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Madison's Plan

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Madison has a plan to get off tour but will it work?

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It was ten thirty when Madison felt someone shaking her.

“Go away,” she cried.

“C’mon up,” said Matt.


“You better get up Bob’s already in a pissed off mood and the first acts are going on soon.”

“What’s he pissed off about?”

“Kate and Liz’s flight has been cancelled. They might not make it to the venue.”

“Who are Kate and Liz?”

“You were supposed to work with them on merch. Now we have no one to sell the merch with you.”

“Great let me get back to bed.”

Just then she heard the door to the bus slam.

“Is she up yet?” asked Bob coldly.

“Getting up now Bob,” said Madison as she rolled her eyes.

“The doors open at eleven forty-five and the first performance starts at twelve forty-five. I need you out there in the booths.”

“I thought those girls couldn’t make it so we weren’t doing it.”

“You’re majoring in finance, I’m sure you can figure it out. I’ll have Derek show you how the register works and how to mark off what was sold.”

Madison rolled her eyes again, “Great.”

“I’m giving you forty-five minutes to get it together.”

“Where’s Elisabeth?” noticing her sister wasn't around.

“She’s been up for a while now. We actually had breakfast together.”

“Oh isn’t she the good little doobie," Madison looked down as she changed the subject. "How’s Gerard I think I freaked him out a little bit.”

“Do you want to talk about that?” asked Bob quietly.

She looked into his blue eyes and saw something she hadn't before, caring and compassion, “I just wasn’t ready for it.”

“It was an accident he didn’t mean for it to happen he feels like shit about it.”

“I know. I'll apoligize to him later.”

Forty-five minutes later Bob came back and Madison was fully dressed and ready to go. Bob took her over to where merchandise was being sold and where Elisabeth was sitting there waiting. It took the three ofthem to set up all the merchandise but finally they were done.

“You’re all set here, do you want me to stay for awhile and show you the ropes?” asked Bob.

“Remember I’m a finance major I can figure it out,” said Madison snidely.

“Fine I need to make sure everything got here okay anyways and talk to the local roadies.”

Derek was in the next booth over which he was selling the TBS merch, “If you girls need any help there just let me know. It’s going to get crazy there once the doors open.”

“Bob said you would show us the register and how to mark the inventory,” said Elisabeth.

“Sure no problem.”

Derek went over to their both and quickly showed them what to do.

“Well doors are opening, lets do it,” smiled Derek at Elisabeth.

Before they knew it there were hundreds of fans lined up in front of them. Before long they got confused with the register and forgot to mark the merch they sold and the whole thing was total chaos.

Madison got on top of the counter and screamed, “FREE MERCHANDISE!!!”

Elisabeth stood there with her mouth wide open as the crowd got larger and larger. Derek noticed how mobbed it was at the MCR booth and went over.

“What’s going on?” asked Derek.

“She’s giving the merchandise away,” replied Elisabeth.

“Bob isn’t going to be happy about this.”

“No kidding.”

It took two hours to clear everything out. Elisabeth was upset the last thing she wanted to do was disappoint Bob.

“What’s the matter Lizzie, afraid to upset your crush?” Madison said cruelly.

“He’s not my crush!!” Elisabeth defended herself.

“I see the way you watch him when he’s not looking. He’s available from what I hear.”

“He’s not my crush,” Elisabeth was again defending herself.

“Who’re trying to convince me or yourself?”

Elisabeth stood there with her mouth open, but she was right she did have a huge crush on Bob. She loved the way that he paid all his attention to her and none on Madison. It was a rough beginning but it was definitely better and breakfast was fabulous it was just the two of them.

Madison took out a video camera from her purse that she ‘borrowed’ from Elisabeth and was waiting for Bob to arrive. Hopefully with this little stunt he would either be so mad that he would want them to leave or so mad he would touch them in what could be interpreted as a harmful way with a little bit of editing. Madison smiled as she spotted Bob approaching themg from the mainstage area. He looked curiously at the merch tent because he noticed that there was no line.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

Bob looked around shocked, everything was gone, including the samplings.

“How’d you do it?” he smiled a genuine smile. He knew they could handle it.

“I gave it away,” smirked Madison.

