was fighting Hemingway for a pool toy.

"Yeah, that's my dog. He almost seems human sometimes." He said and leaned against the railing next to me. "So what's the real reason you came tonight?"

Damn, almost busted. I knew how to play this one. "Well, Amy is a huge Fall Out Boy fan and she heard about you Deejaying there. I said I'd tag along since she didn't want to go alone." He seemed to buy my answer. He nodded his head and looked back down at the pool. "Why do you ask Mr. Wentz?" I inquired, using the nicknames we had made from our second meeting.

"Well Miss Berkeley, it just seems we see each other a lot."

"Is that a problem?"

"Well no," he said, I guess his flirting wasn't working too well for him.

"Good because I like running into you by chance," I said and bumped into him lightly with my shoulder. He laughed lightly and bumped me back. I think it was the alcohol, or at least I prayed, because I was dying to kiss him. I think he read my mind to because within a few seconds of this thought, Pete pressed his lips against mine and kissed me. He used a lot of tongue, but in a good way, not choking me. I was so completely caught off guard by his actions and it took me a second to kiss back. He pulled away a minute later with that huge grin on his face and then bit his lip. I felt like I was going to collapse onto the floor. Never before had I been kissed like that.

"Yo Wentz!" Gabe called from the pool and we both whipped our heads around quickly. "We got trouble coming."

What the hell does that mean? I'm too drunk for drama, and I hope he doesn't mean Ashlee Simpson herself is here. Pete suddenly looked angry and excused himself from me before storming off inside. Patrick and a couple of guys inside followed Pete towards the front entrance and I knew I had to see what was happening, more for the story. Amy and I joined the crowd of people that was forming at the top of the stairs. Ashlee Simpson was in fact here, right now in the front entryway and the two exes were arguing quietly.

"Go Ashlee, please. Don't you think you've done enough?" Pete looked wounded, what the fuck happened?

"Just let me explain..." she begged as Pete began gently pushing her out the door.

"Give me my key back and get out of my life." He stated coldly and held his hand out for the key. Ashlee stared at him for a second before responding and removing the key from her key ring.

"I want to talk about this soon," she said and handed him the key.

"Yeah, well I don't. You're a whore, that's all there is to it. A fucking lying, cheating, manipulative whore. I want my ring back too."

The words obviously stung Ashlee pretty bad, I thought she might cry right there in the entryway with the crowd watching. Pete turned, saw everyone and pushed Ashlee outside. Damnit! Show's over! Gabe ran down the stairs quietly, dripping water everywhere and pressed his ear against the door and winced. We could hear the level of the voices rise outside, they were obviously arguing again.

"Okay guys, show's over, head back upstairs and give the man some privacy." Gabe said and everyone retreated to their previous locations. Gabe was a really good friend to keep everyone out of Pete's business, but that also interferred with my job. Amy and I went and sat on the couch and watched Frohman and someone else lay guitar hero. I guess playing a real life guitar makes you a total bad ass at this game. After about 10 minutes Gabe and Pete walked into the living room from the front entryway and Pete looked emotionally drained and I felt bad for him. Breakups suck, they really really do.

"Hey guys, I think I'm calling it a night, sorry." Pete announced and walked outside and just sat on the bench/bed thingy out there. Everyone began leaving and Gabe was ushering people out and saying goodbye for Pete. I decided to say goodbye myself and sent Amy outside to call us a cab to get home.

"Hey," I said as I stepped outside and shut the door behind me.

"Hey, sorry about that," he said, referencing the fact that his ex showed up.

"Hey, don't worry about it. Get some rest, I'm going to go now." I started to get up and Pete grabbed my hand and I turned to look at him.

"I'll call you tomorrow, we should get lunch or something." He suggested and stood up, pressing his lips to mine in a tender kiss. I was SO rebound at this point and it almost made me laugh.

"Sounds good," I smiled at him and gave his hand a squeeze. "Night Pete."

"Goodnight Aryn." He said and I walked out to the front of the house. Patrick and Amy were standing by Patrick's car.

"Patrick didn't want us to pay for a cab, so he said he'd give us a ride!" Amy was totally excited at this moment. Amy knew the drill though, that we would go back to her place so that no one knew where I actually lived.

"Thanks," I smiled and we climbed into the car. Amy decided to help me out and not make me look obvious.

"That was crazy, Ashlee showing up there and all after their breakup, what happened? Did she cheat on him?"

"Something like that, only worse. I can't tell you guys, sorry. Just think of the worst thing someone can do and that's it." Patrick told us and continued to drive. Looks like I'll have to get further into their lives to find out what actually happened.
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