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Like She Promised - JUNE 16 (follows June 12)

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Gerard realizes she's gone.

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Monica made it home just before Kelly arrived from school. It broke her heart knowing what she needed to still do today. After Kara had left she sat down to talk to Kelly. As she expected Kelly was upset about the decision she had made. This was one of the few times Kelly was very vocal and very angry.
"I think it's stupid. What if he wants to call me?"
"Kelly please. Don't make this any harder than it already is." Monica said sadly, "I bought us new cell phones today."
"But this is mine. He gave it to me." Kelly said angrily.
"And it's his cell phone plan and he pays for it."
"I don't care. I think this is stupid." Kelly said standing up. "This is all so stupid. He's being stupid." She was growing more upset by the minute.
Monica stood also, "This isn’t open for discussion. I'm only going to be gone a short time. Make sure you keep an eye on Elle and when I get back I'll make us dinner."
"Whatever." Kelly said folding her arms. "I'm not hungry."
"Mes ungry." Elle said in a small voice. She was confused that Kelly and Monica were upset.
Monica smiled at her, "Be good for Kelly until I get back, okay?"
Elle's bottom lip trembled, "Otay." She whispered.

Gerard looked over at the clock then rolled over. He couldn't sleep, he couldn’t think. His mind was moving so fast he couldn't keep up with all the thoughts. She was making sure everyone knew the wedding was off. 'Well what the fuck did you expect?' a voice in his head taunted him. 'You broke off the engagement.' It was true he had but he'd been so mad at that moment. All over something that didn't matter now. There would never be a paternity test. He would never tell another living soul that he knew there was a chance Elle wasn't his. He squeezed his eyes closed, Elle. The vision of the little girl wouldn't go away. Little Elle who called him Dadgee and had told him she loved him. "Oh fuck,” he muttered out loud. He loved her. Suddenly his mind turned to Kelly. He knew in his heart how badly she'd been hurt by all of this. He loved her too. Hell, even Kara. It shocked him to realize he loved all of them so much he didn't know how he was going to go on. But the hardest thing he knew he faced was life without Monica. All the anger he'd had was gone now. He knew it had been wrong, he understood this all too well.
He sat up in his bed. Without another thought he grabbed his cell phone and called her.

Monica was crying as she left Donna's house. It has been harder than she'd imagined. She backed the car out into the street. It was the one thing she still had to deal with but that would be tomorrow’s problem. She would get a small car and leave this one at the house. This was Gerard's car. She wanted nothing of his.

The call went unanswered. When it went to voice mail his mind went blank. How could he explain all the words in his heart in a simple message?
"Monica, please. I need to talk to you."
He lay back against the pillows and waited. An hour later she still hadn't called as he fell into an uneasy sleep. It was a sleep full of nightmares. Three hours later when the alarm woke him his first thought was to check his phone. Maybe she'd called back and he'd slept through the ringing. His hands shook as he checked the phone. There were no missed calls.

Monica crawled into bed and closed her eyes. Today has been so hard. In her mind she was moving forward with her life but the ache in her heart kept pulling her back into the past. She tried to focus on the things she needed to deal with tomorrow. She had to keep moving forward, she had to make a new life. Tears flowed down her face at the thought of this new life without Gerard.

"Hey you look really rough. You getting sick?" Mikey asked Gerard as he slipped into the restaurant booth next to him.
"I'm okay." Gerard mumbled before taking a drink of coffee. He thought a minute then asked, "Talk to Alicia?"
Mikey was confused, "You mean last night?"
"Fuck I hate the time difference." Gerard whispered.
"You meant this morning." Mikey said finally understanding. "I can't call her now it's just after 2 am for her. Why? Is something wrong?"
Gerard didn't want him to worry, "No, I was just wondering if she'd talked to Monica."
He fought not to lose his temper. "I just wondered, okay?"
Mike looked at him sadly, "You could call her you know."
"I fucking did try to call her last night but it went to voice mail. I asked her to call me back but she didn't."
Mikey shook his head sadly, "Gee, maybe she just didn't get the message."
"Or maybe she just doesn't fuckin' want to talk to me." Gerard said angrily.
"Why did you want to talk to her?' Mikey asked hoping not to anger Gee but needing to understand where is mind was coming from.
Gerard took another sip of coffee, "There's things we need to discuss." He wasn't ready to admit he was lost without her.
Mikey looked at him closely. He looked like a man on the edge. "Try calling again after we get back from the interview." Mikey recommended. He knew that would be a good time to call back home.
"Maybe." Gerard said trying to sound unconcerned.
Mikey didn't believe the act for one minute. Gerard needed Monica and he was finally realizing what he'd done. Mikey hoped with all his heart Gerard hadn't realized this too late.

Gerard waited until he got back to his hotel room then took out his phone. It would be almost 7 am back home and he knew they would be awake. Kara was out of school now but Kelly still went for the rest of the week. In his mind he could see his home as he waited for the call to connect. Monica was probably in the kitchen making breakfast. The image dissolved as the phone continued to ring. He went to voice mail and he gripped the phone tighter. "Please Call Me." He whispered. "Please."

Kara awoke to the sound of pounding on her door. Who would be at the door this early in the morning? She quickly donned her robe and walked out into the living room. The knocking was getting louder. She peered out the peephole and let out a scream.

“Hey Ma. How ya you doin’?” Gerard tried to sound upbeat.
“Gerard, I’m glad you called. How are you, Honey?” Donna knew her son. His greeting had been forced.
Gerard sat down and ran his hand over his face. “I’m okay.” He lied. “I uh, I was just calling to see if you’ve talked to Monica recently.”
Donna sighed, “She was here last night.”
He couldn’t hold the truth in any longer, “I’ve been trying to call her. At first I left messages on her cell phone and then I tried the house phone. She’s not answering.”
“Oh, Gee.” Donna’s heart was breaking, “She didn’t answer because she’s not living at the house anymore. She and the girls moved out on Sunday.”
Gerard left his heart stop, “She moved out? Where did she go?”
“I don’t know.” Donna said softly.
“She just left? What about Kelly and school? She can’t just leave.”
Donna shook her head, “She said she’s still living near here so that Kelly can finish the school year.”
Gerard was suddenly angry, “She can’t just leave and not tell anyone where she’s going.” His mind was racing to find a reason he could grab on to, “I mean she’s got Elle.”
“Honey, she told me that when you get back that could be discussed. For now she’s is caring for Elle.” Donna paused, “Just like she promised Liv she would do.”
He tried to think, “But I need to talk to her. Why won’t she answer her cell phone?”
“She left the cell phones here and they are turned off.” Donna felt tears form in her eyes, “Gee, she also left your grandma’s locket and ring.”
Gerard closed his eyes trying to block out the pain. He couldn’t speak. After several minutes he finally asked, “Ma, did she leave you a phone number?”
Donna had dreaded this question, “I promised her I wouldn’t give it to anyone. She told me she has to break ties with everyone or she doesn’t think she will be able to move on with her life.”
“She doesn’t ever want to see me again, does she?” He whispered.
“Gerard, she’s trying to get over this. She’s hurting and I understand that. Why, son? Why did you break up with her?” Donna prayed he’d tell her the truth.
“Because I’m a fucking fool.” He whispered “and I guess she finally realized that.”
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