Bob’s face turned red and Madison thought she was going to see real steam coming from his ears soon. She backed up and turned the camera on.

“You did what?”

“Gave the merchandise away,” she said with another smile.

“Why the fuck did you do that?”

“Didn’t feel like selling it,” she said nonchalantly.

Bob looked at her in shock, he was rubbing his beard trying to stay calm.

He got on his two-way and called Worm. “Worm get the fuck down here and get these two back to the bus until I decide what to do with them.”

Madison smiled, mission accomplished. They would soon be out of here.

“I can’t fucking believe you two did this. The money we get from the merch is how I usually pay the locals. Now what the fuck am I going to do? Huh people were depending on their paychecks, it’s not cheap to put a show like this on.”

Worm came around the corner with two women the girls didn't recognize..

“Thank goodness you guys made it,” Bob said with a sigh of releif.

“What the hell happened here?” said Kate.

“Where’s all the merch?” asked Liz.

“Fric and Frac over here decided to give it away,” Bob said pointing to Elisabeth and Madison.

Kate’s mouth gaped open, “Your shitting me, and they’re still alive?”

“I’ll get some more merch up here can you guys reset-up and hopefully we can make what we need to pay the locals,” said Bob.

“How are we going to recoup the money?” asked Liz.

“I’ll call Brian and see what he has for ideas,” respoded Bob.

Meanwhile on the bus Madison was happily packing her bags, it was all going to be over soon.

“What are you doing?” asked Elisabeth.

“Any second now your neanderthal of a crush is going to walk through that door and send us home.”

“He’s not my crush!!”

“Whatever, it won’t matter anyway.”

At the merch tables they finally set up and were selling again. Derek went over to Bob. “Don’t be so hard on Elisabeth, she had nothing to do with it.”

“Thanks, now to deal with my problems.”

After talking more with Derek and some other merch people of other bands Bob made his way back to the bus. Bob stood outside and took a deep breath, he had made a decision.

He walked onto the bus and saw no one in the living area.

“Elisabeth, Madison please come out here.”

Madison made her self look sullen, she was debating if she should beg him to let them stay, but decided against it. Just in case he had a soft spot in that thing he might call a heart.

“Sit down.”

They both sat down. Elisabeth couldn’t even look Bob in the eye she was so ashamed at what her sister did.

“Bob I’m so sorry,” she said quietly.

“Please let me finish because this is hard for me to say. I was wrong about some things and I’m truly sorry. I should never have put you girls out there on your own. We lost a lot of money out there today of which some was going to charity. I was going to send you girls home but after talking to some of the other merch sellers, I realized that I’m the one that messed up. It just got too overwhelming for you guys. I forgot how popular this band has become after our last album was released and I threw you to the wolves. I’m sorry.”

Madison stood there with her mouth wide open, she couldn’t believe what just came out of Bob’s mouth.

“What about the money?” asked Madison.

“It will come out of my cut of things. I’m going to talk to everyone later.”

Elisabeth shot Madison a look of pure hatred how could she do this to him.

“My Dad could write a check for the lost money,” said Elisabeth.

“I fucked up, I take responsibility for my mistakes.”

“But you’ll lose all that money,” cried Elisabeth.

“That’s just it it’s just money. There are things that are way more important. I’ll find a way to make it up for the charities that lost out don’t worry.”

“Yeah two million ways,” said Madison sarcastically.

“That’s separate from what goes on here on tour. So starting next venue you will be working with Kate and Liz on merch.”

“Can’t wait,” said Madison as she rolled her eyes.

“We’re on in an hour, you coming to watch the show?”

“No thanks my I have taste in music,” said Madison.

“I’d love to. How do I get in?” said Elisabeth excitedly

“Here take this, it’s a backstage pass. You can watch us from the stage area.”

“You’re the best,” and she gave him a huge hug.

He hugged her back and kissed the top of her head, “Let’s go.”

They left Madison sitting there contemplating her next move, he was going to be tougher than the former major and the personal trainer before him. They were so easy to get rid of. The personal trainer had a secret passion to help grossly overweight people and the major just had a secret.

One thing for sure she knew he couldn’t be as bad as the state senator she worked for last year. Nothing could be as bad as that.
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