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The Beginning

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How it began

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It was science class, two days later from the day of the field trip, when he asked me a question that he'd already known the answer to. The sub sat at Mr. Watts' desk, looking like she needed a big cup of coffee and a makeover. The hair on top of her head was thinning and ratty, her clothes a white tank top and a bright, long pink skirt that dragged when she walked. Gerard and I had a good laugh about her, but he had seemed uptight.

All of a sudden, he pulled out a hall pass and started writing on it. I looked to see what it was, but he covered it and shook his head jokingly.

"What is it?" I asked.

"You'll see," he muttered, then passed it to me in one swift motion.

I read it over. 'Do you sill want to go out with me?"

I looked up to see if he was being serious or if he was just kidding, his head was turned and he was trying to act interested with the sub's directions on the board.

I wrote, 'Of course,' with a smiley face, and passed it back to him.

He drew a smiley face and passed it back to me.

In the past, I'd had multiple boyfriends.

In fourth grade, there was Dave, the first one I ever called 'my boyfriend' even though all it meant was that we were friends who called eachother boyfriend and girlfriend and said we loved eachother, even though we didn't know the real meaning of love. He broke up with me for another girl, then broke up with her for another girl, then broke up with her for me, and the cycle just went on for three or so months. After him it was Jake, the one who could bend his fingers all the way back to his wrist. I think after him was Jack, the boy who gave me candy and a dollar for Valentine's Day.

In fifth grade, it was Joey, we went out off and on for a couple months, and we always jumproped together at recess.

Sixth grade started off with Alex, who was my first kiss, the one I regret so much. It was in a pool and I had just done it to see what a kiss felt like. Turns out he cheated on me. I was hurt, but got over him easily. There must of been someone after him, but the memories from sixth grade are like the bottom row of letters on an eye-chart in the doctor's office--- blurry, but there.

That leads up to where we're at now, seventh grade. Alex, again (maybe I was desperate?), and the jerk Cody. With him, it had started off really well, then slowly downspiraled into me crying myself to sleep. Nowadays, I realize the name for what he did to me is called verbal abuse, and that he should have gotten in a bunch of trouble, but back then I guess I just thought it was normal. For example, we'd be sitting in math class and he'd say something like, "Kristen, when are you going to go on a diet and lose some weight?" or "You really need to do something about your face." Of course I'd just sit there and take it. I feel so stupid for not breaking up with him or telling someone. (A year later, in eighth grade, he did it to his new girlfriend, Courtney, who's now my best friend, and we'd gone to the guidance counciler about it. My parents still don't know. I wish I'd told them, too.)

And then there was Gerard. He was just... what a boyfriend should be. Maybe it was because he wanted it to last, because he'd never really had a girlfriend (except for in kindergarten). He was funny, complimented me, helped me with homework, just treating me so nice even when we got in arguments.

We lasted for one month, one week, and one day, right on the dot--- but we're not that far in the story of Gerard and I yet.

If you're confused, the story just starts off in middle school, but Kristen's in ninth grade, remembering back or whatever. Soon it will be current time and things will get more interesting
So, as always, reveiw!
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